WWF: Monday Night Raw (09.25.95)


Monday Night Raw
September 25, 1995
Grand Rapids, MI
Grand Center

The current WWF champs were as follows:
World Champion: Diesel (11/26/1994)
Intercontinental Champion: Shawn Michaels (7/23/1995)
World Tag Team Champions: Shawn Michaels & Diesel (9/24/1995)
Women’s Champion: Bertha Faye (8/27/1995)

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler.

  • Marty Jannetty vs. Skip (w/Sunny)

This is one of many returns for Marty Jannetty. Leapfrogs, armdrags, and dropkicks are all in store for Skip to start. Crowd is digging Marty here. Skip bails out and seeks a hug from Sunny. When she responds to the crowd’s reaction like an embarrassed ten year old girl, Marty knocks out Skip and turns Sunny around for another hug. When she immediately realizes its Marty, Sunny goes to slap him and ends up smacking Skip when Jannetty ducks. This is all quite hilarious – to somebody, I don’t know who though. Back inside, Sunny gets her revenge by tripping up Jannetty. Gutwrench Powerbomb to Jannetty! Skip then goes through a series of power moves as we see that Dean Douglas is taking notes while watching on from the aisle. Commercials! When we come back, Skip is still in control. He gets caught though trying a floatover in the corner. Skip slips down to try a German suplex, but Jannetty counters into a German suplex of his own! Skip tries a headscissors, but Marty blocks with a powerbomb. HERE COMES JANNETTY! He pounds away on Skip and lands the Jumping Back Elbow. Several nearfalls here. With Jannetty on fire, Sunny hops up on the apron to distract him. When Skip charges him, Marty backdrops him to the floor. Jannetty tries a suplex back inside, but Sunny hooks his ankle and Skip falls on top for 1-2-NO! Sunny should have held his feet down! Anyways, Jannetty then hits the ROCKER DROPPER and the Flying Fist Drop for the win. (7:42 shown) Just non-stop action from bell-to-bell. Marty was SWEATING after this one. ***

We get a recap of what happened last night with the Triple Header match. Owen Hart didn’t show up, Gorilla Monsoon made Davey Boy Smith his replacement, Owen Hart appeared at the arena late and came out to interfere, only to be pinned by Diesel to apparently give the Dudes with Attitudes the tag belts.

Earlier today, Jim Cornette’s lawyer Clarence Mason managed to get Gorilla Monsoon to return the WWF tag belts to Owen Hart and Yokozuna, but with plenty of red tape attached to the agreement. Monsoon agreed to return the belts back to Owen and Yoko, but then stated that the Dudes with Attitudes must be granted a future rematch and that the previously agreed upon non-title match with the Smoking Gunns scheduled for tonight must now become a title match. Cornette and Mason of course completely flip out, but they have no choice in the matter. I didn’t want to do this, but I’m calling ‘Kangaroo Court’ on this one, guys.

