WWF: Raw is War (04.20.98)


WWF: Raw is War
April 20, 1998
Long Island, NY
Nassau Coliseum

The current WWF champs are as follows:
WWF Champion: Steve Austin (3/29/1998)
Intercontinental Champion: The Rock (12/8/1997)
World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws (3/30/1998)
European Champion: Triple H (3/17/1998)
Light Heavyweight Champion: TAKA Michinoku (12/7/1997)

TIME TO GET RAW! Your hosts are Jim Ross and Michael Cole. Last week left us with one question: WHY DUDE, WHY?

Kevin Kelly is hanging out where the Undertaker and Kane’s parents are buried. He’s heard a report that Paul Bearer and Kane were seen at the cemetery very early this morning. If anything changes, Kevin Kelly will let us know.

Back to RAW, they have a “Love Shack” set positioned at the top of the ramp for Dude Love. It’s complete inflatable chairs and a lava lamp. The background is a cutout of a giant psychedelic school bus. Let’s just say it’s straight out of 1968. Before the segment gets going, Vince McMahon interrupts to let the Dude know how upset he is that Vince had Austin with one arm tied behind his back – he could have beaten the crap out of Austin – but the Dude ruined the moment and will now be fined $5000. He tells Dude Love to never interfere in his business again and leaves. Well, the Dude hangs around to explain his actions last week. He just wanted to spread peace, love, and understand until Austin attacked him from behind. THEY USED TO BE SUCH GOOD FRIENDS! Why would Austin commit this vicious crime? It’s very simple. The root of all evil: the chicks! Austin was jealous of Dude Love being a chick magnet. While Dude was getting 10’s, Austin definitely wasn’t. Dude announces that he’s facing Steve Austin at Unforgiven: In Your House. He’s willing to forgive Austin for what happened last week if he comes out here and grovels in front of the Dude. If Austin doesn’t, then Unforgiven will be a long night. Dude says he always knew he could take Austin, but didn’t know it could be *that* easy. OW, HAVE MERCY.

  • Street Fight: Faarooq vs. Kama (w/the NOD)

A little change in the Nation of Domination’s theme song. It’s a bit of a mix between the Rock’s famous theme with the Nation of Domination chanting. Not really chanting, but I think you know what I mean. The Nation comes through the crowd wearing their street clothes and carrying weapons like trash cans and such. Mark Henry has a beer keg! While some refs are kicking the NOD from ringside, agents backstage are trying to keep Ken Shamrock and Steve Blackman from taking weapons to ringside. It’s CHAOTIC~! In the ring, Faarooq beats up Kama with a bat and the beer keg. Kama kicks at the ribs as now Faarooq has turned into DDP with the taped ribs. Interesting that Kama is wearing a FTW “nWo-style” t-shirt here. He pounds the injured ribs and slams him down. He tries a splash, but Faarooq brings up his knees. Kama fires back with the Hook Kick and charges into a boot when he tries the avalanche. Ugh, Kama is just the worst. The fact that he’s in the WWE Hall of Fame should make you realize it’s all meaningless and political. Faarooq takes off his cowboy boot and decks Kama. The Faarooq Spinebuster gets the three-count. (6:05) Just way too long for a Kama match. Even though the Nation is still standing up at the top of the ramp, they do nothing but point and yell at their sworn enemy. ¼*

Backstage, D-Generation X is watching themselves whiz on the DOA’s Titan bikes from last week and have a good laugh. The Outlaws (double and triple dog) dare Triple H to not only show the world his dick, but to piss on the audience as well. JR’s summation of what just happened is hilarious.

Some clips of Sawyer Brown working with Jeff Jarrett and Tennessee Lee.

Back to Long Island, DX comes out to the ring. Triple H is wearing a raincoat. Yep. They talk down to their enemies: the DOA, LOD 2000, and Owen Hart. Sounds like Chyna will be suspended up in a shark cage at Unforgiven. Nevertheless, Triple H says he OWNS Owen Hart. Now onto the dick portion of the segment. There’s nothing guys with small penises love more than talking about it, amirite? So Triple H’s “big reveal” is spraying the crowd with a giant Super Soaker. LOD 2000, Skanky (I mean, Sunny), and Owen Hart interrupt. Commissioner Slaughter stands in between the two groups and makes a match for the six tonight. DX’s response? SUCK IT.

