TNA: Turning Point 2012

TNA: Turning Point
November 11, 2012
Orlando, FL
Universal Studios

The current TNA champs are as follows:
TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Hardy (10/14/2012)
TNA Television Champion: Samoa Joe (9/27/2012)

TNA X-Division Champion: Rob Van Dam (10/14/2012)
TNA World Tag Team Champions: Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Hernandez (10/14/2012)
TNA Knockouts Champion: Tara (10/14/2012)
TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions: Eric Young & ODB (2/28/2012)

Your hosts are Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Tazz. I like Keneley. He adds a bit of personality to the play-by-play that Mike Tenay lacks. As in WCW, Tenay works best as the third guy who makes the intelligent comments.

  • TNA Television Champion Samoa Joe vs. Magnus – No DQ Match

They brawl briefly on the floor to start. Joe takes it back inside for some corner strikes and the neck chop-chest kick-knee drop combo for two. Magnus catches Joe with the Marufuji clothesline again. Joe fires back with an avalanche and enziguri kick to set up the face wash. Magnus rolls out and finds a chair to block Joe’s elbow suicida. Back in, Joe catches Magnus coming off the second rope with an inverted atomic drop. He hits the running boot, but misses the senton. There’s the snap powerslam anyway for two. Powerbomb leads to the STF, but Magnus finds the ropes. Magnus tries to apply his own submissions, but Joe levels him with an enziguri. Magnus blocks the Muscle Buster, and knees Joe down for the MAGNUS ELBOW. Cover, 1-2-NO! Joe sees the Marufuji clothesline coming this time, but then runs into the MAG DADDY DRIVER! Another MAGNUS ELBOW gets 1-2-NO! Joe misses a corner charge, but catches Magnus charging in with STJoe. Back to the floor, Magnus grabs a chair. Joe nails him with a corkscrew plancha! Back in, MUSCLE BUSTER gets 1-2-NO! As Magnus pulls himself up in the corner, he dares Joe to give him some more by flipping him the double bird. Big mistake. Joe slaps on the COQUINA CLUTCH for the submission. (12:30) Practically the same match as last month only with a little different spin on the finish. Oh, and the chair that was barely used. Magnus wants the TV title, but apparently not enough to use the rules to his advantage. **½

  • TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions ODB & Eric Young vs. Tara & Jesse

EY returns to TNA after taking some time off to be the host of his own fishing show on Animal Planet. Hey, can’t blame the man for wanting to branch out. He’s turned into the Santino Marella of TNA now anyway. ODB wants Tara, but her boyfriend Jesse starts the match. She handles Jesse quite well rubbing his face in her boobs, and then tags in Young. During a double-team elbow drop spot, they share a kiss. ODB gives Jesse the Bronco Buster. Meanwhile, Eric Young lays down in the corner for a Bronco Buster from ODB, but for entirely different reasons altogether. Tara nails ODB from behind before anything good (or bad?) can happen. When EY runs her off, Jesse nails HIM from behind. Young becomes *your* goofball-in-peril taking Jesse’s gorilla offense. To outdo ODB and EY, Jesse and Tara share a kiss before dishing out a double-Russian legsweep on Young. Eventually, EY fights out of a chinlock and Flair Flips onto the apron complete with the Flair strut. WOO! As they crash into a double-KO, ODB drinks from her flask while waiting for the hot tag. When Tara comes in to grab hold of EY, ref Taryn Terrell yells at Tara while she’s out on the floor. Meanwhile, ODB spits her liquid courage back in Jesse’s eyes, and then kicks him in the balls. ODB then tosses EY somewhat near her corner to finally get a tag. Thesz Press to Jesse! Tenay – “Just like Lou used to do it!” Mike Tenay with the jokes! She hits the BAM on Tara, but Jesse grabs her by the hair. EY gets the blind tag and pulls off his tights to reveal the American flag speedos. ODB slams Jesse for the Flying Elbow Drop for the 1-2-3. (8:33) More fun than it had any right to be. **

Flashback to last Thursday on Impact where DOC from Aces & 8’s beat Sting several times with a hammer. We’ll find out more details on Sting’s condition this week.

