Memphis Wrestling: (11.22.80)

Memphis Wrestling
November 22, 1980
Memphis, TN
WMC-5 TV Studio

The current Memphis wrestling champions are as follows:
CWA World Champion: Billy Robinson (11/14/1980)
AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion: Tommy Rich (9/29/1980)
AWA Southern Tag Team Champions: Ken Lucas & Rick Morton (11/17/1980)

Your hosts are Dave Brown and Jerry Lawler. Lance Russell is taking the day off, says Brown. Lawler makes a joke about Lance’s absence, which should tell us what state of mind Lawler is in these days as he prepares for his full-time comeback to the ring.

  • Ken Lucas & Rick Morton vs. David Oswald & Buddy Wayne

Brown and Lawler discuss Scott Irwin’s emergence from the crowd last week. Morton keeps on getting caught on the wrong side of town, but has gotten enough experience and guts to fight his way back over to Lucas before anything too bad happens to him. Lucas ends up putting away Oswald with the SLEEPERHOLD in 5:51.

  • Koko Ware vs. Bub Smith

Bub Smith is looking something like Buddy Rose when he did the commercial for “Blow Away”. Lawler makes some fat jokes at Bub’s expense. Koko tries wearing down the big fella with holds. He nails the dropkick out of the corner though and picks up the win in 3:49.

Some guy possibly from the Louisville station talks with Superstar Bill Dundee and Tommy Marlin this week. Dundee will team with Marlin to battle Tommy Rich and Jimmy Hart. Rich’s mom will be sitting at ringside to see her son what he’s got coming to him. THE FRIENDSHIP IS OVER~! Dundee thinks Tommy Rich has gone goofy possibly due to “funny cigarettes” or pills. Oh boy.

  • Dr. Bill & Scott Irwin vs. David McGee & Tom Maley

This is one of those squashes where the Irwin brothers have the jabronis beat, but they take their time hurting them. Bill finally pins Maley with the Brody knee drop. (3:32) After the bell, the Irwins deliver a Veg-O-Matic type move to Maley just for fun. Once the deed is done though, Ken Lucas and Rick Morton run them off.

  • Bobby Eaton (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. David Price

Jimmy Hart stays away from Lawler as best he can for this match. Another strong squash as Eaton slams Price and delivers his running elbow drop for the win at 2:49.

  • Tommy & Eddie Gilbert vs. Larry Latham & Sgt. Danny Davis

FIRST FALL: Eddie is looking good against Latham and Davis to start. Once the action settles, Davis pulls the hair and starts tearing at Eddie’s arm. He backs up and reaches Tommy for a tag though and slams Latham down. Between headlocks and limb work, Tommy stays in for a while. The heels work on Eddie’s ribs. Davis misses a running elbow drop and takes the gut shot and Running Knee Lift by Tommy for the three-count at 8:43.

SECOND FALL: Latham and Davis control the Gilberts with hammerlocks and headlocks for a bit. Lots of front headlocks on Eddie. Anyways, Eddie comes back and sneaks over to Tommy for a hot tag. Tommy runs into Davis on the apron and falls flat on his face. Latham picks up Tommy and gives him a backbreaker and a stomp from Davis on the middle rope to secure the second fall. (18:19 total) With no time left, the decision ends up being a draw. **½

We hear from Tommy Rich and Jimmy Hart concerning Superstar Bill Dundee and Tommy Marlin as they get ready for their match in the Louisville Gardens. Great to hear Jimmy Hart’s crazy laugh. They are gonna have some fun embarrassing Marlin again.

Jimmy Valiant shows up to the program a little late. Just a smidge. He’s got his limo double parked and wants Dave Brown to pay for both meters. Woo, mercy. Look at those red boots! The guy is hilarious.

Until next time, so long for now.


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