WWF: Monday Night Raw (10.03.94)


Monday Night Raw
October 3, 1994
Utica, NY
Memorial Auditorium

The current WWF champs were as follows:
World Champion: Bret Hart (3/20/1994)
Intercontinental Champion: Razor Ramon (8/29/1994)
World Tag Team Champions: Shawn Michaels & Diesel (8/28/1994)
Women’s Champion: Alundra Blayze (12/26/1993)

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Randy Savage.

IT’S THE BATTLE OF THE BROTHER-IN-LAWS. Just rolls off the tongue.

  • Davey Boy Smith vs. Jim Neidhart

To make this into a bigger deal than it is, this was Davey Boy Smith’s first match ever on Raw. Owen distracts Davey Boy long enough for Anvil to nail him from behind. DBS comes back and knocks Neidhart out of the ring. Neidhart takes a powder on the floor. They trade headlocks, ending with Davey Boy Smith clamping on an armbar. They take turns controlling a test of strength until DBS dropkicks Neidhart away. Neidhart rakes the face and then whips Smith from corner to corner. DBS punches out of a cobra clutch, but runs into an Anvil. Yeah, that would be kind of stupid. Davey Boy elbows out of a chinlock to try and make another comeback, but Owen pulls the top rope down as he comes off the ropes to send him flying out to the floor. Before the break, Bret Hart heads down to ringside even the odds. After the break, Neidhart starts taking liberties with Davey Boy Smith and chokes him in the ropes a bunch. He works a bearhug and the crowd gets behind Davey. Neidhart goes to the eyes again, but Davey Boy nails Anvil with a clothesline. Neidhart goes after Davey’s injured knee and then hammers Davey Boy down for a camel clutch. Neidhart gives up on the hold and decides to come off the middle rope. That proves to be a bad idea because he hits canvas to kick-start Davey Boy’s comeback. Hourglass Suplex gets two. That cues Bob Backlund. He distracts Bret long enough for Owen to hop in the ring and stomp Davey Boy for the DQ. (11:50 shown) Once Bret sees what’s going on, Bret and Davey Boy attack and whip Neidhart and Owen into one another to clear them out of the ring. Neidhart wasn’t usually a good singles wrestler, but this wasn’t too bad. **¾

The WWF: Unlike Major League Baseball, they don’t go on strike.

  • Doink the Clown vs. Barry Horowitz

Just a match to get over the thrilling Doink/Lawler feud. WHOOPEE CUSHION (complete with sound effects) ends Horowitz at 2:34. Vince – “Leslie Nielsen would be so proud.”

Paul Bearer and his Undertaker hype the casket match with Yokozuna on the Hart Attack house show tour.

Time for the King’s Court with special guests Yokozuna, Jim Cornette, and Mr. Fuji. Two things Lawler can’t stand: when somebody like Doink the Clown who has to dress up in a ridiculous looking costume just to get attention and LIARS. People have been saying that Yokozuna is afraid of the Undertaker, but that’s a big fat lie! Well, here comes Corny, Yoko, and Fuji to dispel the rumors. While they come to the ring, Vince wishes Gore Vidal and Chubby Checker happy birthdays. Yeah, I’m sure they’re watching waiting for that moment. Cornette feels that Paul Bearer is just trying to distract from the reality that it’s really the other way around: Undertaker is scared of Yokozuna. Lawler drops the “casket” word around Yoko, and Yoko freaks out. Cornette tries to keep him calm. He quickly changes the subject back to the SMEAR campaign Paul Bearer is spreading about Yokozuna. He is the ONLY man who has ever beaten Taker in his own match and laid him to rest. Cornette says Taker *has* to get back in the ring with Yokozuna or else people will know the truth: how scared he is of Yokozuna. Leave it to Cornette to bring some logic to wrestling. Lightning will strike twice and history will repeat itself as Yoko will put the Undertaker to rest one more time.

Starting Sunday October 23 – welcome to the Action Zone. It’s way better than those football talk shows.

  • Alundra Blayze & Heidi Lee Morgan vs. Bull Nakano & Luna Vachon

Heidi Lee Morgan looks about ten years behind the times with her Jane Fonda workout gear. Obvs, Heidi Lee is *your* lady in peril. She gets a few hope spots here and there, but nothing blow away awesome looking. Hot tag to Alundra, the heels try to cool her off as they start CLUBBERIN on Alundra. She fights off a double-team with a crossbody block. Alundra can’t suplex Nakano, so she calls in Heidi Lee. They can’t even suplex her together and Nakano brings them both over with a suplex. Nakano slows down Alundra with a palm thrust, but Blayze catches her with a crossbody out of the corner. Tag to Vachon, Nakano holds Blayze for a missile dropkick, but Alundra moves and Bull gets wiped out. BRIDGING GERMAN SUPLEX to Luna gets the 1-2-3. (5:02) This was close to how the Divas work today with your AJ’s and Paige’s. Nakano is the Samoa Joe of WWE women’s wrestling though. She is awesome. **

The New WWF Generation: put your faith in us!

  • Bob Backlund vs. Gary Scott

Scott gets an armdrag on Backlund and now thinks he’s got a chance in HELL to beat him. CROSSFACE CHICKENWING. Goodbye at 2:25.

Before we go, we check in with the WWF champion Bret Hart concerning Mr. Bob Backlund. Since Bret’s already beaten Backlund, he doesn’t feel Backlund deserves a WWF title shot right now. He’ll have to get to the back of the line with the rest of the challengers for now. He thinks Backlund is losing his marbles.

NEXT WEEK: Lex Luger versus Bam Bam Bigelow. King Kong Bundy will be in action! I wonder how much money they spent on that King Kong parody ad.


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