NWA: Georgia Championship Wrestling (04.05.80)

Georgia Championship Wrestling
April 5, 1980
Atlanta, GA
WTBS-17 Studios

The current GCW champs are as follows:
NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Harley Race (11/7/1979)
NWA Georgia Heavyweight Champion: Austin Idol (3/29/1980)
NWA Georgia Tag Team Champions: Ivan Koloff & Alexis Smirnoff (12/7/1979)
NWA National Television Champion: Tommy Rich (2/23/1980)

TIME FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT. That’s right. While this show is incomplete and jumps around, it’s available here on YouTube for all of us to enjoy and there’s enough action here to warrant a watch.

Your host is Gordon Solie.

Before we are even in the studio, the tape shows some orthopedic doctor’s explanation of how they went in and fixed Tommy Rich’s knee. We then cut back to the studio and Gordon Solie is talking with Tommy Rich. He’s back up and walking again! Another clip is shown of Tommy Rich on crutches in the studio, but oh boy that’s not going to turn out well. Austin Idol comes out to the ring and calls out Rich for having a “phony injury”. Bret Hart must have seen this angle. Idol flips Rich into the ring and slams him hoping for another Figure-Four leglock, but Mr. Wrestling II comes out and chases him off. Back over to live action with Solie and Rich, Tommy says he’s 100% now and he’s back and he’s ready to take you out Easter Sunday in the Omni.

After the break, Austin Idol comes out and wrings a wet towel to show how much he’s been crying over Tommy Rich’s big sob story. We then go to a match in an arena where Austin Idol tried to do the same thing to Mr. Wrestling II that he did to Tommy Rich. Well, Rich was apparently in the crowd and got into the ring to beat Austin Idol with his crutch.

Back in the studio, Solie brings up a story from March 22 that Idol challenged Mr. Wrestling II, but then Idol claimed Wrestling II left the building in fear after being challenged. Solie says there were other circumstances surrounding Wrestling II leaving the building. Another imposter Wrestling II met Austin Idol in a match and Solie thinks this all has to do with the NWA world champ Harley Race and the real Mr. Wrestling II wanting a title match. They go to the match with the imposter Mr. Wrestling II where Austin Idol treats him like a jabroni. He beats the fake Mr. Wrestling II with the Las Vegas Leglock and Solie is beside him that Wrestling II actually gave up. Idol goes over and gloats to Solie that he just beat Mr. Wrestling II and now Harley Race stands between him and the NWA world title. While he continues to brag, the REAL Mr. Wrestling II shows up and beats the crap out of Austin Idol.

Back to the studio again, Idol says Mr. Wrestling II was fined $25,000 and should have been fined much more and kicked out of wrestling. Solie explains that the reason Mr. Wrestling II left the building was because someone called him to say a family member was in the emergency room which turned out to of course be false. We take a look at the Georgia heavyweight title match between Mr. Wrestling II and Austin Idol from last week.

  • NWA Georgia Heavyweight Championship: Mr. Wrestling II (c) vs. Austin Idol – (Georgia Championship Wrestling, 3/29/80)

Harley Race appears to be in Austin Idol’s corner. The shinbreaker by Idol leads to an attempt at the Las Vegas Leglock, but Wrestling II kicks him off and slams Idol down. There’s the KNEE LIFT, but Harley Race puts Idol’s leg on the bottom rope to break up the pin. Wrestling II knocks down Race through the ropes with the KNEE LIFT. The ref gets bumped out to the floor. Idol punches Wrestling II down. Meanwhile, Race wraps the Georgia heavyweight title around the top turnbuckle pad. Idol tries to run Wrestling II face first into the belt, but Wrestling II puts on the brakes and sends Idol face down on the belt instead. Tommy Rich comes out and starts pounding on Harley Race. Wrestling II puts Austin Idol in the Boston Crab. While another ref is breaking up Race and Rich and the original ref is still down, BARON VON RASCHKE appears and breaks up the Boston Crab with the CLAWHOLD. Von Raschke sneaks out while Idol covers Wrestling II. The original ref crawls back in the ring for three-count as Idol wins the Georgia heavyweight title in 2:29.

Back to the studio, Austin Idol feels he should be wrestling Harley Race next as he’s now the #1 contender to the NWA world title – not Mr. Wrestling II. Tomorrow night in Omni, we know Austin Idol will take on Tommy Rich.

