WWE: Monday Night Raw (07.26.93)


Monday Night Raw
July 26, 1993
New York City
Manhattan Center

The current WWF champs were as follows:
World Champion: Yokozuna (6/13/1993)
Intercontinental Champion: Shawn Michaels (6/6/1993)
World Tag Team Champions: The Steiner Brothers (6/19/1993)

Doink the Clown warns the Macho Man to never interfere in his matches again. If he’s a good “Macho Boy”, Doink might have a little surprise for him tonight.

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Randy Savage, and Bobby Heenan.

  • Bret Hart vs. Bam Bam Bigelow (w/Luna Vachon)

Stu and Helen are sitting in the front row of the balcony to give Bret some sympathy heat to us watching on TV. Luna wears her best Cher outfit to the ring. Before Bret’s entrance, Bobby Heenan just gets off the phone with Jerry Lawler who is most certainly in town and on his way to the Manhattan Center. Bammer puts the boots to Bret to start. That doesn’t last long as once he’s up, Bret dropkicks Bigelow up against the ropes and clotheslines him out. Back in, Bret launches himself onto Bigelow and makes a bad landing to screw up his knee. Oh man, it looks legit. BRB COMMERCIALS! When we return, Bam Bam is smooching with Luna while Bret rolls around clutching at his knee. Back in again, Bigelow delivers a BIG back suplex for two. Bret flies into a slam, but rolls away from falling headbutts. Quick back suplex out of nowhere by Bret. Bigelow pounds away and dropkicks Bret away before grabbing a chinlock. Another commercial break. When we come back, Bret’s still in the chinlock. Of course, it’s pre-taped so it’s probably not THAT long of a chinlock. Back up, Bret avoids a dropkick and delivers a baaaaack body drop. Bret starts delivering headbutts to the lower back and follows up with a Russian legsweep for two. Flying clothesline gets 1-2-NO! He jumps on Bam Bam’s back for a sleeper, but Bigelow runs Bret head-first into the corner. Bigelow misses a clothesline and takes a bulldog by Bret to set up the SHARPSHOOTER! Oh wait a minute, here’s Jerry Lawler up in the balcony and he’s got a microphone! He goes over to Stu and Helen to pester them and hopefully make Bret lose this match. As he leaves to go save his parents, Bigelow pulls him back from over the guardrail and drives Bret into the ringpost. As Bigelow continues the beat down, Lawler tells him to “finish him off” right in front of his parents. Senton splash connects, but a useless cannonball splash does not. Way to go, Bam Bam. Bret hammers Bigelow with clotheslines and finally knocks him out with a DDT so he can go after Lawler, which just serves to get Bret counted out. (15:59 shown) Lawler makes sure to leave before Bret can reach him. When he realizes that Lawler’s gone, Bret goes over and hugs his folks. Decent enough, but obviously not as strong as the KOTR finals. **¾

  • Mr. Hughes (w/Harvey Wippleman) vs. Russ Greenberg

Crowd chants “Undertaker” a lot. ANGRY BLACKMAN SLAM ends Greenberg at 3:06. There’s another black wreath presented at ringside that Hughes tears apart.

There was a big party at RCA Records to promote “WrestleMania: The Album”, which will be released in K-Mart stores everywhere tomorrow! Remember when K-Mart was the thing? Not this whole Wal-Mart business? True to form, the cover of the album features eight wrestlers, three of which are no longer with the WWF. At the party, Randy Savage gave Tiny Tim a brand new ukulele. Thanks a lot, Macho.

  • The Smoking Gunns vs. Duane Gill & Glen Ruth

The album has already sold 100,000 copies in the UK. Word from the back says that Helen Hart is rather distraught thanks to Lawler. Heenan says it’s because the hotel called and they want their shower curtain back. Billy backdrops Ruth into a piledriver from Bart for the win at 4:23.

Ludvig Borga wants you to stand up when the Finnish national anthem is being played! He debuted on Superstars this past weekend.

In a pre-taped interview, Vince meets with Lex Luger. It’s official – he’s got the WWF title shot at SummerSlam. Of course, he has to wear the protective forearm pad, but Luger doesn’t seem to mind because he’s got what he wanted and that was the title opportunity. Vince asks him who really is Lex Luger. All Lex says is that he encourages any tough questions from the fans. The Lex Express will continue because he’s received just so much support from all the WWF fans.

  • Doink the Clown vs. Phil Apollo

Why is Phil Apollo wearing Don Muraco’s tights? Doink is awesome though. WHOOPIE CUSHION ends Apollo at 2:35.

So what’s the surprise for “Macho Boy”? Doink wants a face to face with Savage. Vince tries to hold him back though, so Doink comes down to see him instead. Since Savage has interfered in his match with Marty Jannetty, Doink tries to get Savage into a match with him. Both McMahon and Heenan advise against it. Savage tells Doink he’s out of line here. If it happens next week, Doink says Savage won’t be seeing double vision, he’ll be seeing “triple vision”. That’s right, two more Doinks pop up. One in the ring, and one in the balcony. The match will happen next week, but Savage says he’ll bring with him a “little” surprise for Doink. DIG IT!

NEXT WEEK: No surprise here, Randy Savage battles Doink (and Doink and Doink)! Sounds like Macho Man has a plan though, so I think everything will be okay.

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