Lucha Underground on El Rey Network (06.24.15)


Lucha Underground
June 24, 2015
Los Angeles, CA
The Temple

The current Lucha Underground champs are as follows:
Lucha Underground Champion: Prince Puma (1/7/15)
Lucha Underground Trios Champions: Angelico, Ivelisse & Son of Havoc (4/22/15)
AAA Mega Champion: Alberto El Patron (12/7/14)

Your hosts are Matt Striker and Brother Vampiro.

  • Sexy Star vs. Super Fly

In an interview done earlier in the day, Super Fly tells Vamp that he’s going after Sexy Star instead of Pentagon Jr. because she took his mask. She would have been put in her place too last week if Vampiro hadn’t stuck his nose in Pentagon’s business. Tonight, Super Fly (who has never won a match in Lucha Underground) will not take it easy on her and tells Vamp not to interfere. Super Fly dominates putting over his heel act to start. Sexy gets in a few lucha armdrags here and there, but can’t really get anything going. To the floor, Super Fly’s knees buckle when he tries to land on his feet on the outside. Sexy Star wipes him out with a flying bodypress. Back inside, we see more lucha armdrags from Sexy. Vertical suplex with the bridge gets two. Super Fly kicks her back and delivers a Double Powerbomb for the three-count. (6:35) When Super Fly can’t take off her mask, he throws her out to the floor. What a dick! *½

Pentagon Jr. comes out and says he wants to destroys the man who took away his greatest sacrifice to his master. That man would be VAMPIRO. When Vampiro won’t come to Pentagon, Pentagon comes to Vampiro. Pentagon grabs Vamp by the shirt and gets shoved back. Vamp starts to unbutton his shirt with the crowd TOTALLY behind him, so Pentagon decides to fight another day and walks away. Let’s take a break, ladies and gents.

  • Aztec Medallion Match: Aerostar vs. Cage vs. The Mack vs. Marty The Moth

Vamp keeps quiet for a few moments selling the dark places his mind has gone over the last several minutes. Awesome. Mack and Cage start tearing each other apart while Marty and Aerostar watch on. Marty thinks he and Aerostar are friends, so Aerostar rolls him up for two. Meanwhile, Mack shows some FIGHTING SPIRIT as he no-sells a German suplex and runs down Cage with a clothesline. To the floor they go brawling around ringside, Marty cuts off Aerostar trying to fly and planchas onto Mack and Cage instead. Not to be outdone, Aerostar does a TRIPLE JUMP SOMERSAULT PLANCHA on the other three guys. Back inside, Cage catches Aerostar trying a springboard, curls him a few times, and then gives him a fallaway slam to the floor onto Mack and Marty. Cage pulls Marty inside the ring with the Cesaro Suplex for two. In comes the Mack, he takes out Cage with the Sling Blade. Aerostar nails Mack with a missile dropkick followed by a Springboard Senton for two. Mack catches Aerostar for a Samoan drop and a standing moonsault for two. Isn’t Mack the best? Marty sneaks in and gives Mack a bicycle kick. Elsewhere, Cage is giving Aerostar a back suplex onto the apron. In the ring though, Marty shows us he can do a lucha armdrag as well. Mack fires back with a pop-up elbow smash on Marty. Cage turns him inside out though with the DISCUS LARIAT for 1-2-NO! Marty gets grabbed again this time for a Torture Rack Neckbreaker from Cage for another nearfall. Vamp calls Cage the MVP of the first year of Lucha Underground. Striker disagrees. Aerostar joins Marty to take out Cage, but they fail. Mack pulls out Cage, but then gets sent into the ringpost. They fight on the apron, but Mack wins the battle with an Exploder suplex onto the apron! As if that’s not enough, Mack hits Cage with a frog splash! Now Marty the Moth heads up and does his moth pose, but Aerostar kicks him real good. In a totally unnecessary spot, Aerostar walks the second rope and headscissors Marty down. Springboard Splash by Aerostar gets the win and secures him the third Aztec medallion beside Jack Evans and Fenix. (9:11) Vamp might think Cage is the MVP of the year, but Mack was the MVP of this match. That dude is so much fun. Marty getting a medallion might have been an interesting twist. ***¼

In the back, we catch Angelico, Son of Havoc, and Ivelisse working out. They can’t even do that and get along! Next thing we know, the lovely/wicked Catrina comes over to tell the trios champs that death will soon come to all three of them. She teases Ivelisse with the lick of death and plays with her hair a little bit. The Aztec stone is lifted and the Disciples of Death appear out of some sort of cheap lightning storm behind them. Next thing we see, the trios champs are beaten down, the Disciples of Death have disappeared, and Mil Muertes is standing beside Catrina. Oh, Drago is SO going to get it.

  • #1 Contender’s Match: Drago vs. Mil Muertes (w/Catrina)

Winner of this one faces Prince Puma for the Lucha Underground title at the inaugural Ultima Lucha. Before the match, Hernandez attacks Drago and whips him with his belt. After a break, the match begins. The only ways to win are pinfall or submission. Drago uses his speed to get out of the way of a charging Muertes to start. They do a waistlock exchange ending with Drago landing a Standing Shiranui, which Muertes NO-SELLS. From here, Muertes throws and knocks Drago around the ring. Drago headscissors Muertes into the corner, but charges into a boot and staggers up into a SPEAR from Muertes! DDT gets two. We go to the floor as Drago leaps onto Muertes. Once again, Muertes is hardly phased. He throws Drago in a section of wooden chairs and then rips the chairs apart. When Drago stands up, Muertes SPEARS him back into the barricade. The violence doesn’t end here as Muertes gives Drago a POWERBOMB ON THE ANNOUNCE TABLE that doesn’t break. Back inside, Drago makes one last comeback with a springboard tornado DDT. Time for the DRAGON’S TAIL pinning predicament, but Muertes rolls out of that and rains down on Drago with forearms. YES. Muertes grabs the FLATLINER on Drago for the pinfall. (8:52) Catrina gives Drago the lick of death as she and her man celebrate with a kiss as they are one match away from the Lucha Underground championship. Speaking of which, the champ Prince Puma and Konnan head down the steps. Catrina holds up the stone while Puma holds up the title. IT IS ON. ***

Good night, everybody.

NEXT WEEK: Nothing announced.

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