WWF: Monday Night Raw (08.09.93)


Monday Night Raw
August 9, 1993
Alexandria Bay, NY
Castle Recreation Center

The current WWF champs were as follows:
World Champion: Yokozuna (6/13/1993)
Intercontinental Champion: Shawn Michaels (6/6/1993)
World Tag Team Champions: The Steiner Brothers (6/19/1993)

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Randy Savage, and Bobby Heenan.

  • Tatanka vs. Mr. Hughes (w/Harvey Wippleman)

Another week, another black wreath at ringside. There’s several hope spots amongst the bully offense of Mr. Hughes. Commercials! When we come back, Tatanka escapes a chinlock and Hughes misses a corner charge and breaks his sunglasses as his face bounces off the top of the ringpost. HERE COMES THE WAR DANCE. Head chops and shoulderblocks, but then Hughes sidesteps one and tosses Tatanka to the floor. Hughes slams Tatanka on the floor, but takes a backdrop as Tatanka rolls back into the ring to just manage a win via countout and continue his undefeated streak. (4:58 shown) Afterwards, Hughes nails Tatanka from behind with the urn and leaves the ripped up wreath on top of poor Tatanka. This is the last we actually see of Mr. Hughes on Raw due to the massive cuts in the roster made after SummerSlam. He would come back to Raw in 1999 as the muscle behind Chris Jericho. He would never actually appear on Raw in the corner of Triple H during that brief period in early 1997. ½*

Who is Lex Luger? Part 2! He talks about being kicked off the Miami Hurricanes football team for being such a huge prick. What could he have possibly done to be kicked off *that* squad? He didn’t finish college and went on to play in the CFL, NFL, and USFL for a total of five years. After he got injured, he ended up going back to college and finished his degree with a 3.78 GPA. He wanted to go on to grad school and become an attorney, but saw dollar signs when it came to wrestling right around the time of the first WrestleMania. He walked into the offices at Championship Wrestling from Florida (!!) and became a wrestler.

  • Macho Midget & the Bushwhackers vs. Brooklyn Brawler, Blake Beverly, and Little Louie

Macho Midget, eh? Once you’ve seen one midget match, you’ve seen them all. Heenan makes a bunch of HILARIOUS ‘midget’ jokes. Bushwhackers double-DDT Brawler and the Macho Midget splashes him from the top rope for the win in 6:30. I understand that a wrestling card is one big circus, but this should *never* happen on Raw again.

Time for the Yokozuna-Lex Luger contract signing! And look, Jim Cornette with Fuji and Yoko! He’s their new spokesperson since their English not so good. Fuji doesn’t want that crook Jack Tunney taking advantage of his poor skills. Yoko stares holes through Lex as he signs the contract. He doesn’t even look at the paper! Then Lex signs the contract. After it’s said and done, Cornette announces that if Lex Luger does not win the WWF title at SummerSlam, he will never get another shot at Yokozuna as long as he’s the WWF champ. Lex gives a spirited, patriotic, borderline xenophobic response saying he’s got the American people behind him and will bring the WORLD (emphasis on *world*, there pal) title back where it belongs: the United States of America. One of the few public contract signings that doesn’t lead to a big brawl.

  • Razor Ramon vs. Dan Dubiel

Razor is wearing red, white, and blue wrist bands to show he’s an alright dude now. Fallaway Slam, abdominal stretch, Back Superplex, and RAZOR’S EDGE ends poor Dubiel in 2:11.

  • The Heavenly Bodies (w/Jim Cornette) vs. Bobby Who & Mike Bucci

Debut for the Heavenly Bodies. They plan to take the WWF tag belts to Smokey Mountain Wrestling after SummerSlam. They show off a few of their double-team tactics. Del Ray superkicks Bobby Who from behind into a DDT by Prichard. Bucci receives a Moonsault Press by Del Ray for the win at 2:26.

Unfortunately this video is cut from my WWE-ized version of Raw, but luckily we have YouTube to remind us that this gem aired.

SummerSlam Spectacular ad airs! Yokozuna battles Jim Duggan! The Steiners take on Money Inc INSIDE A STEEL CAGE. Too bad I don’t have a copy of that show. That airs August 22 on the USA Network.

NEXT WEEK: Special Interview with Giant Gonzalez, Ludvig Borga will be in action. Plus, Men on a Mission will be here, IRS battles El Matador, and the 1-2-3 Kid meets Ted DiBiase in a rematch!

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