After the break, Gordon Solie explains that three former NWA world champions who will be at ringside as judges during the Harley Race versus Mr. Wrestling II match tomorrow night in the Omni: Lou Thesz, Dory Funk Jr., and Dusty Rhodes.

Harley Race sends in a pre-taped promo to say there’s been a conspiracy against him in the state of Georgia for a long time. He should be wrestling the Georgia heavyweight champion, not this Mr. Wrestling II character.

Back over to Gordon, Mr. Wrestling II has been training hard and reminds us all that it took THREE men to beat him: Idol, Race, and Von Raschke. Wrestling II says it won’t take three men to beat Harley Race because he will do it himself. He promises he will be the winner. Whoa, you can’t promise that!

Next up, we hear from Kevin Sullivan and Tony Atlas. Oh my, Tony has a shirt that says “Ladies – Walk On My Chest”. Does it say “…And Then Walk On My Face” on the back? Sullivan and Atlas carry U.S. flags and says the time has come for the Russians to lose – tomorrow night in the Omni.

  • Kevin Sullivan and Tony Atlas vs. (Genichiro) Tenryu & Snake Brown

Sullivan gets some hiptosses and armdrags to start on Tenryu. Tag to Atlas, he overpowers Brown for a bit. They both tag out and Sullivan monkey flips Tenryu. Atlas tags in and gets chopped by Tenryu, but he comes back on him. Snake Brown is now the legal man. Sullivan double stomps him and tags Atlas to apply an armbar. Brown baits Atlas into a slugfest. Big dropkick connects. Tenryu takes a big elbow from the second rope by Atlas. Another dropkick hits Brown. In comes Tenryu and the match breaks down.  Sullivan whips Brown into the ropes for a big slam by Atlas. He follows up with a splash and pins Brown. (5:05) I’m surprised we didn’t see some Russians come out. ½*

Gordon Solie and Kevin Sullivan are at ringside with a bunch of local kids waving the American flag as they continue this wave of nationalism against the Russians.

As the second hour begins, Tommy Rich tells Austin Idol that he is in the best shape of his life and Idol is in trouble tomorrow night in the Omni. Because of what’s at stake, the Georgia heavyweight title does not appear to be on the line.

  • Ivan Koloff & Alexis Smirnoff (w/Rock Hunter) vs. Gerald Finley & Scorpion

Because he’s so good, Koloff takes a few armdrags from Finley. Unfortunately for Finley, he gets grabbed by Koloff and taken to his corner for a tag to Smirnoff. Finley gets away and tags Scorpion. This guy is in trouble. He’s got an Assassins mask and yellow tights. Anyways, he gets the crap stomped out of his arm in the Russians corner by taking advantage of the rules tagging in and out. Koloff finally just grabs a hammerlock and Scorpion submits in 1:51.

Rock Hunter goes over to Gordon Solie and says with all this nationalism talk, it’s only fair that the Russians be allowed to show their national pride as well. Solie agrees. He then runs down Tony Atlas and Kevin Sullivan saying they don’t have a chance against this hammerlock strategy the Russians have been implementing as of late. Well, we will see TOMORROW NIGHT IN THE OMNI!

After the break, Gordon is standing by with Kevin Sullivan and Tony Atlas for a response. Sullivan is wearing some rainbow suspenders like Mork from Ork. Sullivan is upset that Rock Hunter isn’t proud to be an American. IF YOU DON’T LIKE AMERICA, THEN YOU’RE A LOW LIFE! Neither Sullivan nor Atlas is concerned about giving up to a hammerlock. Sullivan all but promises victory – and if they don’t win, he will leave the area.

  • Baron Von Raschke vs. Mike Davis

Davis tends to be a nuance for Raschke and gets thrown to the floor. He beats Davis on the apron and then flips him back inside to beat the crap out of him some more. He chokes Davis in the ropes and as Davis tries to stop him with a headlock, Von Raschke gives him a back suplex. With Davis stunned, the Baron applies the BRAIN CLAW for the win in 2:49.