WWF Rewind brought to you by 10-321. We get clips of Dan Severn in the UFC.

We check in with Kevin Kelly. Nothing has happened yet.

  • Mosh (w/Thrasher) vs. Dan Severn (w/Jim Cornette)

Mosh is just here to be a rag doll for Severn. After he takes Mosh to suplex city, Severn applies a stepover armbar and taps out Mosh at 2:42.

Back over to Kevin Kelly, the Undertaker has appeared. Since KK is the only person at the cemetery, Taker goozles him wanting to know where Paul Bearer and Kane is. Hilarious! Commercials.

When we come back, Kevin Kelly is alone trying to get his breath back. He speculates that Taker is heading back to the Nassau Coliseum now. Where is this cemetery supposed to be located at?

  • TAFKA Goldust (w/Luna) vs. Bradshaw

Luna cuts a promo on Sable before the bell saying she will strip Sable naked at Unforgiven. When Bradshaw comes out, he beats the crap out of Goldust for a minute or so. Goldust comes back with a DDT and the lariat. Bradshaw fights out of a chinlock and hits a Fallaway Slam. There’s a big boot and a pair of corner clotheslines. It could be time for the Clothesline from Hell, but Club Kamikaze interferes and attacks Bradshaw to award him the match via DQ. (4:49) It takes all three of them to take down Bradshaw. Men’s Teioh and Funaki hold him down as Dick Togo deliver a flying senton. Real hit-and-run situation. ¾*

ENTER THE WARZONE! Your hosts are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.

Steve Austin kicks off the second hour. No time to hit those corners. He needs to get something straight with Vince McMahon. Oh, by the way, Austin has the black strap belt now instead of the blue one for those who are wondering. Austin claims that there’s been a conspiracy between McMahon and Dude Love all along. If you think it was a conspiracy, gimme a hell yeah. Dude Love maybe can beat Austin down, but Austin says he will always get his payback. Austin doesn’t want to wait until Unforgiven. He will get his hands on Vince and the Dude before the night is through. And that’s all he’s got to say because he’s got some asses to whip. Austin is PISSED. He’s roughing up Tony Chimel and some cameraman on the rampway!

  • The New Midnight Express (w/Jim Cornette & Dan Severn) vs. Terry Funk & Scorpio

Cornette joins Ross and Lawler for commentary. He can’t wait to see the New Midnight Express conquer the legendary Terry Funk tonight. No more Flash Funk – he’s just Scorpio now and he’s Terry Funk’s pupil. The Midnights dominate the major portion of this match. Scorpio gets a hot tag though and wipes out Bodacious Bart with kicks. Bart cuts him off with a gutwrench suplex. He draws in Funk while Bombastic Bob gives Scorpio a piledriver for two. When Funk comes to the rescue, the Midnights give him a SPIKE PILEDRIVER. They take Funk out to the floor and beat him some more until Scorpio planchas on top of them. Back inside, Scorpio tries a flying moonsault on Bob and hits knees, but comes back with the 450 SPLASH anyways for the three-count. (7:06) Dan Severn (slowly) jumps in the ring and throws Scorpio down to give him the armbar he applied earlier on Mosh. Terry Funk scares them away with a chair. The crowd didn’t seem to care except for the high spots, but it wasn’t too bad of a tag match. **

A hearse is shown backing up into the Nassau Coliseum as we take a commercial break.

Vignette on Val Venis. Ladies, you better get your rest now – while you can.

Michael Cole brings out Sable for an interview. She’s wearing a nice blue evening gown. Sable says she could care less if Luna takes off every stitch of clothing on her body as long as she gets her hands on Luna. Ross takes a shot at WCW PPVs and tells us that the clothes are coming off this Sunday.

The hearse driver gets out of the car and opens up the back door when Paul Bearer and Kane appear all disheveled and dirty looking. What’s that about?

After the break, Michael Cole asks Vince McMahon backstage what he thinks about Austin’s comments. He thinks Austin has seen one too many Oliver Stone movies if he think there’s a conspiracy going on. Concerning some possible retribution from Austin, Vince says he was ready for Austin last week and he’ll be ready this week.

