WWF: Monday Night Raw (12.05.94)


Monday Night Raw
December 5, 1994
Poughkeepsie, NY
Mid-Hudson Civic Center

The current WWF champs were as follows:
World Champion: Diesel (11/26/1994)
Intercontinental Champion: Razor Ramon (8/29/1994)
World Tag Team Champions: Vacant (11/23/1994)
Women’s Champion: Bull Nakano (11/20/1994)

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels.

  • Davey Boy Smith vs. Jeff Jarrett (w/The Roadie)

Roadie is a complete surprise to both Vince and HBK on commentary as they blame giving Roadie camera time shoddy work on the directors part. At first, Vince thinks he’s just one of the cable pullers. By the way, Randy Savage signed with WCW about a month earlier because he still felt he could compete and offer something. Well, WCW sure offered him something. Moving on. Could JJ’s ring attire be much gayer? He’s wearing TINSEL. Granted, it is December, but you’re supposed to be a WRESTLER for crying out loud. Oops, I think I just gave him the response they wanted! Crap. Jarrett trips up DBS after a hammerlock and walks over top of him on his way to lounging in the corner. Jarrett can’t get the hiptoss, but Bulldog can and out goes Jarrett to regroup. Back inside, Davey Boy wins a shoulderblock battle and constantly headscissors out of any and all headlock takedowns. Jarrett gives Bulldog a shove and takes a shove himself. Roadie goes over to Jarrett and tries to give him some encouragement. Now Vince is convinced he’s more than just a cable puller. Stalling Suplex causes JJ to take another break on the floor, but he’s back in and taking a ten-count turnbuckle smash. Davey Boy heads up top, but Jarrett is there to crotch him for a superplex for 1-2-NO! Jarrett hits the chinlock. Bulldog breaks free, but there’s JJ with a flying clothesline for 1-2-NO! Commercials. When we return, JJ misses a flying fist drop. They fight up into a double-KO. Jarrett grabs a sleeper, but Bulldog wakes up and backs JJ into the corner. Bulldog on the BULLDOG gets two. Crucifix by Davey Boy Smith gets two. PERFECTPLEX by Bulldog scores another nearfall. HBK – “That move never beats anybody, Vin Man.” Jarrett reverts back to the chinlock, but that brings Davey Boy around for a comeback. Enough of the clotheslines, Jarrett decides it is time to leave. Davey Boy heads out and presses Jarrett back inside. Just when DBS starts to get back in the ring, Roadie grabs his feet from under the ring to cause him to be counted out! JJ WINS! (12:04 shown) I liked this match. Everyone played to their strengths and they paid off Roadie’s debut real well. Good stuff. ***¼

We get some highlights of the American Sportscasters Association dinner where WWF champ Diesel rubbed elbows with celebs and people who were actually involved in sporting events. Doink the Clown and the Bushwhackers showed up as well, but Diesel probably acted like he didn’t know them. They lower his stock. You get it, right?

  • The 1-2-3 Kid vs. Barry Horowitz

Wouldn’t it have been super ironic if Horowitz had beaten the Kid in an upset win on Raw instead of Skip? AMIRITE? Horowitz controls most of the match with several nearfalls until Kid fires back with a spinning heel kick and Oklahoma rolls Horowitz for the three-count at 2:54.

  • Kwang (w/Harvey Wippleman) vs. Scott Taylor

Wippleman verbally paintbrushes Howard Finkel for some reason and continues to do so throughout the match. Total squash. Kwang hits the SPINNING HEEL KICK on Taylor at 2:57. Finkel makes a mean look announcing the winner and Vince seems a tad concerned for Wippleman.

Time for the King’s Court with Jerry Lawler. His special guest this week is Shawn Michaels. Shawn has hyped how special a guest Lawler has in store for tonight’s King’s Court all night. Vince thought it would be WWF champ Diesel. Well, Vince has been had, folks. After Lawler makes fun of everybody in the audience, Shawn cuts a promo on how he brought Diesel up out of obscurity and made him the most successful wrestler in the WWF of 1994 by winning all three titles. Since Shawn made Diesel, he can also disassemble Diesel.

Hakushi is coming!

  • The Bushwhackers vs. Well Dunn (w/Harvey Wippleman)

Wippleman insults Howard Finkel and takes over the ring announcing duties for Well Dunn. A tournament to crown new WWF tag champs is announced. The finals will take place at the Royal Rumble on January 22. Oddly enough, all but the finale took place on Superstars instead of Monday Night Raw. Bushwhacker Luke plays face in peril for most of this one. Well Dunn’s heat segment is fast-paced, but that’s about it. Hot tag to Butch, he gives Well Dunn the double noggin knocker. BATTERING RAM takes out Timothy Well. Meanwhile, Butch comes off the ropes to catch Steven Dunn, but Wippleman grabs his ankle and trips him up. As Butch reaches down at Harvey, Dunn knees him from behind and jumps on Butch for the pin. (5:06) Just a quick formula match. Vince calls it’s an upset though. Afterwards, Howard Finkel tries to get the decision changed, but to no avail. Wippleman walks over for a shouting and finger pointing match to end the segment. *

Before we go, Shawn Michaels handles an interview with the Norma Desmond of the WWF: Bob Backlund. You have to feel for Backlund; one week the WWF champion, and then two weeks later facing Doink the Clown on TV. He will once again be the WWF champion though, says Bob.

NEXT WEEK: Bob Backlund battles Doink the Clown.


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