Memphis Wrestling: (06.30.79)


Memphis Wrestling
June 30, 1979
Memphis, TN
WMC-5 TV Studio

The current Memphis wrestling champions are as follows:
AWA World Champion: Nick Bockwinkel (11/8/1975)
AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion: Vacant (6/1979)
AWA Southern Tag Team Champions: Larry Latham & Wayne Farris (6/15/1979)

Your hosts are Lance Russell and Dave Brown.

Before the match begins, Danny Davis comes out to talk to Lance Russell and interrupt the show. He tells Russell that he’s signed not just Buddy and Ken Wayne to wrestle for the King’s Army, but he’s also picked up the tag team champs as well. Because of these acquisitions, Sonny King has promoted Danny Davis from private to sergeant after ONE WEEK. That’s quite an accomplishment. Danny’s birthday is also today, so they kill two birds with one stone by celebrating his birthday and the promotion at the same with a delicious cake. Pete Austin, the Waynes, and the Blond Bombers all enjoy some of Danny’s cake paid for Sonny King himself. Too bad Sonny couldn’t be here to enjoy this moment. Lance Russell and Dave Brown get snubbed out of cake, but I don’t think they care. Danny Davis is just holding up the show now offering water to his troops. Since nothing Russell is saying will get Danny to leave, he finally has enough and rings the bell hoping this motivate everyone to move along. Otherwise, Farris and Latham will lose via countout. Lance’s reactions here are classic Russell stuff. He never lets the insanity discredit the wrestling program.

  • Larry Latham & Wayne Farris (w/Danny Davis) vs. Koko Ware & Jerry Bryant

Pretty standard TV match for the Bombers. Koko and Bryant control the first half by working around armbars and chinlocks. Bryant ends up getting pushed back into the Bombers corner and the tide changes as they beat the crap out of him on their side of town. Lots of quick tags between the tag champs. To get to the finish, Latham grabs Bryant so that Farris can pound on him. Koko has seen enough and hurries over to break it up. While the ref handles Koko, Latham and Farris double clothesline Bryant with a leather strap they get from Davis. That’s enough to pick up the win. (7:32) Afterwards, the Blond Bombers and Danny Davis head over to Lance. Farris feels that the people are demanding more TV time for them, so now they are going to get it. Lance tells them to take their cake and get out of here. *½

When we return from a break, Danny Davis and the tag champs are still out here. Farris calls Lance Russell a liar and takes over his spot as commentator. Farris makes a joke about Russell’s nose. Fifteen years later, Hunter Hearst Helmsley debuts with the biggest nose the world has ever seen. COINCIDENCE? Farris introduces some Mid-South Coliseum footage from last Monday night of the Waynes battling the Gilberts. It’s mostly Ken Wayne and Eddie Gilbert mixing it up. Farris is still doing some commentary, but mostly just making fun of Lance and Dave. When Tommy gets in the ring, Buddy of course wants no part of him and lets his son continue the fight. After Tommy mounts Ken and starts beating on him, Buddy Wayne FINALLY comes into the match. The match breaks down and Buddy Wayne throws powder in Tommy’s face. Buddy wraps a chain around his fist and punches Tommy in the face. This continues until Tommy makes a comeback on Ken. Hot tag to Eddie, he dropkicks Buddy Wayne to the floor. Ken charges at him and takes a backdrop as Eddie gets the three-count. After the bell, Buddy lays out Eddie with a PILEDRIVER. Tommy comes back in the ring and gets his hands on Ken, but we never see if any damage is done.

The Gilberts are about to be given some airtime. Wayne Farris would continue schooling Lance Russell on commentary, but he doesn’t interview trash. HA! He sits down next to Dave Brown while Tommy does some talking. He puts over Ken as a man who can put him down to his knees. Next time they fight, it’ll be four men in the ring – not two men and their sons. Eddie has quite the babyface here.

Danny Davis and the Blond Bombers continue to disrupt the show.

  • Ken Wayne (w/Danny Davis) vs. Johnny Starr

Not sure who this Johnny Starr guy is, but an interesting tidbit: Tommy Gilbert who we just saw wrestled as Johnny Starr down in the Amarillo territory. Ken Wayne is also wearing Blond Bomber tights. Johnny Starr gets an upset win over Wayne with an ugly sunset flip, but nevertheless they call him the winner. (2:52) Buddy Wayne comes out, takes his shirt off, and gets in the ring to yell. Dave Brown feels like that isn’t going to do his son any good. Starr comes back out anyways and Buddy Wayne jumps him. Starr fights back and hiptosses Buddy across the ring. Ken comes in to save his pops – and fails. Tommy and Eddie Gilbert head out and stand beside Starr as the Waynes clear out. You would think this would set up a six-man for MSC, but the results say it doesn’t happen. ¾*

Time for an interview with Superstar Bill Dundee, but of course Wayne Farris doesn’t want to do that. Dundee comes out and tells the Blond Bombers and Danny Davis to scram. It takes Dundee picking up a stool, but he makes it happen. After the break, Farris walks out looking for a fight with Dundee. Since he laid down the challenge, Dundee chooses to accept. I don’t like where this is heading.

  • Bill Dundee vs. Wayne Farris

Of course it quickly turns into a three-on-one situation. The Waynes and Pete Austin are holding the door shut. Is there only one door? Eventually, the Gilberts and Eddie Marlin chase the tag champs and Danny Davis away. Dundee is hurt so bad, he has to be carried out by these three and the referee.

Once all that madness is over with, Lance says next week’s show will be postponed until after the Wimbledon tennis tournament. Later on in the day, the Boston Red Sox will play the New York Yankees on Channel 5. Boston would win that game 3-2. Carl Yastrzemski would hit 3 for 4 with a home run and a double while Reggie Jackson bats 0 for 4. Lance also runs down the card for this coming Monday night at the MSC.

Next up, we see some pre-recorded comments from Jerry Lawler, Superstar Bill Dundee, and Jackie Fargo. Looks like Fargo is sitting there on the couch naked keeping his dick and balls from being shown on camera. Brother, Jackie Fargo has been training hard because he started to flabby and didn’t like himself. If you don’t like yourself, you can’t like other people. He’s jogging 5-6 miles a day now and he’s back on the weights and sunbathing. He’s so happy right now. Lawler and Dundee doesn’t beat around the bush – they are here to see Jackie Fargo because they need a fighter, not a wrestler. They want Fargo to be their partner against the Blond Bombers and Danny Davis this Monday night. Fargo says he doesn’t know who these punks are, but they will know him when it’s all said and done.

To get you pumped for Jackie Fargo to close out the show, they air a montage of classic Jackie Fargo pictures set to “Boogie Wonderland” by Earth, Wind, and Fire.

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