Portland Wrestling: 1977-1979 (VOLUME 4)


Portland Wrestling

The current Portland wrestling champions are as follows:
NWA World Champion: Harley Race (2/6/1977)
PNW Heavyweight Champion: Dutch Savage (8/1/1977)
PNW Tag Team Champions: Sam Oliver Bass & John Anson (8/7/1977)

Your host is Frank Bonnema.

  • 2/3 Falls: Sam Oliver Bass vs. Buddy Rose – (Portland Wrestling, 11/5/77)

FIRST FALL: Straight laced Dutch Savage is *your* special referee for this encounter to prevent any funny business from happening. Last week in the first match between Bass and Rose, it came down to a time limit draw at a fall a piece to allow for this rematch. Rose does what he can to stay away from Bass for about a minute, but then Bass makes his gameplan known as he dismantles Rose’s arm in every kind of hold you can think of until he finally gets the submission with a short-arm scissors. Rose gets no offense whatsoever during this fall. (4:16) He kicks away at Dutch out of frustration after the bell. Simple storytelling as Bass is fighting this fight not just for himself, but for everybody Rose has put on the shelf with arm injuries.

Bonnema runs down the weeks’ worth of shows. Friendly Chevrolet gets some airtime to showcase their current sales.

SECOND FALL: Rose does all he can to draw Bass out to the floor to start. Once he does, Bass chases him around the ring and he’s the second man inside, so Rose kicks him in the face and takes control working over the back. Bass shows some spunk every now and then, but it’s just a matter of time until Rose gets the pinfall. Billy Robinson Backbreaker earns the second fall for Rose. (9:43 total) Next up, the third and final fall.

THIRD FALL: Rose picks up right where he left off with another Billy Robinson Backbreaker, but Bass kicks out at two and flings Rose about four feet away on the kick out. HERE COMES BASS. He punches Rose wide open and keeps on punching him as Rose escapes to the floor a few times. Eventually, Savage goes out and tosses Rose back inside the ring hoping Bass will finish him off. After Rose bails out one more time, Ed Wiskowski appears behind Dutch Savage and nails him for the immediate DQ. (13:25 total) After Rose and Wiskowski clear out, Savage awards Bass the match. He’s tired of Rose always running away whenever he gets hurt, so Savage tells Don Owen that Sam Oliver Bass should get a cage match with Buddy Rose this coming Tuesday night in Portland. Sounds like Dutch will be the referee for that match as well. Up in the Crow’s Nest, Sam Oliver Bass comes by to talk about excited he is for this cage match. Buddy Rose and Ed Wiskowski come by to talk about unfair it all is. Wiskowski says people think there is no way he can get in the cage, but he plans on finding a way. **½

Between the first and second falls, Ed Wiskowski gloats about getting a PNW title shot against Dutch Savage. The Polish Prince advises Savage to come prepared for a 2/3 falls match. After he wins the belt, Wiskowski says he’ll be a fighting champion; he won’t stick it under his bed like Savage has done.

More from 11/5/77, Gino Hernandez and Skip Young are introduced as the new hot young thing in Portland. They both already think they deserve a tag titles shot against Bass and Anson. Now let’s hear from Tom Peterson. He’s got FREEZERS to sell you. We’ve got a new sponsor – something about a ranch. Anyways, keep watching after the Gino and Skip interview. It’s pretty funny.

Moondog Mayne and Dale Lewis argue over who is the better mobile home dealership. I mean, it gets NASTY. No wait, that’s not the word. Ridiculous! Yes, that’s the word I was looking for here.

  • John Anson vs. Gino Hernandez – (Portland Wrestling, 11/12/77)

We are JIP with this one. Gino is trying this darnedest to pin Anson, but can’t get the pinfall. Anson comes back with a butterfly suplex, but then a double-KO ensues. They go back and forth getting nearfalls. Anson gets slammed off the top rope and Hernandez gives Anson one too many fist drops as he reaches a two count right before they reach the time limit. (5:30 shown) Apparently, it was a 2/3 falls contest, but no word on who won the first fall.

More from 11/12/77. Ed Wiskowski discusses a street fight that’s coming between he and Moondog Mayne. He basically calls Mayne a pussy for constantly turning down the match for fearing Buddy Rose would interfere. Mayne only agreed to the match when Dutch Savage became involved to keep Rose at bay. Wiskowski recalls the rumor that Moondog Mayne is so ugly that he had an inflatable woman who told him she was saving herself for marriage. HA! Nice one.

  • 2/3 Falls: Buddy Rose vs. Moondog Mayne – (Portland Wrestling, 11/19/77)

FIRST FALL: Bonnema announces that John Anson is out of action with a knee injury, which means Sam Bass will have to find a new partner for this upcoming tag title defenses or forfeit the belts. During the in-ring introductions, Ed Wiskowski is announced as the *NEW* Pacific Northwest heavyweight champion. Mayne pounds on the left arm of Rose because EVERYBODY does that now. That works until Mayne gets whipped hard chest first into the corner. Now Rose goes after the left arm and ties it up in the ropes. He jerks on the arm for a while, but then Mayne pulls Rose out to the floor and throws him into the ringpost a few times. Back in, Mayne slams Rose and delivers the BOMBS AWAY knee drop for the pinfall. (6:06) Now time for Portland to pay some bills.

Frank Bonnema gets a reaction from Sam Oliver Bass concerning the John Anson knee injury. He refuses to go into this match alone because he’s not a fool. There will be a tag team championship match this Tuesday night, but he doesn’t have a partner right now. Some names he mentions are Moondog Mayne, Dutch Savage, Jimmy Snuka, and Skip Young.

SECOND FALL: I assume nobody wants to see Mayne go for a third fall, right? Right. This is all Mayne to start as he punches on Rose and whips him from corner to corner until the top buckle breaks. Mayne wants to nail Rose with the turnbuckle connector, but ref Sandy Barr makes sure that doesn’t happen. Rose gets the turnbuckle connector away from the ref and gets a shot in on Mayne, but it’s not exactly the heaviest blow. Barr has enough and shoves Rose away who takes a big bump. Barr repairs the turnbuckle while Rose and Mayne are on the floor for some ringside violence. Back in, Rose is working on the spine with a slam and an atomic drop. BILLY ROBINSON BACKBREAKER gets the three-count. (10:15 total) Rose wants to continue beating up Rose after the fall. Sandy Barr tries to stop him, but gets punched and takes a nice bump over the top rope to the floor. Instead of selling it like death, Barr comes back in and knees Rose away. Sam Oliver Bass comes down to the ring and decks Rose as well and cleans house. After that’s all over with, Barr awards the match to Mayne with a reversed decision. It looks like Bass has found his partner for this Tuesday night! *½

NEXT TIME: We’ll see Buddy Rose and Ed Wiskowski back in action! Jimmy Snuka will be here in all his glory. Plus, Lonnie Mayne eats glass? Be on the lookout for volume five when it hits the interwebs!


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