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TEN YEARS AFTER: WWE Saturday Night’s Main Event #35 (08.07)

WWE: Saturday Night’s Main Event
August 18, 2007
New York City, NY
Madison Square Garden

The current WWE champions are as follows:
WWE Champion: John Cena (9/17/2006)

WWE Intercontinental Champion: Umaga (7/2/2007)
World Tag Team Champions: Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch (6/4/2007)
WWE Women’s Champion: Candice Michelle (6/24/2007)
ECW Championship: John Morrison (6/24/2007)
World Heavyweight Champion: The Great Khali (7/20/2007)
WWE United States Champion: MVP (5/20/2007)
WWE Tag Team Champions: Deuce N Domino (4/20/2007)
WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Hornswoggle (7/22/2007)

From Vince McMahon’s office, he and Jonathan Coachman try to hash out who his bastard child is. Vince recalls banging some black chick in Kansas City – where Coach was born. And wound up being black in Kansas City. In the 1970s. Vince is disgusted by even the mere thought of having Coach as a son. Hasn’t Shane and Stephanie tried to do horrible things to you over the years? What has Coach done that’s so bad except EVERYTHING YOU EVER ASK OF HIM? Poor Coach. No respect.

Your hosts are Michael Cole, JBL, and Jim Ross.
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