Lucha Underground on El Rey Network (06.17.15)


Lucha Underground
June 17, 2015
Los Angeles, CA
The Temple

The current Lucha Underground champs are as follows:
Lucha Underground Champion: Prince Puma (1/7/15)
Lucha Underground Trios Champions: Angelico, Ivelisse & Son of Havoc (4/22/15)
AAA Mega Champion: Alberto El Patron (12/7/14)

Your hosts are Matt Striker and Brother Vampiro.

No bullcrap tonight. No Dario Cueto inner-office shenanigans or power plays. We go straight to the ring.

  • Iron Man Match: Lucha Underground Champion Prince Puma vs. Johnny Mundo

It’s not quite an entire hour, but this episode is completely devoted to these two gents to settle this once and for all. Striker calls this an “All Night Long” match, but iron man sounds cooler and “all night long” sounds a little too Ric Flair. There are no disqualifications or countouts. Winner of the most falls will leave tonight’s program with the Lucha Underground title. Striker and Vamp do a great job of reminding us of the history between these two characters. Puma extends his hand out for Mundo to shake and Mundo obliges without throwing a punch at him despite being the heel. Konnan is conspicuous by his absence here. We get some feeling out mat stuff to start for the first several minutes. It’s never really slow, but knowing you have to go for a while makes no sense to try and go 100 mph so early into the contest. Puma picks up the pace with the backflip headscissors and hits a corkscrew plancha out on the floor. After a break, they trade counters in the ring until Puma gets a victory roll for the first pinfall at 5:22 shown. (Puma: 1 | Mundo: 0)

Vamp feels that was a quick count on Mundo. He takes over working an overhead wristlock on Puma. Mundo gets drilled with a dropkick though as Puma escapes. Standing moonsault on Mundo gets two. Mundo stops a flying bodypress though with a dropkick and starts cranking on the arm again. Puma stops him dead in his tracks with a nice cutter. Mundo ducks a flying bodypress. He looks for the END OF THE WORLD, but Puma pulls him down by his feet. Puma wants to roll him up, but Mundo counters and falls into the ropes yet still manages to pin Puma in a really cheap HEEL moment at 9:22 shown. (Puma: 1 | Mundo: 1)

Of course, Vamp has NO problem with that finish. After another commercial break, Mundo slows the pace down a little bit punishing Puma. He switches gears to work on the back now. During a fight in the corner, Puma float over the turnbuckles and headscissors Mundo to the floor. Mundo crawls under the ring. As Puma pulls him out, a chair and a gimmicked box comes out with him. Puma then puts Mundo through the box with King Cuerno’s THRILL OF THE HUNT finish. Once they get up, Mundo finds a crowbar and whacks Puma across the side of his head. Yeah, that’s game over. He rolls Puma inside the ring to take the lead at 13:02 shown. MOONLIGHT DRIVE scores another pinfall for Mundo at 13:34 shown. As if that’s not enough, the Flying Chuck leads to the END OF THE WORLD as Mundo takes a steady lead at 15:30 shown. (Mundo: 4 | Puma: 1)

This is where Mundo’s cocky attitude starts to really show forth. It’s pretty awesome to watch. He tells the ring crew he’s parched, so he takes a few moments to drink some water before throwing the bottle in Puma’s face. Puma avoids a corner charge though and delivers a somersault into a leaping DDT. That little comeback was just a bit over the top for me. It didn’t look desperate at all. Over to the apron, Mundo gives Puma a reverse neckbreaker to send him crashing to the floor. After another commercial break, Mundo pulls out a ladder and runs into Puma’s face. He then moves some furniture around as he sets up some tables side by side. Mundo climbs the ladder and crawls over to the edge of the balcony, but Puma fights up and meets Mundo in the crowd as they brawl around – culminating with a suplex by Puma on the balcony. Puma goes down and completes the double stack of tables. He heads up to the balcony to meet Mundo, but he takes a superkick down to the floor missing the tables. Mundo uses the ladder to get across to the bandstand where the hipster Mexican band traditionally plays. He grabs a mic and starts running down Puma. Mundo demands the band play a song while he takes a water break. Here comes Puma to meet Mundo on the bandstand. A 2×4 gets pulled away from Mundo as Puma whacks him on the top of his head. With Mundo staggering backwards, Puma climbs up and KABONGS Mundo with the guitar to bust him open. Once Mundo stands up, Puma charges him as they both fall off the stage down onto the DOUBLE STACK OF TABLES. After a holy crap chant, we take a commercial break. When we return, Puma drags Mundo back into the ring for a pinfall at 28:26 shown. (Mundo: 4 | Puma: 2)

They both stand up trading blows. Mundo wins the slugfest, but Puma fires back with a couple kicks and lands the Spinning Samoan Driver for another pinfall at 30:09 shown. (Mundo: 4 | Puma: 3)

Knowing Puma has his number, Mundo slides out to prevent any further pinfalls as they play cat and mouse for a while. Puma manages to catch Mundo with an enziguri kick and try a Phoenix Splash, but Mundo rolls out of the way and heads up the stairs to get away. When it looks like he’s just going to let the time run out, ALBERTO EL PATRON RETURNS and runs down Mundo at the top of the steps! Alberto kicks Mundo down the stairs and throws him into walls and announce tables. It’s a violent scene, man. He rolls Mundo back inside the ring as Puma delivers the Springboard 450 Splash for the three-count at 34:10 shown. (Mundo: 4 | Puma: 4)

Alberto El Patron gets on the mic for a minute. If Mundo wins this match, Alberto will kick his ass and take the Lucha Underground title. Same goes for Puma, but of course you already knew that. Three minutes remain in the TV time limit. All of a sudden, it’s Steamboat-Rude from Beach Blast 1992 with the nearfall sequences. Not quite as intense, but still fun. Mundo catches Puma with the running knee and even the Standing Spanish Fly, but can’t get the pinfall. Up in the corner, Puma avoids a Super Headscissors and collapses on the other end of the ring. 60 SECONDS LEFT! As Mundo gets to his feet, Puma charges with the thrust kick. Puma heads up top and lands the 630 SENTON for the final pinfall as time runs out at 38:35 shown. (Puma: 5 | Mundo: 4) So once again, Puma regains the LU title. This is the Lucha Underground version of Steamboat versus Rude iron man challenge. While Puma won the match, Johnny Mundo carried this thing and made it as entertaining as possible. He’s got the heel swagger down. He knows how to be a dick and does it well. Alberto El Patron’s appearance only added to this match for me. Just an excellent piece of work here. ****¼

Good night everybody!

NEXT WEEK: Drago meets Mil Muertes for his LU title shot at Ultima Lucha!

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