TNA: iMPACT! (07.22.05)

July 22, 2005
Orlando, FL
Universal Studios
(Taped on 7/19/05)

The current NWA & TNA Champs were as follows:
NWA World Champion: Raven (6/19/2005)
NWA World Tag Team Champions: The Naturals (4/29/2005)
TNA X-Division Champion: Christopher Daniels (3/13/2005)

Recap video of No Surrender is shown. Not so much of the wrestling part, but Jeff Jarrett acting paranoid only for Rhino to debut and join Planet Jarrett.

Your hosts are Mike Tenay and Don West.

  • Lance Hoyt vs. David Young

Before anything really happens, Abyss comes in and attacks both guys. (:26) Young takes the Shock Treatment while Hoyt receives the BLACK HOLE SLAM. James Mitchell appears and announces to TNA that what they have just seen is a sign of what is to come. Abyss is a WMD and he holds the detonator. I always liked Mitchell. He had a sort of cartoony evil genius about him that you don’t see often enough in wrestling. No rating.

Okay, now we get a better No Surrender recap video.

  • Samoa Joe vs. Sonjay Dutt – Super X Cup Quarterfinals

Winner of this eight man tournament gets an X-Division title shot, which is why the X-Division champ Christopher Daniels joins us on commentary and calls this the “Christopher Daniels Invitational Tournament”. This is also a rematch from Slammiversary where Samoa Joe made his debut. Sonjay tries to kick Joe down until we go to a commercial break. When we return, Joe is in control and hits the Misawa Suicida on the floor. Back inside, Joe delivers the running knee in the corner followed by the Ole Kick. JOE! JOE! JOE! Snapmare, neck chop, chest kick, and the jumping knee drop gets two. Being so much larger than Sonjay, Joe gets crazy leverage on the ab stretch. Dutt manages to fight out, but gets run down again. Joe connects with a stalling suplex and then assaults Sonjay in the corner. Sonjay finally avoids a corner charge and explodes on Joe with a springboard dropkick. A springboard headscissors sends Joe retreating to the floor as Sonjay meets him with a somersault plancha. Back inside, a flying bodypress gets 1-2-NO! Dutt nails Joe with a jumping enziguri, but gets caught with a powerslam right into the cross armbreaker. Dutt bites Joe on the nose to prevent the MUSCLE BUSTER, but Joe blocks a headscissors into a powerbomb and then the STF. Enough of that, time to go home. COQUINA CLUTCH! Sonjay taps out. (8:31 shown) This was really just a glorified squash with Joe showing off what he can do, but even just that is a lot of fun to watch. If Christopher Daniels ever gets too old to wrestle, he should be doing color commentary. He’s legitimate as you can be in wrestling and he’s been around forever in TNA. **½

Jerry Lynn and Sean Waltman have a confrontation backstage. Who would have thought Mr. JL would have better mic skills than X-Pac? Waltman’s pissed at Lynn for getting in his business at No Surrender, but Lynn says he was just saving Waltman from himself by not Pillmanizing AJ Styles. Either Waltman just doesn’t really care, or this has been done on the fly. Anyways, Waltman asks Lynn if he’s feeling froggy. Oh, Lynn is feeling froggy. Lynn accepts the challenge to a match at Sacrifice. It’ll be like 1991 all over again!

  • Kip James & Monty Brown vs. Sonny Siaki & Apolo

This match almost breaks down from the start. BG James is watching on from the tunnel. Monty Brown sends Apolo into the steps to take him out of the match. Kip James pushes down ref Slick Johnson (LOL EUPHEMISMS) and then Brown POUNCES Siaki into the guy! Unsafe working conditions indeed. As Monty makes the cover, another ref runs down and three-counts Siaki. (2:22) Konnan and Ron Killings brawl with Kip James and Monty Brown to the back. ¼*

In the back, Simon Diamond offers his guidance to David Young and he accepts.

After a break, the referees confronts the TNA DOA Larry Zbyszko about their unsafe working conditions during matches involving Kip James and Monty Brown. When they saw the rematch between James and Brown against 3LK was signed for TNA Sacrifice LIVE on PPV August 14, they all agreed that they REFUSE to referee that match.

Here comes the NWA world champ Raven. He sits down in the corner and remind us how he outlasted Abyss at No Surrender and sacrificed himself (TNA Sacrifice LIVE on PPV on August 14!) by taking Abyss down into the tacks along with him to deliver the Raven Effect. Raven mentions how Jeff Jarrett would not even let him celebrate a hard fought victory by having Rhino attack him after the match was over. He says that TNA isn’t big enough for the two of them and that Raven and Jarrett are going to have to end their feud once and for all. Jeff Jarrett interrupts and says if anyone should be fired in TNA, it should be Raven. JJ once again reminds us all that he built TNA from the ground up. Raven wants revenge and Jarrett wants his NWA world title belt back, but Jarrett thinks Raven is hiding behind the championship committee. Raven disagrees! He lays the belt down and dares Jarrett to come down and face him. Not going to happen. In comes Rhino. He’s poised for the GORE. Once again, Jarrett tells Raven to turn around just like at the PPV. This time he avoids the GORE and punches away. Jarrett hits the ring only to serve as a distraction as Rhino GORES the heck out of Raven. Jarrett slaps on the FIGURE-FOUR while Rhino pounds away. The zebra shirts come out to break things up. Good stuff!

  • AJ Styles vs. Matt Bentley (w/Traci) – Super X Cup Quarterfinals

Bentley ducks out on the AJ Styles dropkick to start, but then eats the dropkick when he comes back inside before a commercial break. When we return, AJ works on the arm a bit and then hits a snap suplex. Backbreaker gets two. Traci interferes and gets grabbed by AJ. Bentley charges and nearly punches her in the face when Styles goes on the move. He backdrops Styles to the apron and yanks AJ’s arm down on the top rope. Back inside, Traci pulls Bentley out of the corner as Styles runs shoulder first into the ringpost. Now it’s Bentley working the arm for a while. He dropkicks Styles in the shoulder and then drops him with an armbreaker DDT. Cover, 1-2-NO! Bentley grabs a short arm scissors, but AJ doesn’t escape the cliché way by powering out. He just turns Bentley over into a pin for two. Stone Cold Stunner to the elbow! Bentley gets two. AJ punches out of an armbar and hits the PELE KICK! A series of clotheslines follow as AJ sells the arm. Springboard forearm smash connects. Lucky for AJ, most of his offense requires the right arm. Bentley avoids the Quebrada DDT, but he can’t duck the Discus Clothesline. That gets two. Bentley stops the STYLES CLASH with the Reverse STO on the left arm. Cover, 1-2-NO! Styles tries a headscissors as Bentley comes off the ropes, but he blocks into a powerbomb for 1-2-NO! Traci distracts the ref while Bentley grabs one of her shoes. Here comes AMW to ringside. Chris Harris handles Traci as James Storm sneaks in the SUPERKICK. Styles covers Bentley for the win. (9:54 shown) So Bentley gets his receipt for the post-match superkick he gave to James Storm. FIVE DAY OLD CONTINUITY~! The match was paint-by-numbers though. **½

Oh TNA, you were so easy to love back then.

TNA presents Sacrifice LIVE on PPV on August 14!
Here is the card as it currently looks:

Main Event Has Yet To Be Announced
The Super X Cup Finals
Jerry Lynn vs. Sean Waltman
Ron Killings & Konnan vs. Kip James & Monty Brown


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