WWF: Monday Night Raw (12.12.94)


Monday Night Raw
December 12, 1994
Liberty, NY
Liberty High School

The current WWF champs were as follows:
World Champion: Diesel (11/26/1994)
Intercontinental Champion: Razor Ramon (8/29/1994)
World Tag Team Champions: Vacant (11/23/1994)
Women’s Champion: Bull Nakano (11/20/1994)

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels.

  • Doink the Clown (w/Dink) vs. Bob Backlund

Doink surprises Backlund by coming up from behind instead of coming through the curtain. What a jerk clown. We see some decent WRESTLING from these two to start. Doink gets the better of Backlund, so he blasts the clown with a forearm. From there, Backlund looks to weaken the arm for the CROSSFACE CHICKENWING. Doink avoids the first attempt as we go to break. AND WE’RE BACK! Backlund is working all kinds of armbars on Doink. During the match, HBK talks up how he’s telling Mr. Backlund almost everything he knows about Diesel during his series of return matches with the champ. Doink gets a brief comeback, but it’s curtains for the clown once Backlund locks in the CROSSFACE CHICKENWING. (12:35 shown) Solid psychology, but rather boring. It’s a very Backlund match. **½

Vince and Shawn hype the upcoming WWF tag team titles tournament. Here are the brackets for the tourney.


After that, we catch Shawn playing the new WWF Raw video game on Sega Genesis. Shawn plays as himself against Diesel and pins him with a fallaway slam. EPIC. ****1/2. Vince then tells us about a Coliseum Video and Acclaim VHS tape that tells you all about the strategies and secrets of the video game. Imagine this coming out in today’s video game world. Very surreal.

Since Nashville has passed on Jeff Jarrett, he heads to Las Vegas to become a country music star.

  • Razor Ramon vs. Mark Starr

Razor sells a knee problem when he can’t get the Fallaway Slam on Starr. That sets up some short knee work from Starr, but Razor gets FIRED up and drops Starr with the Back Superplex. RAZOR’S EDGE gets the win at 3:18. It’s actually pretty interesting how important that knee problem works into the Royal Rumble match with Jarrett.

Time for the King’s Court with Jerry Lawler. His special guest is IRS. There’s some druids coming out with him as well. Lawler and IRS discuss baseball players not paying taxes on their autograph sessions. Schyster just can’t stomach such behavior. Talk moves to the Undertaker and there’s just not a lot of meat on this interview. IRS does announce that he’ll be facing Lex Luger next week on RAW. Rotunda is sweating up a storm here. Sheesh.


  • Aldo Montoya vs. Nick Barbarry

Did Aldo have ANY angles in the WWF? I can’t remember one angle for him. Anyways, Montoya shows off a pescado and a headscissors on Barbarry. Harvey Wippleman saunters out to the ring. Vince mentions a Well Dunn/Bushwhackers rematch for next week. Since Howard Finkel was the one to tattle on Well Dunn, he will be in the corner of the Bushwhackers. Montoya wins with a pretty sweet flying bulldog at 2:39. Afterwards, Wippleman comes over and bullies Finkel. The Fink just stands there and takes it like a wuss. DEFEND YOURSELF.

Recap of WWF Mania as they celebrated their 100th episode last Saturday morning on the USA Network. Stephanie Weir makes her first appearance in the WWF as Todd Pettengill’s new co-host. Yet another reason not to watch WWF Mania. Did she even last six months?

  • King Kong Bundy (w/Ted DiBiase) vs. Bob Knight

Shawn is ADD during this one. He makes a Roseanne Barr joke, an obvious Indiana Hoosiers joke, reads the WWF Magazine, and talks about Bundy being a guy in a bowling alley. Just random stuff. Vince informs us that Bret will return to action at some point in January. Otherwise, a pretty standard Bundy squash as he hits the ATLANTIC CITY AVALANCHE for the win at 4:10. Ref refuses to give Bundy a five-count. What a dick!

Before we go, Santa Claus comes out and gives Shawn Michaels his present: a toy version of the WWF women’s title. Shawn is flabbergasted and threatens Santa with his lawyer. Put this on a list of things Vince McMahon would rather give Shawn Michaels in 1994 besides a run with the WWF title. HA!

NEXT WEEK: Lex Luger battles IRS! The Bushwhackers with Howard Finkel in their corner look for revenge against Well Dunn and Harvey Wippleman!


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