Lucha Underground on El Rey Network (12.10.14)


Lucha Underground
December 10, 2014
Los Angeles, CA
The Temple

Your hosts are Matt Striker and Brother Vampiro.

  • King Cuerno vs. Super Fly

I have to be honest here: I was expecting a black guy. Essentially a match to make Cuerno look awesome. Being this is his Lucha Underground debut though, Super Fly does show some cool stuff like a SPACE FLYING TIGER DROP. Just like Cuerno did to him, Drago is shown perched up on the mezzanine watching the match. He’s freaking everybody out slithering that black tongue of his. THRILL OF THE HUNT ends Super Fly. (3:28) Drago and Cuerno look eyes after the bell. Drago runs his thumb across his throat. My favorite taunt of *all* the times. *½

We take a look at Pentagon Jr. and how he’s somewhat of a samurai. ZERO FEAR.

  • Chavo Guerrero Jr. (w/Pentagon Jr.) vs. Fenix (w/Sexy Star)

It’s great how they are just now getting to this combination in this feud between these four as they have done a wonderful job intertwining all these different episodes to tell the most complete story possible. Dueling chants from the crowd, which should be shocking. Vamp thinks Chavo should teach Fenix a lesson here. Chavo takes Fenix back to the basics, but then Fenix cuts him off with a dropkick. Fenix delivers a headscissors and looks for that springboard double knees on Chavo, but Chavo rolls through to apply a half crab! Love it. Pentagon tries pulling back on the bottom rope, but Fenix reaches anyways. Chavo posts the knee and then bars the knee in the center of the ring. Fenix manages to get Chavo dumped out to the floor. Pentagon gets kicked in the head and as the heels are dazed, Fenix manages a TORNILLO to take them out. Still limping, he tries a springboard back inside the ring only for Chavo to dropkick him on the way down. That gets two. Over in the corner, Fenix fights back and sits Chavo up top before springing up to the top rope and superkicks Chavo down. Fenix heads back up to the top, but Pentagon trips him. FROG SPLASH by Chavo gets the three-count. (5:43) Of course no one sells pain like they used to. It would have been more interesting if his knee just gave out while he was on the top rope instead of having Pentagon interfere, but that’s the way of the world now. Afterwards, Sexy Star tells Chavo and Pentagon that Blue Demon is coming back. **½

Promo for Cage airs. The boy is massive. PWG fans should be familiar with him.

  • $100,000 Ladder Match: Big Ryck vs. Johnny Mundo vs. Prince Puma

Plenty of time left for this main event. I should make mention that Danny Trejo is sitting watching in the front row. Puma and Mundo double-team Ryck to start. As he bails out, Mundo catches Puma with a dropkick and a running knee to the face. The ladder comes into play as Mundo and Puma try to retrieve the briefcase. Big Ryck turns them over and runs the ladder into them to knock them both out of the ring. Since Big Ryck is too big, he calls out his pals Cisco and Cortez Castro to come and climb the ladder for him. Puma and Mundo – forced to work together – pull Big Ryck out and then Castro. With Cisco still up on the ladder, they tip the ladder over as he falls on top of his buddies. The ladder gets tilted on the top rope to use as a ramp. First though, Puma takes a backdrop on the ladder and then Mundo runs up and planchas onto the heels. A pair of tables gets set up side by side by Mundo in front of Trejo. Mundo wants to splash Cisco through the tables, but Puma saves the day for some reason. We get some cool moments as Puma tope suicidas THROUGH THE LADDER onto Big Ryck and company. Mundo then pushes the ladder over towards Puma hoping it will crush him, but Puma manages to avoid the ladder all together. It’s the old Buster Keaton spot where the wall falls on him and he happens to miss getting crushed thanks to the open window. Back inside, Puma and Mundo both reach the briefcase, but Puma decides to bring Mundo down with a cutter instead. The wrestling hipsters all cry holy shit! Big Ryck and his boys take over the ring now as Mundo takes some punishment from a ladder scaffold. Cisco and Cortez want to superplex him onto a ladder scaffold set up using the barricade and the apron, but Mundo of course fights them off. Cisco takes the Ric Flair bump off the top through the two tables. Big Ryck gets taken down by Mundo and eats a Pele Kick. In comes Puma with a springboard double knees.

Castro cuts him off and wants to superplex Puma through a table in the ring, but Puma fights back and hits the double knees to send Castro through the table instead. Mundo runs down Puma with a ladder to take him out again. Big Ryck tries to intercept the ladder from Mundo, but Mundo instead flies over the top of the ladder and corkscrew dives onto Big Ryck. With Big Ryck lying on the ladder, Mundo hits the END OF THE WORLD! 630 SENTON by Puma! The ladder gets wedged in the corner by Puma. He fights off a superplex by Mundo and drops him on the ladder. He wants to do something, but has to fly at Big Ryck instead and gets dropped with a powerbomb. Big Ryck picks him back up and powerbombs him onto Mundo! Big Ryck continues his display of violence with a URANAGE to Mundo! Puma then gets pressed up over Big Ryck’s head and then he drops him as Puma goes THROUGH THE LADDER. Striker is ready to call it a day, but Mundo makes a last ditch effort and kicks Big Ryck in the dick to get him off the two ladders he’s trying to climb. Some guy wearing a Pentagon mask then jumps in the ring to try and help Big Ryck. Neither Striker nor Vampiro call him out, but he’s B-Boy from PWG. While Mundo fights him off and superkicks him in the aisle, Big Ryck and company start going for the ladder. Big Ryck plays defense while Cisco and Cortez climb. Mundo manages to snap Big Ryck’s neck off the top rope, springboard onto the ladder, kick over Cortez and Cisco, and then retrieve the briefcase filled with his $100,000. (19:35) Fun spot fest as Mundo and Puma showed off what they are capable of doing in this type of situation. Big Ryck using his posse to try and help him win is typical of his character and since he’s so big, climbing ladders is obviously not his strong suit. While it was really good and fits well in the Lucha Underground atmosphere, unfortunately for me modern ladder matches just feel very contrived. I would rather they pull it back somewhat to the HBK/Razor days where there was more psychology in these matches and less doing spots because you think they look cool. ***½

Afterwards, Dario Cueto comes out and wants his key back from Mundo since he held up his end of the deal. Mundo gives him back the key alright, but not before he punches him in the face.

And with that, WE ARE OUTTA HERE.

NEXT WEEK: Nothing announced.

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