Portland Wrestling: 1980 (VOLUME 7)


Portland Wrestling

The current Portland wrestling champions are as follows as of 7/5/1980:
NWA World Champion: Harley Race (11/7/1979)
PNW Heavyweight Champion: Rick Martel (3/22/1980)
PNW Tag Team Champions: The Sheepherders (5/10/1980)

Your host is Frank Bonnema.

We start here on July 5. Ed Wiskowski essentially calls Rick Martel a coward champion and proclaims he wants a shot at the PNW heavyweight title very soon — if Martel has got the guts.

Well, now Rick Martel responds to Wiskowski’s challenge. He’s been gone for a few weeks, but now he’s back and ready to take on the Rose Army. That’s about all I could make out of the footage we got here.

  • 2/3 Falls: The Sheepherders vs. Buddy Rose & Ed Wiskowski – (Portland Wrestling, 7/5/80)

FIRST FALL: Yes, Rose still has the mask and wig on here. Just an update on where we are on *that* development. The tag titles that belong to the Sheepherders are not on the line here. This is the first match we’ve seen out of Wiskowski in about a year’s time here in Portland. The Sheepherders shine to start taking their shots on Wiskowski. When Butch gets the attention of the ref, that’s when Wiskowski and Rose can cheat and double-team Luke leading to a heat segment. Butch is knocked off the apron and misses several opportunities to get a tag from Luke. This is certainly a different strategy as nine times out of ten you want to keep your opponent out of their corner, but here they are doing the opposite and knocking Luke’s partner off the apron. Of course Butch finally gets the tag and he’s a house of fire. Couple of elbow smashes and Wiskowski is down and out as the Sheepherders win the first fall at 9:44.

SECOND FALL: Butch tries to go for the same finish that beat Wiskowski before, but this time it backfires on him. Tag to Luke, he’s successful with the elbow drops to Rose and only gets a two-count. They make a wish on Rose and try to knot up the hamstring. The heels take control with a chinlock. Rose slams down Luke for an elbow drop and tags Wiskowski for the FLYING HEADBUTT to win the second fall at 14:44 total.

In between the second and third falls, Wiskowski says the Rose Army is stronger than ever because they got rid of the weak link who was Rip Rogers. SNAP. He continues saying that this thing between the Rose Army and the Sheepherders will boil over into all-out war. Rose talks a big game saying they can’t lose and that everybody is jealous of he and Wiskowski. He feels Wiskowski is a very smart man because unlike with the Sheepherders, he doesn’t have to tell him every thing he needs to do. Wiskowski feels there’s no doubt about it – he and Rose OWN the Pacific Northwest. Nobody can stop them!

THIRD FALL: Luke gets stomped in the Rose Army corner to start. That’s a bad place to be, ladies and gents. This continues until some heel miscommunication ensues. Hot tag to Butch, he and Luke dump out Wiskowski so they can hit the DOUBLE GUTBUSTER on Rose! Wiskowski gets back in the ring and he’s armed with a chair! He whacks Luke over the back of his head and kicks away ref Sandy Barr. Well, that’s a DQ. (18:32 total) When he goes to nail Butch, Butch kicks him back. He then picks up the chair, but Rose grabs the chair away. Rose hands Wiskowski the chair and grabs Butch to be nailed over the head. They continue to beat on a bloodied Butch Miller until Roddy Piper runs out and scares Wiskowski and Rose out of the ring. Even with Roddy there, Wiskowski and Rose still try and mess around causing Piper to have to play defense while trying to help the Sheepherders. As he’s helping the Sheepherders back to the locker room, Wiskowski and Rose wind up posting Piper anyways. Looks like Wiskowski and Rose even had to fight off an overzealous fan there as well. Just wild stuff. **½

Luke brings a nasty bloody Butch over to Frank. He of course wants revenge on Rose and Wiskowski. Dutch Savage comes over and suggests a coal miner’s glove match between the two teams on Tuesday night. Savage then brings Roddy Piper over and asks him to referee the match. He better believe he will do it.

Now onto July 12. After the Sheepherders finish off Igor Volkoff and newcomer to the area Rocky Dellaserra, Ed Wiskowski and Buddy Rose beat up the Sheepherders and ref Dutch Savage. Luke gets a FLYING HEADBUTT from Wiskowski doing further damage. And now over to Frank, Butch says he and Luke should have seen this coming. Butch wants to develop an army now too and says his first recruit will be JONATHAN BOYD. Look out, Rose.