  • The New Age Outlaws & Triple H (w/Chyna & X-Pac) vs. LOD 2000 & Owen Hart (w/Sunny)

Ross calls Greensboro “Ric Flair country”, but this Sunday it will be WWF country as well. Helmsley wants none of Owen to start and tags out to Gunn. Owen outwrestles Gunn and takes a thumb to the eye. Tag to HHH, he still wants none of Owen and makes a U-turn to the floor. Hawk throws around Road Dogg and tags in Animal. He gets owned of course by the Outlaws. Helmsley tags in and hits a High Knee. Animal reverses a whip though and powerslams HHH down. He works a wristlock and tags Owen, but Helmsley scurries over to the DX corner and tags out before any contact is made. Commercials! When we come back, Owen hits Gunn with a spinning heel kick and a reverse neckbreaker. Owen telegraphs a backdrop though and takes a Famouser. With Owen down, Triple H takes the tag and pummels Owen. Ross tells us Vince McMahon is sitting in a skybox somewhere in the building with armed security protecting him. Owen fires back, but Helmsley kicks away the Sharpshooter. He settles for the ENZIGURI OF DEATH instead. He gets the SHARPSHOOTER now, but Gunn breaks it up with a DDT. Road Dogg tags in and hits the Shaky Knee Drop for two. Owen fights back as he ducks a double clothesline from the Outlaws and returns fire with a double dropkick. HOT TAG TO ANIMAL! The match breaks down and Road Dogg gets the DOOMSDAY DEVICE. Meanwhile though, Chyna grabs Sunny and while Hawk is trying to talk Chyna into putting her down, X-Pac whacks Animal from behind with a chair. Gunn sneaks in and gives Animal a piledriver for the win. (8:21 shown) DX steals one! **½

Backstage, it appears Paul Bearer and Kane have dug up the parents. But first, a 10-321 commercial!

When we come back, Paul Bearer and Kane come out to the ramp to talk. They have caskets with them as well. Bearer thought that since Taker didn’t go to his parents funeral, he thought he would dig them up and bring them to the Undertaker. He keeps on talking about the funeral situation to draw out the Undertaker. The lights go out and then turn blue. While Taker is coming towards them, Kane pours gas on the casket and Bearer lights it on fire. Taker charges Kane and takes a CHOKESLAM into his mother’s casket. As they walk out, Bearer tells Taker to “Rest in peace with your dead mama.” Well, *that* was over the top.

After the break, Michael Cole is backstage and tells us Taker is with the remains of his parents. The look on his face – Cole will never forget it. #NeverForget420

  • Dude Love vs. Steve Blackman

Vince McMahon joins JR and Lawler for commentary. He tells Ross and Lawler that if you want to talk conspiracies, how about Steve Austin and Dude Love conspiring against McMahon. Just when Vince had Austin right where he wanted him, Dude Love shows up. Not much of a match for good reason. They just wanted to get McMahon some more mic time. The finish comes though when the Dude applies an abdominal stretch on Blackman and the bell rings. Huh? (3:57) Blackman is confused, but the Dude is celebrating. Vince doesn’t think there’s anything funky about that finish and says that Dude Love is on a roll heading into the PPV. Blackman goes over and beats up the timekeeper. Here comes Steve Austin. He runs through Dude Love and charges after McMahon. After he puts the boots to Vince, he beats up Dude. Here comes Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco to help Vince. Austin takes them out with STONE COLD STUNNER as Vince heads for the exit sign. Dude Love however is long enough of a distraction to allow McMahon to get away with Commissioner Slaughter. Austin is seen charging up the ramp as we close out the show. ½*

Until next time, so long for now.


10-321 presents WWF Unforgiven: In Your House LIVE ON PPV
April 26 from the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, NC

WWF Championship: Stone Cold Steve Austin (c) vs. Dude Love

WWF Tag Team Championship: The New Age Outlaws (c) vs. Legion of Doom 2000 (w/Sunny)
WWF European Championship: Triple H (c) vs. Owen Hart
Inferno Match: The Undertaker vs. Kane (w/Paul Bearer)
Evening Gown Match: Sable vs. Luna


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