WCW: Monday Nitro (08.17.98)

WCW: Monday Nitro
August 17, 1998
Hartford, CT
Hartford Civic Center

The current WCW champs are as follows:
WCW World Champion: Bill Goldberg (7/6/1998)
WCW U.S. Champion: Bret Hart (8/13/1998)
WCW World Tag Team Champions: The Giant & Scott Hall (7/20/1998)
WCW World Television Champion: Chris Jericho (8/10/1998)
WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Juventud Guerrera (8/8/1998)

HOUR NUMBER ONE! Your hosts are Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, and Larry Zbyszko.

Hollywood Hogan, Eric Bischoff, the Giant, and the Disciple head down to the ring to start the show. This Nitro’s debut in the backdoor of the WWF in Connecticut and since we have the ability to look into the FUTURE, we can say this is the only time Nitro comes to Connecticut. Tenay makes sure to tell us that Nitro isn’t taped. Do we really need these comments now? Why am I feeling sorry for the WWF? Maybe it’s because they decided to focus on their own product and not what WCW is doing.

Hogan cries this is the house that he built. When these Hartford nWo-ites were teeny-weeny, they worshipped the ground he walked on and he made their lives what it is today. Next on the agenda, Hogan says since he’s done playing games with the media, he wants Goldberg and wants to get his title back. Crowd starts chanting “Goldberg” and Hogan is losing his voice. Oh boy. Hogan orders the Giant to do his dirty work and will deliver the WCW world title back to him. Remember when the Giant got kicked out of the nWo for daring to cash in on a contractually-obligated title shot AGAINST Hogan? Yeah. Hogan tells Giant his back is covered tonight. That’s your main event, folks.

Oh, now we see the intro.

Gene Okerlund brings out JJ Dillon to discuss Fall Brawl: Wargames. Dillon mentions Hogan’s comments about not having anything left to prove around here and yet he’s got the Giant doing his dirty work for him. As for Wargames, there will be three teams this year with three captains: Hollywood Hogan (representing nWo B&W), Diamond Dallas Page (representing WCW), and Kevin Nash (representing nWo Wolfpac). There will three members of each team and the winner will get a WCW world title shot against Bill Goldberg at Halloween Havoc. There’s some rule changes there that we certainly haven’t seen in the past, so I’m wondering if it’s just easier to NOT explain the rules and just let people figure it out at Fall Brawl.

NITRO GIRLS! Kimberly is back this week. Nobody seems to realize that. Why is Fyre wearing an nWo Wolfpac t-shirt? Just because it’s red? They air another Nitro Party video. This week the video is sent in from Louisiana!

  • Steve McMichael vs. Sick Boy

McMichael is still throwing up the four fingers. Tony comments on WWF’s taped main event world title bouts on TV only last about ten seconds. I’d love to know what they are referring to because that while every other RAW is in fact taped, they aren’t giving us shorter main events than the ones happening on Nitro every week. This is a case where the match goes longer than it should because no one cares about these two wrestling each other. Sick Boy gets way more offense than he should. Mongo hits the football tackle to the knee and hits the MONGO SPIKE for the win. (4:42) Mongo tells the camera that the Four Horsemen are coming back. Our esteemed commentators say nothing about it. ¼*

Gene Okerlund brings out “Captain” Diamond Dallas Page to the ring. DDP says he flew out west to talk to a guy who could mess with Hollywood “Scum” Hogan. The guy got real jacked when he heard DDP’s plan. DDP says he heard Hogan out here talking earlier about being the “immortal one” and “never been beaten”, but the guy DDP’s talking about is 1-0 against Hogan. That’s looking ahead to Fall Brawl, but right now DDP has his eyes set on Bret Hart. If Hogan and his cronies hadn’t attacked him in Utah (Monday Nitro, 7/20/98), DDP would have been U.S. champ again. As soon as DDP says his name, Bret Hart comes heading down the aisle to the ring. Bret calls DDP out for blaming others for his losses. DDP gets louder than Bret and challenges him to a match – TONIGHT. Again, Bret is being forced into a match. Before he accepts the match, Bret runs down the list of people on the injured list because of him – Roddy Piper, Randy Savage, Chris Benoit, Booker T, and the only reason Lex Luger is still around is because he’s Sting’s friend. I love that little detail there at the end. Bret considers DDP as the “scum of the earth” and agrees to giving him a U.S. title match tonight. The REAL main event, folks. DDP heads out through the people as the “People’s Champion” even though he’s no longer wearing jeans. How can you be a man of the people without jeans?

