ECW: November 2 Remember 1995


ECW: November 2 Remember
November 18, 1995
Philadelphia, PA
ECW Arena

The current ECW Champs were as follows:
ECW World Champion: Mikey Whipwreck (10/28/1995)
ECW World Tag Team Champions: The Sandman & 2 Cold Scorpio (10/28/1995)
ECW World TV Champion: 2 Cold Scorpio (8/25/1995)

Your host is Joey Styles. He tells us we are about to see the greatest night ever of ECW action. We shall see.

It starts out as Don E. Allen versus the Broad Street Bully, but the Dudley Family interrupt. Buh Buh Ray is all dressed up for the occasion wearing a top hat, bow-tie, and tuxedo jacket over his tie-dye and overalls ready for the N2R festivities. He’s getting over by having a speech impediment. Just as it seems he’s dropped the stuttering bit and become a very confident individual, he can’t get through the Michael Buffer catchphrase and gets hit by Big Dick Dudley’s crutch. Oh wait, now he’s pissed. Buh Buh powerbombs Allen. Stetson jumps on his back and then punches Dudley in the mouth. He sells the punch and responds with a right hand another powerbomb. Sheesh, 1995 is the year of the powerbomb. He gets a three-count, but I was never sure that this was ever an actual match. Even Joey doesn’t understand what just happened. Buh Buh apologizes for what he’s done as he is taken to the back with the rest of the Dudley clan.

Paul E is in the ring and asks for the lights to be dimmed. When the lights come back on, SABU IS IN THE RING. After six months, he’s finally back where he belongs. Huge ovation from the ECW arena crowd.

  • Special Referee: Taz – Konnan vs. Jason

Since Taz is such an insurance risk, he doesn’t have clearance to wrestle – in ECW. Jason runs his mouth and gets clobbered by Taz. SPLASH MOUNTAIN to Jason and Konnan gets the win in 13 seconds.

  • Stevie Richards vs. El Puerto Ricano

Stevie is wearing a shirt that says “RSPW sucks”. Yeah, take that Herb! Blue Meanie is in the front row and gives Stevie a Flock of Seagulls half shirt. Once he gets the shirt on, El Puerto Ricano takes him out with a plancha. This guy busts out a bunch of different moves you would normally see on a lucha libre show. Richards low blows him up top and powerbombs him a couple times. He’s unsure of himself, but Blue Meanie tries a Flying Moonsault anyways. El Puerto Ricano rolls out of the way. You have disappointed the Stevie. Ricano tries a schoolboy, but only gets two. STEVIE KICK. It’s over. (3:03) Pretty awesome to see Blue Meanie anyways. ¾*

  • The Pitbulls (w/Francine) vs. The Eliminators (w/Jason)

So since we last saw Francine, she’s already moved on from Stevie Richards to controlling the Pitbulls in her kinky dominatrix gear. Pitbull #1 and Saturn start us off. Over in the corner, SATURN BE CLUBBERIN’, TONY. Pitbull pays him back with a hook kick ala Booker T. Kronus and Pitbull #2 tag in and do some power stuff. Pitbull hits a powerslam, but Kronus then delivers a dragon suplex to turn the tide into the Eliminators favor. Saturn tags and hits the springboard clothesline to take Pitbull #2 off the apron and down to the floor. Kronus flips Saturn over the top rope as he lands on top of Pitbull #2. Back inside, Kronus hits a somersault leg drop and a back suplex for two. Pitbull #2 misses a charge in the corner and flies out to the floor. Back in, Saturn delivers a BEAUTIFUL flying elbow for two. Headscissors out of the corner scores another nearfall. After the Eliminators launch Pitbull #2 into the air, Saturn tries another headscissors in the corner and takes a SUPERBOMB down to the mat. Hot tag to Pitbull #1, the match breaks down. First, Kronus takes a DOOMSDAY DEVICE over the top rope to the floor! WHAT. After that, they give Saturn what Joey calls the Guillotine, which is a Superbomb combined with a neckbreaker. WHAT. Jason breaks up the pin, but the Pitbulls fight back and deliver the SUPERBOMB to Kronus for the win. (11:00) Afterwards, Jason gets a chairshot from Pitbull #1. Saturn then kicks the chair back in his face and cracks the chair over Pitbull #2. Once they’re staggered, we get TOTAL ELIMINATIONS on both Pitbulls. Really fun ECW match. The Eliminators are basically Randy Savage and the Pitbulls are….Ultimate Warrior? **½

  • Mexican Death Match: Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Psychosis

