Portland Wrestling: 1977-1979 (VOLUME 2)


Portland Wrestling

The current Portland wrestling champions are as follows:
NWA World Champion: Harley Race (2/6/1977)
PNW Heavyweight Champion: Dutch Savage (8/1/1977)
PNW Tag Team Champions: Sam Oliver Bass & John Anson (8/7/1977)

This edition will take place from October 1977.

Your host is Frank Bonnema.

  • Gino Hernandez vs. John Anson – (Portland Wrestling, 10/1/77)

This is interesting if just to see Gino Hernandez as a babyface. Hernandez sticks with a headlock for a long while. He shocks Anson with a flash pin every so often, but mainly wears down Handsome John with the headlock. Anson finally cuts off Hernandez with a back elbow close to the eight minute mark. Hernandez fights away an armbar, but then we get a double KO. Anson gets caught up top and brought down with a slam. Now Hernandez is fired up, but he telegraphs a backdrop and gets kicked in the chops. Hernandez surprises Anson a few times to get nearfalls, but he can’t keep Anson down. Anson punches away an abdominal stretch and hits a butterfly suplex for two. Anson slams down Hernandez and goes for a legdrop, but misses. Hernandez fires back with one of his own and connects for two. Next thing we know, the bell rings for the time limit draw. (12:04) It’s safe to assume there was a fifteen minute time limit here. Bonnema says he would put this match against anything happening in Madison Square Garden. He really has it out for the McMahons, it seems. Bonnema then continues to put over all the young talent in the northwestern area: Gino Hernandez, Jay Youngblood, and Buddy Rose. He mentions that Jesse Ventura wants to return to the area from Hawaii. If you would rather be wrestling in Portland than Hawaii, you’re onto something. Pretty exciting action once they got out of the headlock routine. You just knew they were going for a draw. Good booking though with Anson not really having any answers for what Hernandez was throwing at him. **¼

From 10/1/77, Frank Bonnema gets a word with the tag champs Sam Oliver Bass and Handsome John Anson. Those are some fancy shades Anson is wearing. Pertaining to the match Anson just had with Hernandez, he only needed another thirty seconds to beat that young punk. He was just setting up Hernandez for the coup de grace, folks. Bass tells us that a whole bunch of new talent and tag teams are coming to Portland, but the tag champs aren’t scared. All these kids do is blow a bunch of hot air and won’t sign a contract to face them. Friday night in Eugene, Sam Oliver Bass and Dutch Savage will square off over the held up PNW heavyweight title. Anson and Moondog Mayne will be chained together. Anson doesn’t seem to be looking forward to it.

  • 2/3 Falls: Moondog Mayne vs. Buddy Rose – (Portland Wrestling, 10/1/77)

First Fall: Rose tries to sucker punch Mayne before the bell and fails. The bell rings and Mayne beats him in the corner. Rose still has his robe on and gets slammed for the BOMBS AWAY flying knee drop by Mayne to win the first fall in just ten seconds. HE NEVER GOT HIS ROBE OFF. It even looks like Rose throws up in the middle of the ring either legit or to sell the move. Pretty awesome either way. Rose’s partner Ed Wiskowski comes down to run interference while Rose collects himself. As the heels leave, Mayne celebrates with the kids at ringside.

Second Fall: Mayne brings a walking cane into the mix and chaos ensues. Looks like an old lady even tries to whoop on Rose. Ed Wiskowski is providing some ringside encouragement for Buddy. This is all Moondog to start. He beats on Rose from corner to corner. Wiskowski provides some distraction for Mayne and while the ref stops Rose from trying to jump Mayne, Wiskowski grabs Mayne and drives his face into the turnbuckle connector. Rose works the cut really well and ties Mayne in the ropes for obvious reasons. As Mayne gets loose, he falls through the ropes and down to the floor for a nasty bump onto concrete. Back inside, Rose backdrops Mayne and delivers a series of elbow drops on the cut forehead until he gets the three-count to win the second fall in 6:00.