We get some time with Buddy Rose and Ed Wiskowski. They have a couple broads with them. Total scrawny surfboards though. They think Buddy is terrific. Wiskowski says having these women around proves they are winners. Well, lots of losers get girls, Ed. Buddy says nobody will see him without the wig and the mask in at least three months time. Something tells me it’s going to come MUCH sooner. Rose responds to the announcement of Jonathan Boyd and says they have a prospect that could be coming to the Rose Army real soon. And before we go, Rose feels that if sex was an Olympic sport, he’d win a gold medal. HAH.

  • 2/3 Falls for the PNW Heavyweight Championship: Rick Martel (c) vs. Ed Wiskowski – (Portland Wrestling, 7/12/80)

FIRST FALL: Wiskowski plays off a headlock to start on Martel. Martel does a cool spot where he delivers the Snuka leapfrogs and then sunset flips Wiskowski as he rebounds off the ropes for a nearfall. They battle over a suplex. It appears Martel has won the battle, but Wiskowski holds onto a front headlock and absorbs the impact. You don’t see that every day. It takes a THIRD suplex before Wiskowski lets go of the headlock and sells the move. Martel starts drilling on the back, but telegraphs a backdrop and gets kicked in the teeth. Martel reverses a corner whip and gets FIRED UP. Wiskowski counters a headlock into a back suplex though and delivers the FLYING HEADBUTT to win the first fall at 9:18.

SECOND FALL: Wiskowski picks up where he left off the first fall in control of Martel. Martel slams away a cravat and has to punch back Wiskowski to get a moment’s peace. Wiskowski stays on Martel and catches him coming off the ropes for a big slam, but only gets two. Martel punches back again and runs Wiskowski into the buckle. He backdrops away a piledriver and hammers on the back to set up an abdominal stretch. Using the hair, Wiskowski is able to hiptoss out of the hold. Wiskowski is too hurt to capitalize as Martel stays on the back. He applies the BOSTON CRAB and even though Wiskowski grabs the bottom rope, Sandy Barr doesn’t want to break the hold. I never understood why that’s cool for refs to do to the heels. Nevertheless, Martel surprises Wiskowski with a hurracanrana and gets the three-count at 15:34 total.

THIRD FALL: Now Martel is laying it into on Wiskowski. Wiskowski tries to cut him off with quick nearfalls, but can’t keep Martel down. During a dropkick frenzy, Wiskowski pulls Sandy Barr into harm’s way. Wiskowski drops an elbow on Martel and heads up top for the FLYING HEADBUTT. He turns Martel over to pin him, but instead Barr decides to DQ Wiskowski instead. (17:34 total) Buddy Rose is at ringside and gives Wiskowski the PNW title. Of course, Barr returns the title to the champion and that’s that. **½

Roddy Piper meets with a kid with muscular dystrophy and gives him his Superman t-shirt. Awesome stuff. Piper then cuts a promo on Buddy Rose about the so-called girls he’s got hanging around him. VINTAGE PIPER. If Buddy Rose keeps messing with the Sheepherders, he’ll have lips like pedals — bicycle pedals.

The Sheepherders meet up with Frank Bonnema to show him that they have a picture of Buddy Rose without his wig and mask. He shows us the picture and says he and Luke will sign the picture and put it on sale to the highest bidder tonight. HAH! Oh by the way, Butch cannot wait until next Saturday night when Jonathan Boyd returns to face Buddy Rose, Ed Wiskowski and a partner of their choosing. Once they leave, Buddy Rose and Ed Wiskowski come out to say they will sue the Sheepherders if that picture is sold to public. Rose then introduces us to their partner: Fidel Cortez. That dirty commie bastard!

Final Thoughts: Nothing too wild pertaining to actual wrestling, but the angles between the Sheepherders and the Rose Army aren’t bad. There’s a couple interviews that are worth checking out like the bloody Butch Miller promo and Buddy Rose hanging with the surfboards.

When we come back to Portland, we’ll wrap up July 1980. We will see the six-man tag that has been hyped throughout this volume, Jesse Barr (son of ref Sandy Barr) in his rookie year, and Roddy Piper will take on Jonathan Boyd. All this and much more in VOLUME 8 of Portland Wrestling 1980!


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