WCW: Monday Nitro (12.07.98)

WCW: Monday Nitro
December 7, 1998
Houston, TX

The current WCW champs are as follows:
WCW World Champion: Bill Goldberg (7/6/1998)
WCW U.S. Champion: Bret Hart (11/30/1998)
WCW World Tag Team Champions: Rick Steiner & Kenny Kaos (10/26/1998)
WCW World Television Champion: Konnan (11/30/1998)
WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Billy Kidman (11/22/1998)

HOUR NUMBER ONE! Your hosts are Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, and Larry Zbyszko. Tony says this has already been a “draining day”. The WCW championship committee met today and Mike Tenay reports that Goldberg cannot defend the WCW world title between now and Starrcade when he meets Kevin Nash. Goldberg has demanded a battle with Bam Bam Bigelow, but it will be a non-title bout – for TONIGHT. Tony and Larry are PUMPED. By the way, there’s announced 31,110 people in the Astrodome tonight. Remember that for later.

We go to “moments ago” when Scott Steiner attacked WCW mascot and pre-show trampoline stunt man Wild Cat Willie! Well, it’s about time.

After showing what the new leader of the nWo B&W will do, they show you a lengthy video package of what the old leader of the nWo B&W Hulk Hogan has done! He’s going to be the next POTUS ya know.


Scott Steiner and his nWo referee head down to the ring. Steiner says there’s only two things that come out of Texas: steers and queers. He doesn’t see any dudes in the audience wearing dresses like Roddy Piper and doesn’t see any horns. What? Big Poppa Pump knows the freaks out there need him to have explicit sexual relations with them. He’s trying with these catchphrases, but nobody really cares right now. In fact, it’s going to take a while before actually people do. Scott wants everybody to give a standing ovation to the recently retired Hollywood Hogan. Now they need to get on their knees and blow Scott Steiner – the new leader of the nWo B&W. He then goes back to Hogan calling him the greatest champion of all-time. He tells everyone that he and Hogan are like brothers and Hulk knew that Steiner was the only man who could fill his shoes. Hogan knew Steiner had the largest arms in the world and knew Steiner could get the job done. Crowd is calling for Goldberg. It’s too bad they didn’t get their big match until after the hot period for WCW. In the end, Steiner calls out Scott Hall for another match and threatens to “break a leg”.

Another Nitro Party tape airs. Afterwards, Tony calls for more tapes and says there’s only one more week to send in your tapes.


  • Diamond Dallas Page vs. Kendall Windham

Despite being part of a famous wrestling family, his name is shown misspelled as “Kendell” Windham. He really is the Jeb Bush of the Mulligan family though. They mention DDP getting a chokeslam off the top buckle thanks to the Giant. Windham gets a body slam, but DDP takes it from there. He low blows away the Diamond Cutter and delivers a Windham lariat. Here comes DDP with a series of rights and the DIAMOND CUTTER out of the corner for the win. (2:00) Tony thinks it’s a new Diamond Cutter variation, but I don’t think so. ½*

We get to know a little more about Tygress from the Nitro Girls. Ugh, I don’t care. Wake me up when there’s one of these “interviews” with Fyre. Isn’t it awful when I think about individual Nitro Girls, I wonder who she was banging?

  • Norman Smiley vs. Prince Iaukea

What happened to WCW’s midcard? Smiley is all about the slaps to start. Tenay says Smiley is on a roll as of late. Smiley does that awesome swinging slam he does. We see some Big Wiggle action followed by a butterfly suplex for two. Iaukea fires back with a sunset flip (where he lands on Smiley’s back) and rolls him up for a nearfall. Smiley elbows him down and does the Big Wiggle again. Iaukea grows weary of the nonsense and delivers an enziguri. He hits a Samoan drop and heads up top for a Snuka Splash for 1-2-NO! Next thing you know, Smiley forces Iaukea down into a Crossface Chickenwing for the tapout. (2:55) Smiley does some more dancing. I wonder why this rematch happens at Starrcade. *

They replay a clip of Eddie Guerrero finding out on last week’s Thunder that Juventud Guerrera and Rey Mysterio Jr. will meet on this upcoming week’s Thunder to see who will be the #1 contender for the WCW cruiserweight title at Starrcade.