The way to win is to pin your opponent and then be vertical and physically in the ring within ten seconds. Psychosis takes a couple hard bumps as he can’t quite catch up with Mysterio. DRAGONRANA gets the 1-2-3. Psychosis is right back up though. Down to the floor, Rey rearranges the guardrail and gets his leg caught when he tries to do something risky. Back inside, Psychosis delivers a missile dropkick and then hits a flying moonsault for a three-count. Rey sells the knee injury, but makes it back up. Psychosis presses Rey and drops him on the top turnbuckle before giving him a splash. More ribs work leads to a powerbomb for another three-count. Psychosis then runs Rey’s ribs into the corner a few times and dropkicks him a bunch in the corner. To make matters worse, Psychosis brings a chair into the ring and gives him a DDT ONTO THE STEEL. With the chair on Mysterio’s back, Psychosis delivers another moonsault. Another three-count, but Rey makes it up to his feet again. He dropkicks the knee and goes to moonsault Mysterio again, but lands on the chair. They end up in the front row where Rey hits a BEAUTIFUL guebrada on Psychosis. They brawl all through the crowd and end up at the Eagle’s Nest. Rey hurracanranas Psychosis from the top of the stage down onto a chair! Cover, 1-2-3. Mysterio heads back to the ring and Psychosis never makes it back as Rey gets the win. (11:47) Vintage Rey-Psychosis. ***½

Jason comes out to recruit Rey Mysterio. When he fails to do so, he calls Rey a “little bitch”. Bad business tactic. Jason gets clocked, which brings the Eliminators out to do a number on Mysterio. I mean, who hasn’t wanted to give Rey Mysterio a powerbomb? He’s so little! 9-1-1 makes the save and DOUBLE CHOKESLAMS the Eliminators. Rey jumps up on 9-1-1’s shoulders to pop the crowd.

  • ECW World Tag Team Champions 2 Cold Scorpio & the Sandman (w/Woman) vs. Public Enemy

Ring announcer Joel Gertner announces Scorpio at a chiseled 235 pounds, which makes Joey chuckle. HEEL 2 GOLD SCORPIO IS AWESOME. Knowing that the Big Two are considering signing Public Enemy, the crowd pleads for them not to go. Scorpio and Rocco Rock have a dance contest before the bell rings. They even cut to Joey doing the cabbage patch. Sandman even cuts a rug. Like lovable babyfaces, Public Enemy turn their backs on the champs and wave their arms in the air like just don’t care. Scorpio and Sandman whack them from behind. Out goes Rocco so the champs can double-team Grunge, but he baits them into a FLYING DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE, which leads to some house cleaning on the heels. HEYYYY HOOOOO. Alright, let’s have a tag match already. Sandman and Grunge do some headlocks and leapfrogs. They do the hiptoss across the ring spot and Sandman eats the floor. Now everyone goes nuts and starts flying around the ring. Chair fight ensues, but a low blow works better in this case. Scorpio and Grunge start brawling while Rocco and Sandman do their thing. Not sure how it happens, but Scorpio busts open Grunge with a prosthetic hand he steals from a ringside fan. With Sandman thrown into the front row, Woman wakes him up and forces him onto the apron. Rocco comes in and goes lucha on Sandman with a headscissors takedown and a tilt-a-whirl armdrag. He stops a third tilt-a-whirl though with a backbreaker. Tag to Scorpio, he hits a side slam on Rocco. Quebrada attempt by Rocco, but Scorpio ducks out of the way and delivers a superkick. Tiger Bomb connects, but a standing moonsault hits knees. Sandman still cuts off the tag to Grunge and drops a couple elbows. He dares Grunge into the match and Grunge obliges him with punches. While the ref is busy with Sandman, Woman canes Rocco right on the skull. To the floor, Sandman wins a suplex battle and puts Grunge through a table. Rocco then delivers a DRIVE-BY to Sandman. Back inside, Scorpio hits a Stinger Splash and a Flying Moonsault for 1-2-NO! Despite Sandman’s best efforts, Grunge finally gets a tag. He delivers a DOUBLE NOGGIN KNOCKER to the champs. He holds Scorpio for another somersault move from Rocco, but Scorpio ducks and Grunge gets wiped out. Sandman collapses on Grunge and gets the three-count to retain the titles. (16:06) Afterwards, Sandman and Scorpio celebrate with beer and a cabbage patch dance to mock Public Enemy. Got to hand it to Scorpio for at least trying to make this a traditional tag match and not a typical ECW all over the arena brawl. ***¼

We get a video package highlighting the rise of Bill Alfonso and the problems that have occurred concerning ECW Commissioner Todd Gordon.