After the break, Gene Okerlund introduces Raven. Horace interrupts and tells Raven he makes him sick to his stomach. Why is he carrying a stop sign? He says Raven has done nothing for anybody else in the Flock. He wants Raven one more time to knock some sense into him. Raven is fine with that, but it’ll be under Raven’s Rules. Raven suggests a tag match where Kanyon will be Horace’s partner while Saturn will be his partner. Out comes Saturn and Kanyon. Wait, JJ Dillon is here too. Saturn objects at first, but then decides when Raven reaches for a tag that he’ll knock Raven’s head off. Dillon confirms this match will happen tonight, but if anybody causes their partner to lose the match, they will be suspended from WCW for 90 days. He even goes a step further to say the only ways to win is by pinfall or submission.

  • Alex Wright & Disco Inferno vs. High Voltage

Wow, didn’t even know High Voltage was still around. Our commentators are talking about DDP’s surprise and how RAW is taped instead of what’s happening in the match. Wright and Rage do some wristlock stuff to start. Rage comes back with a couple slams. Tag to Disco, he takes a mean clothesline from Rage. Kaos tags in and gets put in peril. At one point, Kaos does a sunset flip to Disco and can’t bring him over, so Rage flies in with a springboard knee strike to knock him forward. Next thing we know, MENG IS HERE. He grabs Wright off the apron and KO’s him with the TONGAN DEATH GRIP. Now everyone in the ring face the same fate as the match gets thrown out. (2:45) Even ref Billy Silverman takes the grip. A useless boomer security guy takes the grip. Another guy comes out to save him by spraying PEPPER SPRAY in Meng’s face. He NO-SELLS the pepper spray and puts him in the grip. IT JUST CONTINUES. The guy continues to spray Meng in the face with pepper spray until he no longer has function of his limbs. INSANITY. NOTHING CAN STOP MENG! WHY IS HE NOT IN THE WARGAMES? JUST SAYING. ¾*

Eddie Guerrero comes to the ring in his street clothes and his carry-on bag. Don’t think about going to commercial or he’ll say his peace on another show. Eric Bischoff won’t listen to him so he’s hijacking the show. He’s tired of being mistreated and underappreciated for the last year. Eddie gives the people his best every week and Bischoff doesn’t have the time of day to listen to him. Eddie says he doesn’t care anymore and there’s a lot of young talent being held down in favor of the guys who make more money. Crowd chants “EDDIE SUCKS” and lets them know this is about Eric Bischoff and not them. He doesn’t know what Bischoff has against him – personal or otherwise – but he’s tired of being tied up in his contract. Eddie encourages anybody else who feels held back should come out and speak their mind. The only reason Eddie hasn’t come out sooner is because of Chavo Jr. and the fact he has to support his wife and two kids. He asks for a release from his contract no matter what it takes. To save Bischoff the trouble, he throws “coffee” in his face, which looks more like water. As far as Eddie is concerned, Bischoff can take this job and shove it up your you-know-what. Eddie then leaves and heads back through the curtain.

HOUR NUMBER TWO! Your hosts are Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, and Larry Zbyszko.