  • TNA X-Division Champion Rob Van Dam vs. Joey Ryan

Matt Morgan is banned from ringside. Fine by Joey, because he feels this is his chance to prove everybody wrong. This starts out like a simple squash match for RVD as he runs through his moves. He heads up for what looks like the Five Star Frog Splash when Joey pops up and shoves RVD down onto the guardrail. Ryan follows up with a suicide dive and brings RVD back inside for two. Tornado DDT on RVD scores another nearfall. Tazz is still unimpressed with Joey Ryan. He hits the MUSTACHE RIDE, but only gets two. Next thing you know, RVD fires back with the springboard kick, Rolling Thunder, and the Standing Moonsault for 1-2-NO! Joey sneaks a schoolboy with his feet on the ropes for the count of two. RVD catches a kick and delivers the Stepover Heel Kick followed by the FIVE-STAR FROG SPLASH for the win. (7:45) As RVD celebrates over towards the stage, Matt Morgan appears and surprises him with the CARBON FOOTPRINT all over his face. This ain’t over. *½

  • Joseph Park, Esq. vs. DOC

Luke Gallows – now known as DOC – finally gets revealed as one of the Aces & 8’s members. Every time Joseph Park makes contact with DOC, he freaks out and runs. DOC uses his studded belt as a weapon. Out comes the hammer, but Joseph Park trips up DOC, and grabs the hammer himself. Unfortunately, he’s not very quick to use it, and gets knocked down by DOC. Joseph Park gets thoroughly beaten for a few minutes, but then he has a fiery yet incompetent looking comeback. DOC slows him down with the studded belt again. This busts open Joseph Park, who when seeing his own blood flowing, turns into his brother Abyss and hits the BLACK HOLE SLAM for 1-2-NO! DOC punches Joseph Park out to the floor. Once he shoves the ref aside, Joseph Park quickly grabs a chair and whacks DOC in the back. Cover, 1-2-NO! Park picks up DOC, but gets goozled and receives a CHOKESLAM to give DOC the win. (11:04) The beatdown continues after the bell until Bully Ray runs off DOC. **

  • TNA World Tag Team Champions Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Hernandez vs. Christopher Daniels & Kazarian

Chavo’s LATIN TEMPER rules the roost to start as he handles Daniels. Kaz nails him from behind as they begin working over his ribs. Hernandez gets knocked off the apron, but comes back in illegally to save Chavo from a double-clothesline with a double-clothesline of his own on the challengers. This allows the champs to isolate Kaz for a while as they tag in and out working him over. Chavo wants the Frog Splash, but Daniels makes sure that doesn’t happen by pulling Kazarian out of the way. Kaz and Daniels go back to working the ribs. At one point, Daniels hangs Chavo on the ropes while Kaz runs over to dropkick him down to the floor. They celebrate with some STEREO GANGNAM STYLE DANCE MOVES~! I think? I’m so not hip. Chavo tries a sunset flip back in, but Kaz blind tags Daniels to break it up. Tag back to Kaz, he grabs a gutwrench on the mat. Chavo manages a Tornado DDT, and hot tags Hernandez. He throws around and splashes Daniels for a nearfall. Kaz prevents the Border Toss, and lands a missile dropkick. They corner Hernandez, but he kicks them both away and delivers the Slingshot Shoulder Tackle all over them. Canadian Backbreaker takes out Daniels, as does a POOOOOOUNCE-ah on Kazarian. He wants the Big Man Dive, but Daniels kicks him in the face. Double Goozle on Hernandez! Cover, 1-2-NO! Keneley points out that’s how they won the tag titles for the first time. Awesome! Hernandez stops a double suplex and gives them one of his own. Chavo tags in and he’s a CASA DE FUEGO. He can’t complete the Three Amigos on Kaz, but can on Daniels. He heads up for the Frog Splash, but Kazarian stops him with a jumping enziguri. Hernandez makes him pay by heaving him over the top to the floor. That leaves Daniels all alone as Chavo hits him with a flying bodypress as he sits up on Hernandez’s shoulders to allow the champs to retain. (13:19) Didn’t thrill me, but was fine. I just think a longer title run for Kazarian and Daniels would have been a better way to go with a big blowoff in the end, but here we are. **½