  • WWF Tag Team Champions Owen Hart & Yokozuna vs. The Smoking Gunns

Match is JIP as Bart and Owen are criss-crossing each other ending with Bart missing a crossbody block. Owen keeps running the ropes though and gets caught in a drop toe hold and then in an armbar. Billy Gunn tags in and takes over with the armbar. Owen elbows out and tries to float over Billy off a whip out of the corner, but Billy taps the brakes and stays behind Owen. Owen turns around and eats a right hand. Yokozuna gets a tag and Billy gets a-scared. Well, only a little bit. Yoko shoves off a headlock and sends Billy down with a shoulderblock as the Dudes with Attitudes watch on from the back. Some dropkicks from Billy stagger the big fella, but a running bulldog puts him down. But then like an idiot, Billy tries to take Yokozuna down with a crucifix and that ends really bad for him. Billy Gunn rolls out for a breather and gets stomped by Owen instead while the ref is with Bart. Back in, Owen tags for a double headbutt. Meanwhile, Vince and the King discuss why Owen was late for his match last night. Neither one of them know. Billy elbows out of a chinlock, but gets nailed with an enziguri. More commercials! What is this, TNA? Ahh, the video goes fuzzy for a second. Billy Gunn rolls through a flying bodypress by Owen for 1-2-NO! Yoko gets another tag as the champs make a wish on Billy. Bart gets drawn in as the champs double-team Billy down into the corner. Now Yoko goes to the nerve hold. Billy gets knocked down again so he can avoid an elbow. Instead of going for the tag, he tries a jumping legdrop and misses. Now Yoko misses a splash. Owen gets a tag before Billy can reach Bart as he runs over and grabs Billy by his jeans! Billy makes a last ditch effort to lunge at Bart and it pays off as he makes the tag! HERE COMES BART! BAAAAAACK body drop to Owen! Press slam to Owen! Cover, 1-2-NO! Yoko makes the save for Owen, but then Billy runs in and decks Yoko with a forearm. The Gunns whip Owen into Yokozuna, which sends him bouncing like a pinball all over the place. With Yokozuna down in the corner, the Smoking Gunns deliver the SIDEWINDER! As the ref is disposing of Billy, Yoko gets to his feet and goes to splash Bart, but he moves out of the way. That leaves Owen to take all the girth of his partner. A dropkick from Billy puts Yoko out on the floor as Bart covers Owen for 1-2-3! The Smoking Gunns have regained the tag titles! (10:16 shown) So the Gunns finally avenge their loss at WrestleMania 11. This was much better than their WrestleMania 11 match with loads of heat going into it. Diesel and Shawn Michaels come down to celebrate with the new tag champs. It seems like a rarity to see such a thing in ’95, but hey that’s cool. ***

  • The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) vs. Davey Boy Smith (w/Jim Cornette)

Another match that is JIP. Taker chases Bulldog back into the ring and whips him from pillar to post. He chokes Davey Boy in the corner and then hits the Jumping Clothesline. Taker looks for Old School, but gets pulled down. Taker nails Bulldog with a Big Boot and slams him down, but misses an elbow drop. With Taker staggered, Bulldog clotheslines him out to the floor. Cornette tries to whack Taker with his tennis racket, but gets GOOZLED for his troubles. Bulldog comes out and clips the knee before whipping Taker knees first into the steps. Men on a Mission appear in the aisle as we take a commercial break. When we return, Waylon Mercy is watching this match from a faraway spot in the arena. Back inside, Taker gets punished with a half crab. Instead, Bulldog looks to put away Taker with the RUNNING POWERSLAM, but Taker slips away and lands a back suplex. Selling the knee, Taker tries to stand up and punch, which could be difficult with a bad wheel. Even so, he sucks it up and delivers Old School. Taker telegraphs a backdrop and receives a Piledriver. Cover by Bulldog, 1-2-NO! Taker sits up only to then take the Hourglass Suplex for another nearfall. Taker sits up again! Bulldog delivers ANOTHER suplex! AGAIN, Taker sits up. He catches Bulldog with a CHOKESLAM and it looks like curtains for Davey Boy. Being a man who waddles, Mabel eventually appears in the ring. As Taker is distracted, he doesn’t notice Bulldog giving him a running knee into a Belly to Belly Suplex by Mabel! (7:35 shown) Now Bulldog delivers the RUNNING POWERSLAM as Mabel follows up with a giant legdrop. Shawn Michaels and Diesel run down to scare away Mabel and Davey Boy. Out comes Owen Hart and Yokozuna, who surround the ring with Mabel and the Bulldog. Next thing you know, the Smoking Gunns appear to even the odds. For some reason, the Smoking Gunns came out of the shower to help their buddies. Wearing just jeans, they had soap on their chests and barefoot! Makes you wonder if Pat Patterson is somehow involved. Taker shakes hands with the babyface crew that helped him out. Hmm, that seems out of character for him. Another good match! **½

When we come back, they show the misunderstandings the 1-2-3 Kid caused that cost Razor Ramon the match against Dean Douglas last night at In Your House. After the match, Kid and Razor nearly came to blows until WWF agents and referees put a stop to it. Lawler spreads the rumor that the 1-2-3 Kid has been in talks with Ted DiBiase!

Great episode of RAW here. Seriously, three good matches.

NEXT WEEK: Razor Ramon battles the 1-2-3 Kid! Plus, Bret Hart will be here to once again take on Jean-Pierre Lafitte!


The WWF presents In Your House on October 22! Here is how the card looks on September 25:

    • MAIN EVENT: WWF Champion Diesel vs. Davey Boy Smith
    • WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels vs. Dean Douglas
    • Goldust debuts!

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