Third Fall: Instead of going after the cut, Rose reverts back to his old tactics and goes after the shoulder. He whips Mayne into the corner and charges, but Mayne moves and Rose goes shoulder-first into the post. HERE COMES MOONDOG. He rips and pulls at Buddy’s arm for some ironic storytelling. Ref Sandy Barr gets pushed away once, pushed away twice, and unfortunately gets punched down when he tries to stop Mayne a third time for the DQ. (9:10 total) Lots of heat in this one with some great storytelling. Mayne won’t stop going after Mayne even after the bell has sounded. Several babyfaces come out to try to get him to cool down, but they get shoved away. Just nothing will stop Lonnie Mayne here. He finally feels some satisfaction when he swings Buddy’s arm into the ringpost and leaves with the good guys. Rose has to be carried out by security holding onto his sore arm. **½

From 10/1/77, Dutch Savage hypes some main events happening this week. He says Moondog Mayne will tear Buddy Rose apart in Portland this Tuesday in a street fight. Savage tells us that Mayne invented the street fight in Portland and he’s never lost one. The only thing that Dutch fears is that Rose will be too beaten up and Savage won’t be able to get his hands on him. He also tells the audience that he’s looking forward to Friday night in Eugene so he can get his PNW heavyweight title back that was held up by the state athletic commission when he beats Sam Oliver Bass. Good stuff from the Flying Dutchman.

From 10/1/77, Ed Wiskowski calls Moondog Mayne the “Working Man’s Robin Hood”. The violence he’s experiencing is just beginning. You can see people encouraging and helping Mayne over in the ring. Dutch Savage comes by to tell Wiskowski that he and four other guys (only Gino Hernandez is named) will be at ringside to make sure Wiskowski doesn’t stick his nose in the street fight between Mayne and Rose. Mayne comes over to get him a piece of Wiskowski. Savage grabs Wiskowski from behind while Mayne gets in one good blow before Wiskowski staggers away.

To close out the 10/1/77 show, Buddy Rose stops by Bonnema to tell him that his arm is the most sore it’s ever been. Rose says he would never take advantage of another wrestler like that. He doesn’t mind the street fight rules though. However, he is quite pissed about Ed Wiskowski being blocked by Dutch Savage. Wiskowski isn’t there to interfere, he just wants to make sure Rose gets a fair shake. Rose keeps talking until it’s time to close the show. Sorry, Buddy!

From 10/8/77, Frank Bonnema announces that the LA Dodgers have won the National League pennant after sweeping the Philadelphia Phillies. He also tells us that there will news on the program about some new faces coming to the Portland area and some old ones who will be returning as well. But first, Tom Peterson.

  • $1000 10-Man Battle Royal – (Portland Wrestling, 10/8/77)

The participants include: Matti Suzuki, Gino Hernandez, Cocoa Samoa, Moondog Mayne, Dutch Savage, Ed Wiskowski, Bobby Kincaid, John Anson, Sam Oliver Bass, and Buddy Rose. Speaking of Rose, he gets double-teamed on the floor to start by Savage and Mayne. Wiskowski comes and helps his partner get in the ring though. The heels control much of the basic battle royal action though. However, Savage puts Kincaid on his shoulders and dumps him out for the first elimination. Wiskowski simply tosses Cocoa Samoa out of the ring to send him to the showers. Mayne unloads on Rose in the corner to really get the crowd going. They do not like Buddy Rose in the least. Wiskowski comes over and helps his partner out with Mayne. Bass and Anson together put Dutch Savage out of the match. While Anson tries to eliminate Suzuki, Savage reaches in and yanks Anson over the top rope. Mayne is still concentrating on Rose and his shoulder. Meanwhile, Bass eliminates Suzuki but then Mayne appears behind him and forces Bass over the top rope to the floor.

Final Four: Moondog Mayne, Gino Hernandez, Buddy Rose, and Ed Wiskowski. Being a tag team, Rose and Wiskowski manage to take control over Gino and Mayne. Luckily for the good guys, they miss STEREO ELBOW DROPS and the tide turns. Gino rips on Rose’s arm and then he and Mayne ram their heads together Bushwhackers style. The heels take back control and whip Gino into the corner for a crazy Ray Stevens bump that sends him crashing on the floor. Now Mayne is all alone with these two maniacs. He fights them off pretty well, but he’s too fixated on Buddy Rose and gets dumped out thanks to Wiskowski. Rose and Wiskowski decide to split the dough, but the ref won’t allow it. Mayne runs back into the ring to get after the heels, but he can’t fight them both. Rose decides to just eliminate himself and possibly split the winner’s purse in the locker room. (11:29) Rose tosses Mayne into the ring and the two do a number on Mayne. While Rose is being handled by ref Sandy Barr, Wiskowski comes off the top rope with a FLYING HEADBUTT that Mayne sells like death. Dutch Savage appears a minute too late as he clears the ring of Wiskowski and Rose. Lots of heat, but the battle royal is a hard one to rate. **

NEXT TIME ON PORTLAND WRESTLING: More from October 1977. We’ll see six-man tag action as Dutch Savage teams with Moondog Mayne and Skip Young (a black guy!) versus the team of Buddy Rose, Ed Wiskowski, and Sam Oliver Bass. And much more!


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