Memphis Wrestling: (12.20.80)

Memphis Wrestling
December 20, 1980
Memphis, TN
WMC-5 TV Studio

The current Memphis wrestling champions are as follows:
CWA World Champion: Billy Robinson (11/14/1980)
AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion: Vacant (11/1980)
AWA Southern Tag Team Champions: Roger Kirby & Guy Mitchell (11/24/1980)
CWA Television Champion: Koko Ware (11/8/1980)

Your hosts are Lance Russell and Dave Brown.

  • The Angel (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Pat Hutchinson

Angel has his merry way with Hutchinson. Pretty much a “light workout” as he puts down Hutchinson with the CLAWHOLD for the win at 3:24.

  • CWA Television Championship: Koko Ware (c) vs. Bobby Eaton (w/Jimmy Hart)

Koko controls over half the match working with a headlock on Eaton. Once Eaton breaks loose and seems to be in charge, he never really fires any shots that would suggest he’s got Koko on the ropes. When Eaton goes for a backdrop, Koko counters with a sunset flip and gets the three-count to retain his title. (9:35) Afterwards, Jimmy Hart gives Bobby his cane to beat on Koko until Tommy Gilbert and Carl Fergie run them off. Not bad, but it felt like they were working for a time-limit draw. **

  • Roger Kirby & Guy Mitchell (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Tommy Gilbert & Carl Fergie

FIRST FALL: This is our “expiration of time” match. Gilbert and Fergie run the show with headlocks to start. Everything is going their way until Gilbert tweaks his knee. Both Kirby and Mitchell swarm on him like a lion on a gazelle. Fergie gets a tag, but the heels keep him contained on their side of the ring with VICIOUS NERVE HOLDS~! When the match breaks down, Kirby is busy putting Gilbert in the tree of woe while Mitchell wants to finish off Fergie with their dastardly Demolition finish. While Jerry Calhoun is trying to get Fergie freed, JERRY LAWLER runs in and punches Mitchell to the floor and slams Kirby off the top rope. He puts Fergie on top of Kirby and exits stage right as Calhoun turns around just in time to count the pinfall in 9:01.

SECOND FALL: Gilbert and Fergie are serious about working on Kirby’s neck in this second fall. Mitchell finally gets a tag and pounds old man Gilbert down to the mat for a brutal looking armbar. There’s some hope spots making you think Tommy will get a tag, but Fergie is just out of reach. Fergie eventually has enough of the tag champs and attacks them. While Calhoun gets Fergie out of the ring, Mitchell catches Gilbert with the knee in the corner and the Ric Flair pin gets the three-count in 16:52 total.

THIRD FALL: Right after the bell, Gilbert kicks through the ropes at Kirby’s neck, because he’s PISSED. Mitchell gets tied up in the ropes, leaving Kirby to take whatever abuse Gilbert will reign down upon him. Calhoun finally gets Mitchell freed as Fergie starts working on his arm. Eventually, Kirby gets a shot in on Fergie to allow his team to take control. Hart keeps stabbing Fergie in his ribs with the cane until Fergie can take no more. He rolls out and grabs Hart, but then the DREAM MACHINE appears and beats the crap out of Fergie for the DQ. (20:28 total) When Jerry Lawler sees the Dream Machine, he comes out swinging the bat he retrieved last week and clears the ring. This Lawler stuff is awesome and I’m glad he’s coming back as an asskicker. So cool. ***

That’s all for this week. Until next time, so long for now!


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