WWF: Monday Night Raw (05.22.95)


Monday Night Raw
May 22, 1995
Binghamton, NY
Broome County Arena

The current WWF champs were as follows:
World Champion: Diesel (11/26/1994)
Intercontinental Champion: Jeff Jarrett (5/21/1995)
World Tag Team Champions: Owen Hart & Yokozuna (4/2/1995)
Women’s Champion: Alundra Blayze (4/3/1995)

Let Us Take You Back: Seven weeks ago, Shawn Michaels was put on the shelf after Sid turned on him as part of a diabolical plan set by Ted DiBiase. King Kong Bundy is here to finish the job Sid started nearly two months ago.

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler.

  • Razor Ramon (w/Savio Vega) vs. Mike Bell

They take us back to In Your House to show Savio Vega’s debut as he saved Razor Ramon from a beating by Jarrett and Roadie. Razor became the third guy to qualify for the KOTR tournament. He pinned Jacob Blu yesterday on Superstars with some help from Savio. It’s also mentioned that Razor became the first ever THREE-time IC champ after he and Jarrett traded the belt back and forth over the weekend. After nearly knocking out Bell with the Back Superplex, Razor shows a little mercy by just pinning him with his foot on Bell’s chest instead of delivering the Razor’s Edge at 4:17. What a guy.

As Razor and Savio head back up the aisle, Bret Hart breezes right by them wearing his civilian clothes. Well, being shirtless under his ring jacket and jean shorts is as dressed as Bret gets, I suppose. John Cena probably thinks it’s a great look. Bret gets on the mic and tells Lawler that he can’t live with the fact not only that Lawler beat him, but that Lawler is out here on commentary telling the world that he is better than Bret Hart. Since he’s never been embarrassed to this extreme before, he asks Lawler for a rematch. Bret even says he will meet Lawler on his terms just as long as Bret gets his hands on Lawler one more time. When Lawler won’t seem to even entertain Bret’s idea, Bret tries to bully Lawler into it by shoving and cussing him. Vince and his agents try to get Bret off Lawler. Eventually, Bret backs off and walks away. Lawler tries to make his nose bleed, which is a nice touch. Say what you will about the payoff of a “Kiss My Foot” match, that was one of the best segments of the year right there.

  • Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. John Crystal

While not his WWF TV debut, this is his RAW debut. He’s just 25 years old here. Practically a baby. Most of the commentary includes Lawler reacting to Bret’s actions and shilling what will be coming on the USA network. Helmsley hits a spinning heel kick! Now you see why he doesn’t do that anymore. He also lands a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Again, not a good move for him. Helmsley delivers a Diamond Cutter for the win at 3:10, or as Vince called it, “Look at that maneuver would ya!”. This felt like a match that Triple H probably would say he can’t watch these days.

‘Mr. Backlund is Considering Running for President’ ad airs. Is there any real evidence that he was trying to get on the presidential ballot in Connecticut? Now I understand the age of the WWF audience at the time, but I just find it hilarious that he’s running on a platform that only children would care about. He gives his thoughts on reading, writing, arithmetic, summer vacation, and homework. Makes me wonder how Backlund feels about the 9-9-9 plan. Who wouldn’t have wanted to witness the train wreck of a Cain-Backlund ticket?

Somewhere in the back, Ted DiBiase tries to psyche up King Kong Bundy.

Next up, we see Stephanie Wiand show the family their new Orlando house they won. Hey look, the Bushwhackers are in their closet. From what Vince said last week, the kid was probably expecting Shawn Michaels.

  • Allied Powers vs. Tony DeVito & Bill Payne

Last time on the Action Zone, Davey Boy Smith gave Mabel an electric chair drop. He got tons of help out of the corner, but he’s still basically squatting a 500-pound man. Give him a break, GEEZ. DeVito and Payne give Lex and Bulldog no trouble at all. The RUNNING POWERSLAM ends Payne at 2:56.

Let Us Take You Back: Monday Night Raw, 5/15/95. Bam Bam Bigelow with Diesel in his corner pinned IRS. Sid, Tatanka, and DiBiase came out afterwards to stare at Diesel and Bigelow in the ring, but did nothing else.

  • Kama (w/ Ted DiBiase) vs. Barry Horowitz

Vince is already mentioning how Horowitz has never won a match on RAW. Half Crab by Kama gets the submission win in 2:25.

  • Shawn Michaels vs. King Kong Bundy (w/Ted DiBiase) – KOTR Qualifier

Decent ovation for Shawn’s return. They may have reacted louder to Bret earlier in the show. Very quick action to start. Shawn cleans house on Bundy, scares DiBiase, and comes down on Bundy from the top with a big dive. Bundy shoves off a ten-count corner punch, allowing Shawn to head outside, and put his arm around DiBiase while he’s facing a fan. Back in, Bundy whips Shawn in for the Ray Stevens corner bump to send him bouncing to the floor. Big slam on the floor and now we’re back inside the ring. Baaaaack Body Drop leads to the bearhug. Shawn somehow escapes into a sunset flip, but Bundy sits down on him for two. Chinlock time. Diesel and Bigelow watch the match on a backstage monitor as we go to commercial. When we return, Shawn is in the middle of his big comeback as he nails Bundy with SWEET CHIN MUSIC for the win. (6:03 shown) As good a match with Bundy could be at this point in his career. *

Afterwards, Diesel and Bam Bam Bigelow meet Shawn in the ring. Diesel and Shawn high five each other just like old times and all is well again between the two. This moment is CLEARLY all about HBK and Diesel, but poor Bigelow has to be there too, I suppose. It’s just so awkward.

Before we go, just as Lawler begins to answer Bret’s challenge, his throat starts to bother him, all because of Bret! That’s either some cruel irony for Bret, or this Lawler guy is quite the coward.

Oh, and Undertaker looks forward to going through Jeff Jarrett to get to the King of the Ring.

NEXT WEEK: The Undertaker meets Jeff Jarrett in a KOTR qualifier! Plus, Sid will be on the program! Also, HAKUSHI~! Need I say more.


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