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NWA: Georgia Championship Wrestling (04.05.80)

Georgia Championship Wrestling
April 5, 1980
Atlanta, GA
WTBS-17 Studios

The current GCW champs are as follows:
NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Harley Race (11/7/1979)
NWA Georgia Heavyweight Champion: Austin Idol (3/29/1980)
NWA Georgia Tag Team Champions: Ivan Koloff & Alexis Smirnoff (12/7/1979)
NWA National Television Champion: Tommy Rich (2/23/1980)

TIME FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT. That’s right. While this show is incomplete and jumps around, it’s available here on YouTube for all of us to enjoy and there’s enough action here to warrant a watch.

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NWA: Worldwide Wrestling (09.18.82)


NWA: Worldwide Wrestling
September 18, 1982
Charlotte, NC
WPCQ Studios
(taped on 9/15/82)

The current MACW champs were as follows:
NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Ric Flair (9/17/1981)
NWA U.S. Heavyweight Champion: Wahoo McDaniel (8/22/1982)
NWA World Tag Team Champions: Vacant (9/1/1982)
NWA Television Champion: Jimmy Valiant (6/6/1982)
NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion: Paul Jones (9/1/1982)
NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions: Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood (8/22/1982)

Your hosts are David Crockett and Johnny Weaver.
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NWA World Television Title History

Champion Won From Date City/Event
Danny Miller Ole Anderson 2/27/1974 Raleigh, NC[1]
Ivan Koloff Danny Miller 5/10/1974 Richmond, VA
Paul Jones Ivan Koloff 7/8/1974 Charlotte, NC
Ivan Koloff (2) Paul Jones 10/24/1974 Anderson, NC
Paul Jones (2) Ivan Koloff 12/26/1974 Greensboro, NC
Ric Flair Paul Jones 2/8/1975 Winston-Salem, NC
Paul Jones (3) Ric Flair 8/8/1975 Richmond, VA[2]
Angelo Mosca Mr. Wrestling 4/14/1976 Raleigh, NC[3]
Paul Jones (4) Angelo Mosca 6/30/1976 Raleigh, NC
Mr. Wrestling Paul Jones 10/16/1976 Greensboro, NC
Greg Valentine Mr. Wrestling 11/8/1976 Raleigh, NC
Rufus R. Jones Greg Valentine 11/30/1976 Charleston, SC
Greg Valentine (2) Rufus R. Jones 1/19/1977 Raleigh, NC
Rufus R. Jones (2) Greg Valentine 2/15/1977 Raleigh, NC
Ric Flair (2) Rufus R. Jones 4/4/1977 Greenville, SC
Ricky Steamboat Ric Flair 6/15/1977 Raleigh, NC
Baron Von Raschke Ricky Steamboat 10/12/1977 Raleigh, NC
Johnny Weaver Baron Von Raschke 3/5/1978 Charlotte, NC
Baron Von Raschke (2) Johnny Weaver 3/26/1978 Greensboro, NC
Paul Jones (5) Baron Von Raschke 6/7/1978 Raleigh, NC
Ricky Steamboat (2) Paul Jones 6/10/1978 Asheville, NC
Masked Superstar Blackjack Mulligan 4/1/1980 Raleigh, NC[4]
Roddy Piper 11/1/1980 Richmond, VA[5]
Sweet Ebony Diamond 4/29/1981 Raleigh, NC[6]
Greg Valentine (3) Sweet Ebony Diamond May 1981
Sweet Ebony Diamond (2) Greg Valentine 5/30/1981 Charlotte, NC
Greg Valentine (4) Sweet Ebony Diamond Summer 1981
Ron Bass Greg Valentine 9/6/1981 Asheville, NC
Ivan Koloff (3) Ron Bass 11/3/1981 Charlotte, NC
Jimmy Valiant Ivan Koloff 1/2/1982 Hampton, VA
Ivan Koloff (4) Jimmy Valiant Spring 1982
Jimmy Valiant (2) Ivan Koloff 6/6/1982 Toronto, Ontario
Ivan Koloff (5) Jimmy Valiant Fall 1982
Jimmy Valiant (3) Ivan Koloff 10/17/1982 Toronto, Ontario
Jos LeDuc Jimmy Valiant Fall 1982 [7]
Bad Leroy Brown 11/27/1982 Greensboro, NC[8]
Mike Rotunda Bad Leroy Brown 12/25/1982 Charlotte, NC
Dick Slater Mike Rotunda 2/22/1983 Columbia, SC
Roddy Piper (2) Dick Slater 3/27/1983 Asheville, NC
Dick Slater (2) Roddy Piper 4/3/1983 Greensboro, NC
Jos LeDuc (2) Dick Slater 4/30/1983 Richmond, VA
Great Kabuki Jos LeDuc 5/23/1983 Greenville, SC
Jimmy Valiant (4) Great Kabuki 11/24/1983 Starrcade[9]
Mark Youngblood Dick Slater 3/7/1984 Spartanburg, SC[10]
Tully Blanchard Mark Youngblood 5/1984
Dusty Rhodes Tully Blanchard 3/16/1985 Greensboro, NC
Tully Blanchard (2) Dusty Rhodes 4/28/1985 Charlotte, NC
Dusty Rhodes (2) Tully Blanchard 7/6/1985 Great American Bash
Arn Anderson Wahoo McDaniel 1/4/1986 Greensboro, NC[11]
Dusty Rhodes (3) Arn Anderson 9/9/1986 Pro
Tully Blanchard (3) Dusty Rhodes 11/27/1986 Starrcade
Nikita Koloff Tully Blanchard 8/1/1987 Pro
Mike Rotunda (2) Nikita Koloff 1/26/1988 Pro
Rick Steiner Mike Rotunda 12/26/1988 Starrcade
Mike Rotunda (3) Rick Steiner 2/20/1989 Chi-Town Rumble
Sting Mike Rotunda 3/31/1989 World Championship Wrestling[12]
Great Muta Sting 9/3/1989 Atlanta, GA
Arn Anderson (2) Great Muta 1/2/1990 Power Hour
Tom Zenk Arn Anderson 12/4/1990 World Championship Wrestling
WCW withdrew from the NWA in January 1991.

[1]: This was a tournament final to crown the first NWA Mid-Atlantic TV champion.

[2]: Paul Jones had won the NWA US title on November 27, 1975, and gave up the TV title.

[3]: This was a tournament final to fill the vacancy.

[4]: Steamboat vacated the title in December 1978 when he won the US title. This was a tournament final to fill the vacancy.

[5]: Piper vacated the title after winning the US title on January 27, 1981.
[6]: This was a tournament final to fill the vacancy.

[7]: LeDuc was soon stripped of the title for excessive cheating.
[8]: Bad Leroy Brown won a 20-man battle royal to win the title.
[9]: Valiant dropped his ‘Charlie Brown’ persona and vacated the title.
[10]: This was the final round of a tournament to determine the NWA TV champion. Dick Slater’s US title, of course, was not on the line in this match. Also note that in a semifinal encounter vs. Assassin #2, Mark Youngblood put his feet up on the middle ropes to gain the pinfall.

[11]: This was a tournament final. The title was declared vacant when Dusty Rhodes was unable to defend the belt due to an injury.

[12]: Due to a controversial finish at the Great American Bash in July 1989, the NWA world TV belt was held up. Tapes later showed that Muta’s shoulders were off the mat.

Credit goes to: PWI Almanac,, and

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