Now over to Gene Okerlund who brings out Eddie Guerrero for I’m assuming another reaction to news he’s already aware of. Eddie calls Rey Jr. a “turd” for signing a match behind his back. Eddie says that Rey will be disciplined tonight, and calls out LWO’s Silver King. Eddie says that Silver King will take on Rey tonight. They have a quick chat in Spanish.

  • Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Silver King

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve seen him, but I don’t recall Silver King wearing long tights before. Those are pretty SWANKY tights. Apparently, Silver King just joined with the LWO on WCW Saturday Night after a match with Disco Inferno. He runs down Rey to start and has a big laugh about it. Rey comes back with a tilt-a-whirl armdrag that takes him to the floor. They fight on the apron, but Rey headscissors Silver King to the floor. Insanity. Back in, Silver King tosses away a wheelbarrow suplex and hits a helicopter slam. Silver King follows up with a spinebuster out of the corner for two. Tony says Goldberg and members of the WCW championship committee are on their way to the Astrodome. After some lucha stuff, Rey fails on a flying headscissors. Silver King takes a tumble out to the floor and Rey delivers a somersault plancha. Back inside, Rey hits a springboard bulldog for the win. (3:49) Why not give them more time? This could have been much more fun. **

In the back, Goldberg is surrounded by police, WCW security, Terry Taylor, and whoever else. Gene Okerlund shows up with a microphone. KEVIN NASH shows up pissed off about this Bam Bam Bigelow match. Nash guarantees this match doesn’t happen. Yeah I mean, he is the bookerman, after all. He yells at Goldberg to stay focused on Starrcade. Goldberg says there’s not a second that goes by that he doesn’t dream about driving Nash’s ass through the mat.

HOUR NUMBER TWO! Your hosts are Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, and Larry Zbyszko.

  • Wrath vs. Renegade

Say what you will about the Renegade gimmick, it’s sad to say that this will be the last time we’ll see Rick Wilson on Nitro or Thunder as he commits suicide on February 23, 1999, at the age of 33. After Wrath runs through his offense, Renegade tries the cartwheel across the ring only to get clubbed down. The MELTDOWN ends Renegade in 3:30. Rest in peace, Renegade.

They replay the interaction between Kevin Nash and Goldberg from moments ago.

Hey look, ROGER CLEMENS in the audience with his two sons. The second child gets real excited.

  • Stevie Ray & Horace vs. Disco Inferno & Chavo Guerrero Jr.

From the top of the ramp, Disco tells the people he’s got a big announcement to take and brings out Konnan. He has no idea what Disco Inferno is talking about, which is much like “Keepin’ It 100” from what I’ve heard of it. Disco announces that Kevin Nash has made him part of the nWo Wolfpac. He tries to embrace Konnan, but that ain’t bowdy-bowdy. Super confused, Konnan walks off carrying Disco’s microphone to the back. Horace stomps Chavo down into a corner and hits the Hogan corner clothesline. He then throws Chavo across the ring, but eats a dropkick and a springboard bulldog. The crowd chants that “Disco sucks” which shows you how little people care for Horace and Stevie Ray. Disco tags in and gets the crap kicked out of him, but then gives Stevie Ray a swinging neckbreaker and a flying elbow drop for two. Stevie Ray clotheslines Disco into the corner and throws him out to Horace on the outside where Horace’s weightlifting belt gets involved. Back in, Horace delivers a backbreaker, but misses a splash off the ropes. Tag to Chavo, he runs wild on the nWo B&W boys. TORNADO DDT to Horace! Cover, 1-2-NO! Stevie Ray stops the count. Disco gets a tag and the match breaks down. What is happening? The ref tries to get Chavo Jr. out of the ring while the nWo B&W team give Disco a SPIKE PILEDRIVER for the win. (4:28) Kind of an awkward finish, but nobody cares about the nWo black and white. ¾*