  • Raven & Saturn vs. Horace & Kanyon

Kanyon walks to the ring backwards to keep an eye on Horace. Saturn takes his time coming out the tunnel since he’s not thrilled to team with Raven. Sweet “Dinosaur Jr.” t-shirt on Raven. While Raven and Saturn are shoving each other, Kanyon sneaks in a rollup on Raven for a nearfall. Saturn makes the save and cleans Kanyon’s clock. Tag to Saturn, he yells at Raven to get out of the ring. Kanyon tries, but he gets thrown away to Horace with a belly to belly suplex. Horace tags in and takes a T-bone suplex. Saturn nails Kanyon, but then turns around and gets nailed by Horace. Tag to Kanyon, Horace delivers a flapjack which staggers Saturn into a swinging neckbreaker from Kanyon. Saturn gets flogged in the corner and then Kanyon gives him a backbreaker. Kanyon heads up top, but Raven trips him up. Saturn goes over to yell at Raven, but Raven tags in and then starts stomping Kanyon. We get ROLLING RUSSIAN LEGSWEEPS, but then Raven goes over and taunts Horace. Saturn tags in and lights up Kanyon with chops followed by some high kicks. Back over to Raven, he grabs a chair. Hey, something is happening in the crowd. Where’s Lodi tonight? Raven sets the chair up in the ring and goes for a SUPER DIAMOND CUTTER, but Kanyon won’t stand for it and delivers the flying bulldog to the chair! Tag to Horace, he finally gets his hands on Raven. Big corner clothesline and a powerslam gets two. A flying splash gets two as well. Saturn made the save as the match breaks down. Raven and Saturn are whipped into each other a few times. Horace avalanches them in the corner causing Saturn’s head to collapse into Raven’s balls. Kanyon covers Raven for two. Saturn makes the save as Raven rolls out. There’s a double-team powerbomb/neckbreaker combo to Saturn for 1-2-NO! Okay then. Saturn is clearly out on his feet. Kanyon delivers an electric chair face drop to Saturn while Horace grabs his stop sign. They go to whack Saturn with the stop sign, but Saturn ducks and Kanyon gets wiped out. Oh boy. Saturn grabs Horace and lands the DEATH VALLEY DRIVER for the win. (8:03) The remaining Flock guys that aren’t Lodi – Riggs, Sick Boy, and Kidman – appear to stand around to watch Raven plant Saturn with the EVENFLOW DDT. While Sick Boy and Riggs pick up Saturn, Kidman tries to stop Raven and takes an EVENFLOW DDT for his trouble. Horace stops Raven from dropping Saturn again, saying he wants Saturn. He gives Saturn a Full Nelson Slam and then turns around into an EVENFLOW DDT. Is it mind control or does Raven just do whatever he wants? **¼

Time for the nWo Wolfpac to make an appearance to let us know they are “most definitely” in da house. Bobby Heenan has joined us so it must be around 9:30PM EST. Sting talks Wargames. His paint looks a little jacked up this week. Konnan runs through his catchphrases. Nash promises that Wargames will be the end of the nWo Black and White as we know it. As for Hogan and Hall, if you don’t run with the ‘Pac, you’ll be hunted by the ‘Pac. The Wolfpac is also just TOO SWEET. And that’s it. They are done. By the way, none of these guys are booked to wrestle tonight.

  • Scott Norton (w/Vincent) vs. Scott Putski

I’m guessing they chose to squash Putski in Hartford because his last name is Putski. Anyways, Norton is just here to destroy. He POWERBOMBS Putski and wins in in 1:01.

Tony mentions Thunder on Thursday night but fails to tell us that it’s taped and will probably only have a ten second main event. Hollywood Hogan, Eric Bischoff, and the Disciple head down to the ring for the second time tonight to respond to JJ Dillon. Hogan is fine with competing in Wargames. As for DDP, Bischoff is the man who signs the contracts around here. Hogan asks who is in the building that he can’t handle, the God of Wrestling or something? Hulk says there’s not a wrestler he can’t beat to win his WCW World title back, there’s not a war he can’t win to get his belt back, and not a WARRIOR in the world he can’t beat to get his belt back. The lights start to flicker like there’s a power surge in the building. As the lights go out, a voice takes over the PA system. We start to see FIRE on the rampway. It looks like the ULTIMATE WARRIOR is in town. Hogan’s jaw dropped. Warrior heads to the ring and once inside, he calls out to his Warriors. Hogan says he thought Warrior was dead. Weird. He taunts Hogan a little bit and says there seems to be those who anticipated his arrival. Yeah, it’s WCW. What are you gonna do? May I remind you of the end of Thunder last week?