  • Bobby Roode vs. AJ Styles vs. James Storm – #1 Contenders Match

The winner gets a TNA world title shot, while the one pinned or submitted will not be allowed to receive a TNA world title shot for one whole year. We’ll see how long that sticks. As they meet at the center of the ring, AJ enziguri kicks Roode to the floor so he and Storm can get it on. Hammerlocks and headlocks are exchanged. Styles whiffs on the dropkick, but then Roode pulls out Storm. They engage in a slugfest until AJ flies in with the somersault plancha. He takes Roode into the ring and works the back until Storm joins in. AJ charges Roode in the corner and takes a spill to the apron, but slips and gets knocked to the floor. Back in, Styles snaps Storm’s neck on the top rope and returns to backdrop Roode. He charges Storm in the corner, but misses and goes flying back out to the floor. Tenay is concerned over AJ making these miscalculations. Storm is rather excited to have some more alone time with Roode for a while. AJ breaks that up with the Best Dropkick in the Biz on Storm. While Roode gets pitched to the floor, Styles clamps on the figure-four and then the Muta Lock on Storm. Styles Clash fails as Storm delivers an Alabama Slam for two. Eye of the Storm is stopped as well, as Roode drills Storm with a DDT for two. Perfect Neck Snap by Roode on Storm gets two. Roode heads to the floor and sends AJ knees first into the steps. Back in, he misses the Spear on Storm, and eats Closing Time. He sets up for the Last Call, but AJ springboards in with the forearm smash for 1-2-NO! What happened to your knee there, AJ? He wants a tornado DDT on Roode, but gets shoved off. Roode and Storm “reunite” to do a double-suplex on AJ. Beer Money is teased, but they both cheapshot each other. Storm gets the better of that with a Russian legsweep and gains a nearfall. As they trade right hands in the corner, Storm launches AJ into Roode for the flying headscissors. Quebrada DDT on Storm gets 1-2-NO! Roode hits the blockbuster on Storm for 1-2-NO! He wants the Northern Lariat, but misses and takes the Pele Kick. Now AJ clotheslines Storm to the floor, and tries the Springboard 450 Splash on Roode, but there’s nobody home. As AJ stands up doubled over, Roode delivers the SPEAR for 1-2-NO! Crossface is locked in, but AJ slips away and rolls up Roode for another nearfall. Uranage from Roode gets two. Double-R Spinebuster leads to the Pay Off on AJ, but Storm interrupts with the Backcracker to take out Roode. With Styles out on his feet, Storm nails him with the LAST CALL for the win. (16:36) Of course living in the now, we know that Storm loses the title shot on the following Thursday night. Very good match and as long as Keneley is doing puns, this was a ‘turning point’ in the show for me after a ton of decent yet average matches. ***½

  • Kurt Angle vs. Devon

Sorry Kurt, this is just business, says Devon – the Sergeant in Arms of Aces & 8’s. Devon works the neck of Angle to start. He does about two moves really well. The jumping shoulderblock and the jumping spinning elbow. Besides that, he’s a pounder. Angle answers back with his signature stuff about five minutes into this. Devon avoids the Angle Slam, but gets caught with the Pop-Up Superplex right afterwards. That gets two. Devon kicks away the ANKLELOCK, and drops Angle with the Rock Bottom for two. Poor Kurt counters out of a powerbomb awkwardly, and delivers the Hat Trick of Germans. He goes up top maybe for the moonsault, but Devon brings him down with a powerbomb for another nearfall. Faarooq Spinebuster gets two. He heads up for the Flying Headbutt. Angle moves and DOWN COMES THE STRAPS. ANGLE SLAM gets 1-2-NO! That cues Aces & 8’s as they circle the ring. Devon runs over Angle with the SPEAR for 1-2-NO! As Devon slowly picks up Angle, he gets tripped up into the ANKLELOCK and GRAPEVINES THE LEG to ensure the quick submission. (11:49) Just as Devon taps, Angle gets the heck out of dodge while Aces & 8’s taunt him from inside the ring. **

Some paparazzi douche asks AJ Styles backstage how he feels about not being able to have a TNA world title shot for a whole year.

  • TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries – Ladder Match

I can’t help but think about how ’90s Jeff Hardy’s attire is. From his JNCO pants to his ‘pay attention to me’ face paint, he looks like a Marilyn Manson fan I would have seen at the mall and been scared to death of when I was in the fifth grade. Anyways, Aries outsmarts Jeff to start by baiting him to the floor only to be the first guy back in so he can stomp Hardy. Jeff fires back with a headscissors out of the corner to take Aries to the floor. Jeff meets him with a pescado before they play tug of war with a ladder. Aries gets tripped up by the steps, and takes Poetry in Motion up against the guardrail. Hardy tries for the belt, but Aries brings him down with a Russian legsweep of sorts. Aries makes a scaffold out of the ladder using the apron and the guardrail. He abuses Hardy as he lays on the ladder. Next up, the ladder gets turned up on its end as Hardy goes flying right down into the middle of the ladder. With Hardy sandwiched, Aries gives him a Hilo for good measure. To the floor, Aries levels Hardy with the Heat Seeking Missile. Now he closes Hardy up in another ladder, and puts the steel steps over the ladder. With Hardy apparently stuck, Aries casually goes for the belts. Of course he climbs down before he reaches the belts, and heads down to look at Jeff. Unfortunately, Jeff is nowhere to be found. Aries then turns around to see Jeff is halfway up the ladder, so he shoots back inside and turns the ladder over. He corners the ladder and puts Jeff in front for the IED. Finisher attempts are exchanged and countered, but then Aries charges at Jeff and takes a Japanese armdrag into the ladder. Alley Oop Facebuster takes out Aries as Hardy rides the ladder down onto Aries with a splash. Hardy sets a ladder horizontal on a top turnbuckle, and then climbs up a different ladder to try and retrieve the belts. Umm, yeah. That makes sense. Anyways, Aries missile dropkicks Hardy down from the ladder. Now Aries places Hardy behind the ladder that was laid on a top turnbuckle and hits the IED on the ladder to crush Jeff. He connects with the BRAINBUSTER and rolls Jeff to the floor. Aries pulls the same crap setting a ladder on the opposite top turnbuckle, and then makes an attempt at retrieving the belts. Hardy brings him down with the TWIST OF FATE. SWANTON BOMB takes out Aries. As Jeff climbs a ladder and touches the belts, they begin to raise up towards the ceiling. HAAAAA. Aries has hijacked the controls. Well, that seemed awful easy to do. Jeff comes over and throws Aries back towards the ring and pulls out a HUGE red ladder. They meet at the top, but the ladder turns over as they both fall on that ladder that was laying on a top turnbuckle. As they stand up on the ladder, Jeff drops Aries with the TWIST OF FATE to send him and the ladder bouncing to the floor. Now that Jeff is all alone, he can retrieve the belts in peace to retain his championship. (21:00) Certainly some innovative stuff in an era where you would think everything that you can do with ladders has been accomplished. I love it when they incorporate their moveset into how they would use the ladder, but I hate the set-up and hit the spot five minutes later crap. Also, there was like ten ladders used here. What was that about? Why would they even have brought in that many ladders for two people? Anyways, I definitely appreciate the risks involved, but I wouldn’t call this a strong MOTYC. ****

Final Thoughts: As I said in the recap, a lot of just average matches with very little angle advancement up until the three-way. However, the two matches that sold the PPV are worth a look and there’s nothing truly awful, so I’ll give Turning Point 2012 a solid thumbs in the middle.


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