Kevin Nash walks out to the ring in his fancy R&B singer street clothes. Essentially, he’s putting on his gear to make sure Goldberg and Bam Bam Bigelow doesn’t happen tonight because Goldberg ain’t runnin’ the show – KEVIN NASH IS. In fact, we’re going to have a three-way dance. It’s gonna be EXPLOSIVE!!

TNT put Roddy Piper and Burt Reynolds in a movie together called in a movie called “Hard Time”. I would like it more if it were Norm Macdonald as Burt Reynolds, but nevertheless.


  • Perry Saturn vs. Glacier

Ernest Miller and Sonny Oono show up after the bell to tell Saturn he’s here to beat the crap out of him, but he hurt his ankle getting out of his 1975 Cadillac. He says some more stuff to make Houston hate him. Meanwhile, Glacier hits Saturn with the CRYONIC KICK before the bell. Glacier continues to beat on Saturn as Miller and Oono head down to ringside. Glacier does this thing where he does a barrel roll and then leaps up to his feet for a jumping legdrop only to miss. Saturn hits the springboard elbow smash for two. The flying elbow drop connects, but Glacier kicks out at two. Oono then distracts the referee while Ernest Miller gets in the ring. Glacier holds Saturn in place for a kick, but Saturn ducks and Glacier gets wiped out with the FELINER. The referee Scott Dickinson turns around and sees Miller in the ring. He calls for the bell. (4:24) Because Saturn continues to kick ass, the ref calls for the bell and DQs Saturn. Since Saturn doesn’t like the decision, he gives Dickinson a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER for his efforts. This was dumb. ¾*

They replay the Giant giving Diamond Dallas Page a chokeslam from the top rope, but PAYBACK IS COMING at Starrcade!

  • Lex Luger vs. Emory Hale

Bobby Heenan takes over for Larry Z for the rest of the show. Emory Hale apparently has been brought in by Jimmy Hart with the thought that he could have been a possible future opponent for Hulk Hogan. He’s big, he’s charismatic, and did I mention he’s big? He does a great job messing with the ringside fans. Hale manages to drag Luger out to the floor for some guardrail action and goes back inside to nail him with a nice lariat for two. He chokes Luger in the ropes and gives him a backbreaker to set up a flying legdrop. Yes, a FLYING legdrop. He’s working hard here. He shuts down a Luger comeback and slams him down for a flying splash, but Luger moves. Here comes the clotheslines and the Bionic Forearm to set up the TORTURE RACK for the win. (4:09) We’ll see Hale job to a few more big name guys on Nitro before he goes back to obscurity. ¾*

WCW Nitro game on PC now with a 3D hologram box. When the box is the coolest thing about a game, that’s not good.

  • Chris Jericho (w/Ralphus) vs. Bobby Duncum Jr.

Ralphus wants you to want – JERICHO! We get reminded that Jericho hates cowboys – as do all Jericholics. Since there’s so many people in Texas who have made Jericho their hero, that makes Jericho the hometown hero, ya’ll. Just good stuff as always from Jericho. Man, Duncum is hyped up here. I really don’t hate Duncum during this period. He runs wild on Jericho to start as nothing can touch him. Jericho takes a bump off the buckle down to the floor allowing Duncum to plancha. Back on the apron, Jericho snaps Duncum’s neck on the top rope and delivers a missile dropkick. Duncum comes right back with a running bulldog. Our esteemed commentators bring up Paul Boesch for a moment. The pump splash elbow drop gets two. Jericho stops Duncum up top for a superplex for two. Duncum tries a powerbomb, but Jericho sunset flips him and gets his feet ON THE TOP ROPE for the cheap three-count. (5:11) Duncum gets a rematch on Thunder. Jericho quickly exits the ring and into the waiting arms of Ralphus. **

HOUR NUMBER THREE! Your hosts are Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, and Bobby Heenan.