Gordon Solie grabs Baron Von Raschke for a word. Last week, Raschke’s hand was taped up when he was dealing with Mr. Wrestling II and this week it’s not. What’s the deal? Raschke claims the American wrestlers are hiding behind the promoters for fear of the BRAIN CLAW. Meanwhile, the studio audience is chanting USA. Raschke says he is superior and unbeatable. The promoters are right to protect the people he challenges because they will all go down to defeat. As the interview ends, Solie mentions he didn’t get an answer about the tape. Raschke hears what he says and explains he has a FINAL SOLUTION for all the American wrestlers like Mr. Wrestling II, Tommy Rich, Tony Atlas, Kevin Sullivan, Wahoo McDaniel, and Dusty Rhodes. Line up and face the Baron. Good stuff.

Next, we get a promo from Bad Bad Leroy Brown who’s working Florida right now. He wants what is his and that is the NWA Southern Heavyweight title tomorrow night in the Omni. He’s coming to get Dusty Rhodes and his championship title. Brown wraps up saying that Dusty Rhodes belongs to him.

We hear a rebuttal from Dusty Rhodes. The bell is RINGING for Bad Bad Leroy Brown and Sir Oliver Humperdink – TOMORROW NIGHT IN THE OMNI.

Back to the studio, the Georgia heavyweight champ Austin Idol stands next to Solie and holds up a sign that says “Austin Idol for President”. When he becomes POTUS, Tommy Rich can be his chauffeur. Idol thinks he’s the nucleus of this country because he’s playing in 8 million homes with 24 million people watching every week. He also feels he’s the uncrowned NWA world champion.

Mr. Wrestling II stops by to speak with Gordon. He wants everyone to understand that he will back up everything he says as he prepares for his NWA world title match – TOMORROW NIGHT IN THE OMNI!

  • Iron Mike Sharpe vs. Charlie Fulton

This has got to be the oldest footage I’ve seen of Sharpe. He’s a second generation wrestler as his father and uncle were a tag team act known as the Sharpe Brothers back in the 1950s and ’60s. Before coming to Georgia, Sharpe had experienced some success working in western Canada in the Calgary and Vancouver territories as well as in the Leroy McGuirk territory. This is Sharpe’s TV debut on Georgia Championship Wrestling. He twists on the arms and legs to start. Sharpe turns on the brawling taking Fulton from corner to corner with turnbuckle smashes. He follows up with a hiptoss and a body slam. Fulton tries coming back, but Sharpe avoids a corner charge and puts Fulton away with the PILEDRIVER in 3:17.

Mike Sharpe stops over and tells Gordon that he’s looking forward to wrestling some tough guys to see just how tough they are. Solie gets Sharpe to give us a background in sports. He would like nothing better to become the next Canadian to win the NWA world champion. Sharpe shakes Gordon’s hand and Gordon sells it just right. That does it for this week’s show.


  • NWA National TV Championship: Tommy Rich (c) vs. Baron Von Raschke – (Georgia Championship Wrestling, 4/19/80)

Not certain on the date. It’s probably more May than April, but I’ll stick with April since I don’t really know for sure. We JIP as Raschke escapes a chinlock from Rich and starts pounding him in the corner. Raschke delivers a backbreaker for two. Rich trips up Raschke a few times to try and gain an advantage. He comes back with a few elbows and goes back to the chinlock. Once Raschke gets to the ropes, Rich whips him into the ropes and lowers his head for a backdrop, but Raschke sees it coming and puts the boots to him. A turnbuckle smash rocks Rich, but Tommy punches back and elbows him silly for two. There’s a slam for another nearfall. Rich grabs the chinlock, but Raschke escapes once again. Rich lands a weak dropkick and applies a side headlock. Raschke escapes again with a back suplex and drops an elbow for two. Raschke delivers a few cheapshots, but Tommy gets a DESPERATION THESZ PRESS for 1-2-NO! Out comes Austin Idol to ringside. He’s on the apron and Rich nails him. Raschke gives Rich an O’Connor roll, but Tommy kicks out and knocks Raschke into Idol. I mean, conceivably. After Rich flips Idol into the ring, Raschke grabs Tommy. There’s a DQ for ya. (6:15 shown) Idol pulls out an envelope and throws powder, but Rich gets away from Raschke and Raschke eats the powder. Oh boy. Blinded by the powder, Raschke winds up putting Idol in the CLAWHOLD. Rich goes DROPKICK CRAZY and that’s all she wrote. *½

Raschke ends up over at Gordon and HE IS PISSED at Idol. He doesn’t really have a whole lot else to say. Check out Solie and his alcoholic sunglasses he’s wearing.

And that’s going to do it for this week. Until next time, so long for now.



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