Lucha Underground (06.03.15)


Lucha Underground
June 3, 2015
Los Angeles, CA
The Temple

The current Lucha Underground champs are as follows:
Lucha Underground Champion: Prince Puma (1/7/15)
Lucha Underground Trios Champions: Angelico, Ivelisse & Son of Havoc (4/22/15)
AAA Mega Champion: Alberto El Patron (12/7/14)

In Dario Cueto’s office, Chavo Guerrero tells him that the Black Lotus has been trained by El Dragon Azteca. All of his family’s debt in Mexico will be forgiven if he protects her. However, it looks like Chavo is working on both sides here. A Guerrero is only truly loyal to the highest bidder. Cueto wants Black Lotus on a silver platter and starts stacking up money for Chavo. No cash, just around the clock protection from Mexico. Cueto grants him the request, but wants to know what Chavo really wants.

Your hosts are Matt Striker and Brother Vampiro.

  • Jack Evans vs. Argenis

This is the first we’ve seen of Argenis since his arm was snapped by Pentagon Jr. Dario Cueto makes things more interesting by allowing the winner of this match to receive the second of his seven golden medallions. Evans cheapshots Argenis to start. After a few cocky beatdowns, Argenis blocks a headscissors with a powerbomb. To follow up, Argenis launches Evans into the air and kicks him in the balls. While the ref asks Argenis about the kick, Evans uses the ref and spins around for an enziguri kick. Standing Corkscrew Moonsault gets two. Argenis stops Evans up top, but Evans comes back with a rolling armbar. Evans tries one handspring elbows too many and gets caught with a back suplex. Reminded me of a Malenko-Mysterio spot from 1996. Still awesome. To the floor we go, Argenis busts out the somersault plancha. Evans manages to leap onto the apron and deliver a corkscrew into a headscissors to take Argenis down. He tries another headscissors, but Argenis blocks and sends Evans into the barricade. Back inside, Argenis delivers some sort of driver off his shoulders for two. Argenis charges, but gets caught in a backslide with a bridge to give Evans his first win in Lucha Underground. (6:08) So Evans wins the SECOND medallion. A little sloppy in places. Otherwise, just business as usual in Lucha Underground. **¼

In the back, DelAvar Daivari approaches Big Ryck and tells him that Dario Cueto has granted them a LU trios titles match tonight. All they have to do is find a third partner. Big Ryck suggests his cousin the Mack, but Cage feels he’s more deserving of the third spot and beats up the Mack to prove it.

Elsewhere, Chavo Guerrero tells the Black Lotus that Dario Cueto has agreed to let her compete in his temple. Chavo says he will get the key, free the monster, and let her kill him in front of the world. He tries to jump her, but he’s quickly beaten down. In comes Castro Cortez and Cisco, they can’t beat up one Asian chick either. Eventually, Chavo gets back up and beats her down with a kendo stick. Some handcuffs are pulled out before we go to commercial.

  • Lucha Underground Trios Champions Angelico, Ivelisse & Son of Havoc vs. DelAvar Daivari, Big Ryck & Cage

Well, this feels random. Ivelisse still has her ankle in a cast. I’m sure that will play into how these three lose the belts when that day comes. Angelico is on the move to start against Cage. He’s slowed down with a hiptoss into a backbreaker. Angelico fires back with knee strikes and Havoc blind tags him. While they argue, Cage runs them down with clotheslines. Havoc fights off Daivari and delivers a nice tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Ivelisse really wants a tag even though Havoc is in full control. No dice. Standing moonsault by Havoc gets two. Now Angelico blind tags Havoc. He catches Cage with a flying forearm and runs down Daivari, but gets caught by Big Ryck. Meanwhile, Ivelisse decides to just sit down at ringside. Big Ryck works over Angelico for a while. In a really cool moment, Big Ryck passes off a vertical suplex over to Cage for an extended stalling suplex. Just awesome. Cage hits one powerbomb, but Angelico avoids the second with a schoolboy for two. He kicks Cage silly, but Big Ryck cuts off the hot tag. Daivari tags in and grabs Ivelisse who is now back on the apron. After he shoves her down, Texano appears and bashes Big Ryck with his bull rope. That distraction allows Angelico to land the running knee strike in the corner for the SSP from Havoc for the three-count. (7:39) The trios champs continue with the super fun tags on this show. ***

Back to Dario Cueto’s office, Chavo Guerrero and the Crew bring in Black Lotus all tied up. Cueto plans to put Black Lotus right beside his brother so he never gets lonely again.

  • Submission Match: Pentagon Jr. vs. Sexy Star

Sexy Star interrupts Pentagon when he starts talking about making her his next sacrifice for the master. He kicks at her legs though showing us where his gameplan might be heading. Sexy Star knows to avoid getting her arm snapped, but isn’t that great with submissions as we see her grab a front headlock instead of anything productive. To the floor though, Sexy Star lands the tope con hilo. She then takes Pentagon around ringside for some violence. Back in, she grabs a weak toehold. Pentagon fights out and delivers a vertical bow and arrow. AWESOME. When he puts Sexy Star back up on his shoulders, Sexy Star twists around and takes him down for a VERY weak Fujiwara armbar. This all seems very unrealistic that she would be that bad at applying holds, which hurts the match for me a bit. Pentagon superkicks her down and grabs a Lasso from El Paso looking hold. Back to the floor, Sexy Star winds up on the barricade and splashes Pentagon. Back in, she grabs a half crab. When it appears Pentagon is in trouble, the unmasked Super Fly appears. She thinks he is her friend, which is why she gets smacked in the face. Come on Sexy Star, even the crowd saw that coming. Super Fly gives her a sitout powerbomb and hands her off to Pentagon for the FEAR FACTOR. Pentagon applies a surfboard and pulls back under the chin for the tapout. (9:35) Match was not too great. Time to snap her arm, but VAMPIRO jumps in the ring. Vampiro the man will not let his 14 year old daughter’s hero be treated this way. Can Vampiro fight for the side of good? He and Pentagon have a staredown until Vamp clears out and heads to the back in disgust. Striker wonders what comes next for Vampiro. **½

Before we go, Vampiro wrestles with the demons in his head and breaks a mirror with his skull. No blood though. CRAZY!

NEXT WEEK: Nothing announced.


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