  • The Giant vs. Scott Putski

Down goes Putski to a CHOKESLAM in :30. Now Giant gets on the mic to let everybody know DDP has his attention. If the people think DDP is like Santy Claus, Giant this year is the GRINCH. Giant is looking forward to the easy payday at Starrcade. If DDP thinks he’s the one who does all the bangin’ around here in WCW, he ain’t seen bangin’ yet. Get ready DDP, because he’s got a present for him – it’s the CHOKESLAMMM. That might be Giant’s best interview in WCW. N/R

We cut to a shot of Konnan and the nWo referee with trainer Danny Young. Konnan talks about taping up the nWo ref.

  • Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko (w/Arn Anderson) vs. Raven & Kanyon

Raven is having trouble getting through the tunnel again this week. Kanyon is the only guy who has stood by Raven, but Kanyon is over worrying about it. It’s because of Raven that he and Kanyon ended the Armstrong curse. The Four Horsemen beat Kanyon within an inch of his life because of Raven. That won’t happen tonight – because Kanyon won’t wrestle when the odds are 2-on-1. Kanyon then apologizes and says the odds are 2.5 on 1. Wowww. Kanyon decides to fight either Benoit or Malenko on Thunder. He then turns around into Arn Anderson and finds out that man has a crowbar. Hey, it could be a Glock. Kanyon finds himself in the ring and gets beaten up by Benoit and Malenko. Arn gets in the ring and threatens Kanyon with the crowbar until Kanyon slides out and gets the heck out of the ring. N/R

With the rest of the available Four Horsemen already in the ring (where’s MONGO?), Gene Okerlund joins the crew and introduces Ric Flair out to the ring. Oh wait, Steve McMichael comes out behind Ric Flair. Okay then. Flair tells Bischoff to get off his girlfriend or his treadmill to hear what he’s about to say. Bischoff’s dictatorship is coming to an end. Houston is a city of tradition and Flair starts namedropping Paul Boesch, Terry and Dory Funk Jr., the Briscos, Harley Race, Dick Murdoch, Dusty Rhodes, Jose Lothario. All those men bled a gallon and sweat five gallons to get the jackoff Eric Bischoff all he’s got. More recently, Bischoff has tried for the last two years to bottle up, plug up, and hold down guys like Steve McMichael, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Ric Flair and Arn Anderson. At Starrcade, Flair warns Bischoff he’s going to choke him, gouge his eyes, and kick Bischoff in the sack. Flair wants to chop Bischoff, squeeze his skinny neck until blood runs down his nostrils, his eyes pop out, and Bischoff cries, “OH LORD, I RESPECT YOU RIC FLAIR.” Starrcade will be like going to Bischoff’s funeral. In one night, Flair says he’s going to take Bischoff’s paycheck, going to take his job, going to take his life, going to take his dignity, and going to take back the greatest sport in the world – professional wrestling. Hilarious flub by Ric. I can’t do it justice as I think his brain just exploded. To close it up, Flair cries that WCW is bigger than Eric Bischoff will ever be. WOO! Flair is so keyed up, he chops Mongo across the chest for fun. This is another WILD Ric Flair moment, but not as focused as some of his future promos.