  • Special Referee: Beulah – Todd Gordon vs. Bill Alfonso

Being quite the heel, Alfonso dumps, stomps, and leaves poor Todd into the front row. When he goes after Beulah, she stands up to him. Unfortunately, he then runs her down with a clothesline. Todd to the rescue! He does just fine until Alfonso pops him in the balls. More trash talking from Fonzie, but then Todd hits him with a cookie sheet and the blood starts to flow. Fonzie gets a skillet away from Gordon and as he rears back to whack him, Gordon low blows him. Frying pan to the face of Fonzie! Special ref Taz comes out to count the pinfall and he counts two, but then he lifts up Gordon and gives him a right cross. Oh boy. Taz puts Fonzie on top of Todd for the pinfall. (6:37) The crowd is PLEADING for Sabu to save the day, but Taz knows he ain’t coming. He cries sour grapes about nobody caring about him when he was laid off. Taz feels the only person who cares about him is Bill Alfonso and drops about a dozen F bombs to show how angry he is. Not a good “match”, but as entertaining as it could be. Taz’s heel turn makes this a pretty important moment in ECW history though. *½

As Sandman comes out for his ECW world title rematch, Steve Austin cuts him off and delivers the Stun Gun on the guardrail to take him out of the match.

  • ECW World Champion Mikey Whipwreck vs. Steve Austin

Expecting to face the Sandman, now Mikey has a completely different type of opponent – one who can ACTUALLY wrestle. Austin’s character is so much like the Stone Cold character, it’s incredible that the WWF didn’t immediately continue what he was doing here. Austin says that tonight Mikey Whipwreck is Eric Bischoff. Imagine how ahead of its time and interesting this character would have been in WCW in a perfect world. Austin beats Whipwreck from one end of the ring to the other to start. He kicks it up a notch with the Big Boot and the LEGDROP, brother. Cover, 1-2-NO! Austin dumps Whipwreck on the floor for some guardrail action, but Mikey punches him back. In the ring, Whipwreck stomps a mudhole and walks it dry. Austin hits the STUN GUN anyways, but takes too long to cover and only gets two. Whipwreck surprises Austin with a sunset flip, pulls his tights down, and gets the flukiest of fluke pins with a handful of tights. (4:40) Of course after the bell, Austin gets his heat back by beating the crap out of Whipwreck who clearly just escaped by the skin of his teeth. I love where the bigger star gets pinned by the mega-huge underdog. Scott Hall made a career out of it. *½

  • Sabu (w/Paul E. Dangerously) vs. Hack Meyers

Weird that they would stick Hack Meyers with such a fan favorite in his return match. Probably a big match for him at the time, but you KNOW he’s going to lose. Sabu does what he normally does to start with springboard legdrops and chairs. Meyers fights back with a powerslam and a NASTY knee bulldog gets two. More springboard legdrops and spinning leg lariats from Sabu. On the floor, he flies down onto Hack with a headscissors. He delivers Air Sabu, but gets stuck with a powerbomb back inside the ring for two. Sabu gets a victory roll, but then Meyers cleans his clock with a chairshot when he heads back up top. Hack tries another knee bulldog onto a chair this time, but Sabu fights back and slams Hack’s face off the chair. Back to the floor, Air Sabu and a somersault plancha puts Hack through a table. Back inside, Sabu gets two. SOMERSAULT ARABIAN FACEBUSTER scores the pinfall though. (12:55) After the bell, Sabu and Paul E put over Hack Meyers for taking so much punishment. Pretty standard Sabu affair. **

  • Tommy Dreamer & Terry Funk vs. Raven & Cactus Jack

Two separate big-time ECW feuds bring these four men together. This match is significant quite possibly for Cactus Jack’s awesome homemade Dungeon of Doom t-shirt. Kamala, Zodiac, and Shark are featured. Funk and Dreamer take out Stevie Richards – an innocent bystander – with a shopping cart ride. Lots of plunder violence in this one. Everyone bleeds. Even ref Jim Molineaux gets beaten up by Terry Funk. Cactus takes off his Dungeon of Doom shirt to reveal an Eric Bischoff shirt with “Forgive me, Uncle Eric” on the back. Dreamer pulls the t-shirt up over Cactus Jack’s face and drills him with a chairshot. Bill Alfonso and Taz make an appearance and then leave after they take out Dreamer. He fights back with a PILEDRIVER ON A CHAIR to Raven though and Funk covers him for the Jim Molineaux three-count. (13:36) To think Dreamer could have pinned Raven there. Cactus continues to beat up Funk into the aisle while Raven escapes away from Dreamer and does his crucifix pose wearing barbed wire on his head like a crown of thorns. This was a wild one, no doubt. ***½

Final Thoughts: Another vintage ECW show that epitomizes the promotion. It doesn’t include any all-time classics like Gangsta’s Paradise, but it is quite good during an incredible creative period for the company. Thumbs up for November 2 Remember 1995.


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