Memphis Wrestling: (11.29.80)

Memphis Wrestling
November 29, 1980
Memphis, TN
WMC-5 TV Studio

The current Memphis wrestling champions are as follows:
CWA World Champion: Billy Robinson (11/14/1980)
AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion: Tommy Rich (9/29/1980)
AWA Southern Tag Team Champions: Roger Kirby & Guy Mitchell (11/24/1980)

Your hosts are Lance Russell and Dave Brown. I’m telling ya right now, this is a good one.

Eddie Marlin appears and tells us that we will be establishing a TV champion here today. After Dave announces today, Marlin explains that the TV audience deserves to see title matches for the people unable to get to the Mid-South Coliseum. Well, how nice of them. The title match will be decided under battle royal rules. The winner gets a brand new TV set and I’m assuming some sort of belt.

  • Bobby Eaton (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. David Price

David Price is absolutely no trouble at all for Beautiful Bobby. He pins Price with a running powerslam and then a running elbow drop at 2:48.

Time for a Louisville Gardens promo. Jimmy Valiant will be teaming with Tojo Yamamoto to face Tommy Rich and Superstar Bill Dundee next Tuesday night. Looks like everyone has switched sides now except for Dundee. Valiant makes fun of Tommy’s mama.

  • Ken Lucas & Rick Morton vs. Dr. Bill Irwin & Danny Davis

Lucas and Morton still have the AWA southern tag belts since this aired on Louisville TV a week after the switch to Kirby and Mitchell. Danny Davis has some Misawa-esque tights on this week. Morton has the most trouble with the challengers. He’s looking like Tommy Rich here. Lucas doubles over Davis and tags in Morton for a sunset flip to get the three-count at 5:29.

  • 14-man battle royal for the CWA Television Title

The only way to be eliminated is by pinfall here. The entrants include Jimmy Valiant, Tommy Rich, Bobby Eaton, Buddy Wayne, Guy Mitchell, Roger Kirby, Dr. Bill Irwin, Superstar Bill Dundee, Danny Davis, Rick Morton, Ken Lucas, Tojo Yamamoto, Koko Ware, and David Price. Rich lets himself get counted out because REASONS. I’m skipping ahead to the final four: Roger Kirby, Koko Ware, Jimmy Valiant, and Danny Davis. Kirby gets whipped into the ropes for a double backdrop by Valiant and Koko. As Koko covers Kirby, Valiant puts some added pressure onto Koko to get the pinfall. As Valiant and Koko go to work on Davis, Davis ducks a running elbow by Koko who connects with Valiant. Oh boy. Davis punches Koko down and goes over to cover Valiant for the UPSET THREE-COUNT. Whoa. As Davis walks over to Koko, he’s pulled into a small package for the three-count to award Koko with the TV title. (4:55) What a super fast battle royal. Pissed off over the loss, Valiant breaks the TV and attacks Koko. What a way to look at the strong new TV champion. It takes Superstar Bill Dundee and Rick Morton to hold Jimmy back from spitting on Koko. *½

Lance Russell runs down the card for this week’s show at the Louisville Gardens.

Back in the studio, Eddie Marlin comes out to announce that Koko Ware is the TV champion and the $500 fine placed on Jimmy Valiant will go to buying Koko a new TV set. With that out of the way, Eddie Marlin brings out Tommy Rich’s mom onto the show. She admits Tommy isn’t the bad guy the people know him to be. She knows her being here probably embarrasses Tommy, but she wants him to know she’s still proud of him. Tommy had to leave home to become a star and when he came home, he wasn’t the same person anymore. He was disappointed that his hometown people didn’t accept him. She’s basically pleading the people to cheer for him in order to bring the old Tommy Rich back. What a worker this lady is. Jimmy Valiant and Tojo Yamamoto interrupt calling Tommy’s mom a big fat slob and that she has no business being here. Of course, this is all just to bait Tommy Rich out and do a real big number on him. Tommy’s mom Peggy tries to help her son, but VALIANT SHOVES HER AWAY. Oh man. Tommy is bleeding buckets! Ken Lucas, Rick Morton, and Superstar Bill Dundee come out to help. Good grief! Bobby Eaton and Jimmy Hart finally show up at the last minute, and now Tommy is just pissed. He grabs Jimmy Hart by the jacket. He yells at Jimmy to never say anything about his mother again. As far as Tommy is concerned, they are through! Bobby reaches back to punch Tommy, but Tommy sees it coming and tells Eaton that he’s scum if he wants to keep hanging out with Jimmy Hart. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME.

  • Superstar Bill Dundee & Koko Ware vs. Roger Kirby & Guy Mitchell

This is *your* “expiration of time” match. Dundee does fine with Kirby and Mitchell, but Koko gets owned despite just getting crowned as the new TV champ. Dundee finally gets the hot tag, but Mitchell stomps him on the back of the head when he goes to cover Kirby. He’s in the wrong corner getting his arm worked over. Fighting back with one good arm, Dundee reaches Koko for a tag. He misses a dropkick on Mitchell allowing the heels to deliver the knee drop/backbreaker combo for the win in 8:17.

Our final Louisville Gardens promo for the week. We hear from Superstar Bill Dundee and Tommy Rich. Dundee is short on words, but he won’t stand for a man pushing down a woman. On the other hand, Tommy Rich has got some SERIOUS REVENGE coming for Jimmy Valiant. He’s coming to get CRAZY~!

Until next time, so long for now!


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