It seems Warrior is still a little mad about the Renegade gimmick as he feels the WOYAH is unrecreatable. Not a word, but I get the spirit of what he’s saying. Warrior explains his people are now in the presence of what is irreplaceable and irreplaceable people, places, and things are never forgotten. Warrior continues to say that a man’s legacy is built from the moments he has lived and that Hogan has conveniently misplaced certain moments in his life – particularly the one and only time they wrestled where Hogan was *great*, but the Warrior was ULTIMATE. Warrior introduces himself to the Disciple and Eric Bischoff. He calls the Disciple “Hogan’s barber” and tells Bischoff he never received an invitation and that Bischoff will face his own demise if he sticks his nose in the Warrior’s business. He mentions something about sending Bischoff a bill and suggests he pay it. Warrior will not be paying for all those macadamia nuts he ate from the mini bar at the Hartford Ramada! NO ONE TOLD HIM THEY WEREN’T COMPLIMENTARY! Anyways, Warrior continues to say his WOYAHS have waited patiently and much too long to see him make Hogan pay for his sins. He feels there is nothing more sad than a grown man act like a child in fear of the challenges he must face in his life. Hogan’s evilness is intolerable and Warrior is the one with the power to destroy him. Warrior says he didn’t come here to beat up Hogan tonight because beating him doesn’t matter much anymore since everybody has done it. OH SNAP. Warrior has got that old school mindset. Because Hogan is essentially a huge hypocrite, Hogan’s mind became weak and then Hulkamania became boring. Warrior tells us he has come here tonight to explain to Hulk that he plans on launching a revolution starting next week that Hogan can’t control. If Hogan has the guts, show up next week, same Warrior time, same Warrior place, and same Warrior CHANNELLLLLL. Warrior snorts. The screens in the arena go all white noise on us, smoke fills the ring, and then Warrior VANISHES as the smoke clears. The WARRIOR-signal is shown shooting up towards the ceiling of the building. Since we’re nodding at 1960s TV shows, I’m thinking Warrior’s exit was more of an “I Dream of Jeannie” type of method.

NITRO GIRLS! Tony seems to wonder if that was DDP’s surprise. Umm. It seems Warrior will be part of Fall Brawl: Wargames even though Warrior said nothing of the sort.

  • Curt Hennig (w/Rick Rude) vs. Dean Malenko

The match starts just before we go to a commercial. There’s some scuttlebutt happening on Saturday Night between these two guys over Four Horsemen reunion business. Hennig seems hellbent on stopping it from happening since he’s the reason for them ending in the first place. At least there’s *some* memory in the booking around here. Commentary sticks to WOYAH talk – if you can believe that. Malenko comes back against Hennig, but the crowd doesn’t seem interested. Hennig tries to come back with the Hennigplex, but Malenko fights out and suplexes him. He kicks Hennig’s leg out from under him and hits a back suplex. Time for the Texas Cloverleaf, but Hennig goes to the ropes. Rick Rude is on the apron and takes some shots from Malenko. He doesn’t get knocked off the apron though as Hennig whips Malenko into a knee. Malenko bails and heads to the guardrail. With Rude still on the apron, he flies down with a double sledge. YES. I miss some Rick Rude. Back inside, the HENNIGPLEX ends Malenko. (6:10 shown) A WCW Saturday Night main event. Where does Malenko go from here? *½

HOUR NUMBER THREE! Your hosts are Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, and Bobby Heenan.

Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell are out to the ring with a “doctor”. Steiner has half of his body fully taped up. After Buff tells the people to sit down and shut up, Steiner lets us all know – in case we were blind – that he’s hurt. The reason he’s hurt is because two weeks ago, Rick Steiner hit him in the elbow, which if you follow the science, is why his knee hurts. Buff thinks that’s HILARIOUS. Dr. Cecil Schwartz – who looks like and has the mental clarity of a Reverend Jim from Taxi – confirms the injury. The doc also says Steiner won’t be ready for Fall Brawl. Rick Steiner comes out and yells at them to show up at Fall Brawl – no matter what shape they are in. That’s all he’s got to say.

  • WCW World Television Championship: Chris Jericho (c) vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Stevie Ray