  • WCW World Television Championship: Konnan (c) vs. Booker T

Konnan is growing his beard back out from 1996. We are in Booker T’s home town tonight. You wonder if guys think it’s cool wrestling in your hometown – especially when the big building is the Astrodome. Booker hits a spinning heel kick and the jumping forearm shot for two. The Hook Kick connects for another nearfall. Konnan comes right back with the Rolling Lariat. The low dropkick follows as Booker rolls to the floor. We get some ringside violence. Back in, Konnan stretches Booker on the mat for a minute. Meanwhile, Tony discusses how WCW will prevail into the year 2000 and beyond. Yikes. Booker elbows out, but takes a hurricane bulldog. Konnan grabs a chinlock, but quickly gives up on it allowing Booker to kick his way back and land the AX KICK. Wait, here comes STEVIE RAY down to ringside. Booker does the SPINAROONIE and hits the Harlem Side Kick. Time for the Missile Dropkick, but Stevie Ray walks in the ring and whacks Konnan with his slap jack for the DQ. (5:09) As you might figure, Booker T is PISSED. He grabs Stevie Ray and spins him around. As Booker threatens to kick his ass, Stevie Ray dares him to do it because Booker T really needs to be with his brother in the nWo B&W. Booker walks away frustrated as Stevie Ray leaves him to think about what his brother needs to do next. *½

Bruise Cruise 1999 is May 17-21. Man, I wonder what *that* cost.

  • Scott Hall vs. Scott Steiner

Still no music for Scott Hall. As for Scott Steiner, don’t sing it – bring it. Scott Steiner comes out by himself. The nWo ref comes out hopping down the ramp because he’s all taped up. Thankfully, ref Mickey Jay shoves him down and heads to the ring to officiate this match. Hall hits a Chokeslam on Steiner for a two-count. The Fallaway Slam gets two as well. Steiner knocks down Hall and goes after Mickey Jay, but Hall schoolboys for two. Next thing you know, Horace Hogan, Stevie Ray, and Vincent come down to attack Scott Hall. (1:00) Scott Steiner runs off Mickey Jay and returns to the ring to get him some. Meanwhile, out comes LEX LUGER and KONNAN. It’s still four-on-three. Out comes the GIANT. Steiner puts Hall in the STEINER RECLINER. DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE runs down and saves the day with a chair. The Giant gets the shot to the ribs and a chairshot across the back. The nWo B&W scatter up the aisle while DDP, Luger, Konnan, and Hall remain in the ring. The ref is still taped up and gets some help from the Giant. N/R


Gene Okerlund brings out the *new* WCW U.S. champ Bret Hart at the “shank of the evening”. Bret puts himself over in the most Bret Hart way possible as the greatest of all-time. He mentions his cat Smokey as his only fan that remains. As for DDP, he can fight the Giant – just stay out of his way. DDP thinks he’s got GIANT problems now, Bret Hart will DESTROY him. He will make DDP suffer beyond his worst nightmare, and Bret will excellently execute DDP if he ever crosses his path. Gene asks Bret who he’s trying to kid here. Bret has a pulled groin and a bad knee. Everybody thinks he’s just a bag of bones ready for the glue factory, but the fact is Bret just started. Take a look because once again Bret Hart has proved himself. Gene mentions the “Wrestling With Shadows” documentary.

  • Goldberg vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

Alright, no more ads. Let’s get to it. No music for Bam Bam Bigelow. He runs to the ring like he’s the Ultimate Warrior. He’s still not even “officially” a WCW wrestler as he’s been given clearance for this match only. After Buffer announces Bigelow’s name, Kevin Nash is running down to the ring to get in the middle of this. Backstage, Goldberg is sprinting towards the ring and takes a second to high-five Roger Clemens on his way. Nash and Bigelow start throwing shots on each other. HERE COMES GOLDBERG.  He immediately pounds on Nash because he’s ruined this whole thing. Bigelow turns Goldberg around for a fight. Now we’ve got all three guys fighting. Security and police head down to separate all three men, but the Houston crowd just feels screwed over.

Nobody screws over big crowds quite like when Kevin Nash has the book. First Houston, next St. Louis, and finally ATLANTA.

Until next time, so long for now.

LIVE ON PPV from the MCI Center in Washington, DC on Sunday, December 27!
MAIN EVENT: WCW World Championship: Goldberg (c) vs. Kevin Nash
Ric Flair vs. Eric Bischoff
Diamond Dallas Page vs. The Giant


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