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The Good, Bad, Presentable, and Ugly: WWE Over the Limit 5.20.2012 Review

My wrestling writing career would prove the saying life goes around in circles. After writing almost everywhere a writer who writes about men in spandex fake wrestling each other, I am back where I started. I don’t know how long I will be here. It all depends, mainly on how many people comment on my reviews. So comment away.

In case you don’t know how this review works, I will quickly explain it:

On a PPV, I judge upon how good the matches are, ¬†how good booking of the PPV is, and how good a segment or promo is if there is any. I put each match, segment or promo into categories and then afterwards give an overall grade for the PPV. The categories are good, which is something that’s obviously good. Presentable, which means almost good, but has flaws and/or something’s lacking. Bad, which is something that has major flaws and did not deserve to be on the show, although it’s still watch able to a point. And the ugly (also known as Russotarded), which is something that makes you want to crave your eyes out when you’re watching it due to the stupidity.

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