We go from one triple-threat match on RAW to a “triangle match” on Nitro. Jericho tries to convince Chavo to double-team Stevie Ray, but it’s more Chavo than Jericho taking punishment. Jericho sneaks a “YEAH BABY!” pinfall attempt and gets kicked away. As Jericho bails, Stevie Ray picks up Chavo and throws him onto Jericho. Back inside, Jericho punches Stevie Ray while he’s being choked. With Stevie Ray stunned, Chavo flies in with a flying bodypress for 1-2-NO! Chavo finally wises up and turns on Jericho. Stevie Ray stands back and plays defense. Chavo tries to deck him, but Stevie catches the punch and picks up Chavo. Jericho flies in with a low dropkick. Now both Chavo and Jericho try to pin Stevie Ray, but he kicks out and runs them both down. Stevie Ray tries to suplex them, but Chavo and Jericho win that battle. DOUBLE MISSILE DROPKICK connects as Chavo covers Stevie Ray, but Jericho makes the save and dumps out Chavo. Stevie Ray chokes Jericho up against the ropes and as they run the ropes, Stevie Ray collides with the ref. Jericho and Chavo get WHACKED by the blackjack in his tights. Here comes the Giant. He grabs Stevie Ray and gives him a CHOKESLAM. Okay then. Crowd wants Goldberg. Giant heads out with all three men down. The ref wakes up and starts counting. Chavo stands up at the count of seven, but Jericho grabs the ref so he doesn’t see it. Chavo then staggers into the ropes and falls out to the floor. Jericho is back on his feet and the ref continues to count Stevie Ray down as Jericho gets the win via KO. (5:25) Call me crazy, but this was actually a pretty fun match with two smaller guys having to contend with one big guy. **½

In case you just started watching here at 10:30PM EST, WARRIOR IS IN WCW – AND NOW HE CAN DO MAGIC TRICKS!

  • WCW U.S. Heavyweight Championship: Bret Hart (c) vs. Diamond Dallas Page

DDP runs wild on Bret to start and goes for the Diamond Cutter early. Bret bails and they brawl in the aisle. DDP kicks it up a notch throwing Bret into the steps. Back inside, DDP throws Bret into the corner for the chest-first bump and hits a suplex. He tries the ten-count corner punch, but Bret lowblows him and gives him a hotshot onto the buckle. Bret works the ribs and then delivers a Russian legsweep and a backbreaker leading to flying elbow drop for two. He continues to choke DDP down in the corner. To finish him off, he hits a NICE piledriver for two. Bret gets up in ref Nick Patrick’s face about it. DDP wakes up out of nowhere and goes wild with the lefts and rights. A discus clothesline sets up a flying clothesline for two. Now comes the Pancake Slam for two as well. Bret makes DDP bump the ref so he can whip out the taped knucks. He puts the knucks in DDP’s tights and then rolls DDP over on top of him. WHAT. Bret applies the SHARPSHOOTER, but DDP manages to reach the ropes. Bret picks him up for a suplex, but DDP drops him with the DIAMOND CUTTER! Bret rolls into the ropes to prevent the pinfall. He wants another Diamond Cutter. DDP goes over and chokes Bret. When the ref pushes DDP back, Patrick checks on Bret who tells him to check his tights. Patrick then goes over and checks the tights to find Bret’s taped knucks and DQs DDP! (12:02) Great finish to keep things going! Bret is still the man even in under these circumstances. **¾

NITRO GIRLS! They are playing around with the WCW Wrestling Buddies! Tony says the more you hit them, the more they yell. Wow, so life-like!

  • WCW World Heavyweight Championship: Bill Goldberg (c) vs. The Giant (w/The Disciple)

This is the first one-on-one meeting on TV between these two. Goldberg gets the big police escort from his locker room to the tunnel. Are they protecting us from him or what? Giant goes right after him as they go back and forth brawling. Giant gives him a big slam, but Goldberg NO-SELLS and returns the favor! This crowd is NUTS for Goldberg. Giant beats down Goldberg again and kicks him around. There’s some knees in the corner. Giant delivers a Russian legsweep, but Goldberg won’t stay down. Giant throws him to the floor at Disciple’s feet, but Goldberg punches him away. Giant comes out and helps Disciple out, but then gets shoved off into the ringpost. Back inside, Giant punches Goldberg on the apron and brings him in with a suplex, which Goldberg doesn’t sell, and SPEARS Giant down. Disciple is now in the ring and whacks Goldberg for the DQ. (3:25) Goldberg NO-SELLS Disciple, SPEARS him, and delivers the JACKHAMMER. Hey, at least they are saving the Jackhammer moment for a later match. Making his first appearance tonight, Scott Hall runs in and helps Disciple. Kevin Nash shows up and grabs Hall. Before he really has a good grip on Hall, Hall is able to get away and Goldberg unintentionally SPEARS Nash. Not really hitting it perfectly, Nash is able to get back up. He gets up in Goldberg’s face as we’re outta time. Goldberg and the Giant could have a decent ten minute match if they booked it right. *

Thunder is next! Until then, so long for now.


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