Memphis Wrestling: (06.16.79)


Memphis Wrestling
June 16, 1979
Memphis, TN
WMC-5 TV Studio

The current Memphis wrestling champions are as follows:
AWA World Champion: Nick Bockwinkel (11/8/1975)
AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion: Robert Fuller (6/4/1979)
AWA Southern Tag Team Champions: Larry Latham & Wayne Farris (6/15/1979)

Your hosts are Lance Russell and Dave Brown.

  • Ken Wayne vs. Dallas Montgomery

This match is joined in progress. Ken Wayne is another second generation wrestler in this promotion. His father was Buddy Wayne who wrestled for Nick Gulas in the 1960s and 70s. Ken would never get out of Memphis though despite working a few WCW shows in 1989 and 1990 as a job guy. Their father-son relationship will come into play here very soon. In fact, in just over one minute. While Montgomery is sitting on his son punching him in the face clearly getting the better of Ken, Buddy Wayne appears and beats up Dallas. Together, Buddy and Ken put a hurting on Dallas until Tommy Gilbert and Superstar Bill Dundee save the day. (1:08 shown) Buddy and Ken head over to Lance to explain their actions. Buddy tells Lance that Dallas is bigger than his son and shouldn’t be treating that way. Basically, HE STARTED IT. Feeling a little bit concerned since his own son just started wrestling here in town, Tommy Gilbert comes over and tells “Fat Boy” Buddy and Ken that they better never treat his son like that or they will regret it.

After the break, Lance Russell brings out the returning Sonny King. He is under suspension as a wrestler, but he can still appear on the show. Sonny feels the only reason he’s not allowed to wrestle in Memphis right now is because the powers that be know he is a definite threat. Since he can’t wrestle here, he’s putting together a movement to take over wrestling and make it happen right here on Lance’s show. He recalls making Jerry Lawler look like a fool on TV after he lost a loser leaves town match, so he tries to get Lance to admit he can get it done. Sonny brings out his first acquisition: Pete Austin. He’s a quiet Big John Studd type. Whether Sonny will be reinstated in Memphis or not, he will control wrestling.

  • Pete Austin (w/Sonny King) vs. Bub Smith

Before coming to Memphis, Austin is probably best known for his work as a jobber on WWWF TV. Not a very impressive squash here. He grabs a front headlock for a very short time and that’s about the only wrestling hold we see here. Austin pounds on Bub and delivers a Oklahoma Stampede that would make Dr. Death cringe. Running elbow and legdrop gets the win in 2:08.

We now go to a coliseum, but I’m not totally sure which one. We pick up with a Superstar Bill Dundee and Tony Charles catch style wrestling match. There doesn’t appear to be any record of these two facing off in a 1-on-1 match in Memphis. Seems like a spot show type match since the outcome doesn’t really matter all that much. The crowd seems very quiet, but Lance Russell is REALLY enjoying it. Both guys are babyfaces and tag partners in 1979, so it’s a friendly type contest. Lots of handshakes in between holds. This takes up so much time though, we even go through a commercial break. After about twelve minutes of trading holds and getting fancy with monkey flips and such, Dundee scores the pinfall after a sunset flip. I’d go around *** for it. It’s official though: I’m a Tony Charles mark.

  • The Gestapo & Hans Schroeder vs. Bob Owens & Jerry Bryant

Somebody call the law: the Gestapo is in Memphis. For some reason, post-WWII Nazi memorabilia always reminds me of one of the early Dragnet color episodes where the Nazi guy is trying to blow up a school. Anyways, Gestapo is Rip Oliver under the hood. Hans Schroeder is JTTS/mid card heel throughout the NWA and WWWF in the 1970s. FUN FACT: in WWWF 1975, he wrestled one match as a character called the Undertaker. On September 4 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, he lost to someone I have no idea of named Stan Lavdas by DQ. So there ya go. Owens gets caught in the Nazi corner and can’t find his way out as the Germans beat and cheat on him. Nice backbreaker by Hans gets the three-count at 3:03.

We now go down to Tupelo where the Blond Bombers Larry Latham and Wayne Farris have beaten Superstar Bill Dundee to a bloody pulp in a match for the AWA southern tag titles. Jerry Lawler keeps coming into the ring and causing more trouble than he’s helping Dundee. At one point, Dundee desperately catches Farris with a crossbody block and ref Jerry Calhoun is too busy trying to break up a fight between Latham and Lawler to count the pinfall. Farris reaches into his tights for a foreign object, but doesn’t get the job done. Dundee catches him with a sunset flip, but Calhoun keeps being pulled back to the floor. Latham elbow drops Dundee and Farris covers him. Lawler unsuccessfully tries to break up the pin and the Blond Bombers are awarded the match AND the southern tag titles. From there, another brawl ensues and this thing spills out of the ring and over to the concession stand. They pick up anything close by that hurts and beats the other guy with it. Tables are thrown and brooms are broken. Everybody is bleeding. Bags of potato chips will be at clearance prices after this fight is over. Just really violent stuff. Jerry Jarrett shows up and tries to put a stop to this mess. When Lawler and Dundee decide they have had enough, the Blond Bombers beat up Jerry Jarrett and rip his clothes off for breaking up their fight. Lawler and Dundee return and get rid of the Blond Bombers to finally end this wild brawl. Holy crappity crap.

Lance Russell runs down the card for this Monday night at the Mid-South Coliseum.

Jerry Lawler and Superstar Bill Dundee stop by to claim that the Blond Bombers stole their southern tag titles. Both men have their foreheads bandaged. They will get the belts back this Monday night. Jimmy Valiant’s name is brought back up since he’s essentially responsible for the Blond Bombers coming after Lawler. He says he doesn’t even care about the belts because he’s coming to fight and plans to beat their brains out. WOO!

  • Ron Bass vs. Pat Hutchinson

There is no mention of Ron Bass being the AWA Southern heavyweight champ, but there’s been no mention of Robert Fuller on this program either. What a difference in size here as Hutchinson is one scrawny little dude. Bass is on him from the word go and delivers the STAMPEDE (running powerslam) for the win in 1:15.

Eddie Marlin gives us more information for matches coming up in other areas besides the Mid-South Coliseum.

The NEW AWA southern tag champs Larry Latham and Wayne Farris come out to respond to Lawler and Dundee’s comments. While both men have their hands bandaged, Latham has the top of his head stapled. OUCH. More trash talking from whiny Wayne Farris. More blood will be spilled this Monday night. They will have to use a sowing machine to put Lawler back together. SNAP. Sonny King stops by to show the new champs some respect and offers his support. They will talk dollars backstage, I’m sure.

  • Tommy Gilbert Sr. & Jr. vs. Danny Davis & Sputnik Monroe Jr.

The dad lets junior handle Davis pretty good to start since they are about even in size. Moving on, the Gilberts really show no signs of trouble until junior gets caught with a closed fist behind the ref’s back. Davis and Monroe start to get a little heat on Tommy Jr. when we run out of TV time at 4:29.

Well, that’ll do it for this week. Let’s hope those durn Blond Bombers get what’s coming to em this Monday night, amirite? Hey, what happened to Robert Fuller?


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