WWF: Raw is War (12.07.98)

WWF: Raw is War
December 7, 1998
New Haven, CT
New Haven Coliseum

The current WWF champs are as follows:
WWF Champion: The Rock (11/15/1998)
Intercontinental Champion: Ken Shamrock (10/12/1998)
World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws (8/30/1998)
European Champion: X-Pac (10/18/1998)
Light Heavyweight Champion: Duane Gill (11/23/1998)
Hardcore Champion: The Big Boss Man (11/30/1998)
Women’s Champion: Sable (11/15/1998)

TONIGHT: Stone Cold Steve Austin teams up with Mankind to battle the Rock and the Undertaker. What will happen when these four superstars COLLIDE?

TIME TO GET RAW! Your hosts are Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. In case you didn’t know, Jim Ross suffered his second Bell’s Palsy attack last night at Capital Carnage (and finished the show!). Michael Cole is your number one PBP man until Ross is able to return to call the WrestleMania XV main event. Not being a “live” broadcast, you’ll catch Jim Ross still sitting at the announce table whenever he appears within the eye of a camera even though the commentary would be completed in Stamford, CT. Essentially, there’s no cutting to Michael Cole or Jerry Lawler during this episode of RAW.

Triple H, X-Pac, and Chyna head down to the ring to begin the show. The question is – where’s the New Age Outlaws? HAVE THEY JOINED THE CORPORATION? Triple H gets right down to business and wants to know where the Outlaws stand. If they made a business decision, that’s fine. Just have the balls to tell Triple H to his face. Out comes the New Age Outlaws in suits. Oh man. They got tiny bottles of water that they sip on with their pinkies sticking out. They’re so fancy! Cole and Lawler are convinced they have “gone corporate”. Road Dogg includes Vincent K. McMahon into his introduction. We now have Road Dogg, Esquire and Bad Ass Inc – the NEW CORPORATE OUTLAWS. Some chick in the front row is disgusted. If you’re not corporate, you can damn sure “suck it” or sniff it or lick it – whatever your boss wants, amirite. Road Dogg introduces the WWF commissioner Shawn Michaels down to the ring. Michaels claims he’s the guy who started D-Generation X and thinks Triple H owes him an apology for “gimmick infringement”. Triple H laughs it off and feels he owes Shawn nothing. Michaels calls Triple H a “nobody” before DX, but then Triple H brings up carrying Shawn’s dead ass around when HBK was walking around with a belt he had no business carrying anymore. After WrestleMania when Shawn lost to Austin, it was Triple H who picked up the ball. Shawn starts getting mad and pounds his finger into Triple H’s chest. Shawn tells Triple H he made him and he can break him. Triple H thinks the only thing broken around here is HBK’s ego, so suck it. As the new WWF commissioner, Michaels gives DX something to suck on, because he makes a match with Triple H and X-Pac against the Big Boss Man and Ken Shamrock for later tonight where “anything goes”. If the New Age Outlaws happen to get involved, so be it. Yikes. The Outlaws leave with Shawn telling DX to “suck it” and whatnot. The McMahons, Pat Patterson, Gerald Brisco, and even Sgt. Slaughter make an appearance at the rampway to embrace the New Age Outlaws.

After the break, DX sells what just happened. Triple H orders Chyna that if the New Age Outlaws or Shawn Michaels sticks their noses in DX business, she must break ‘em.

  • Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra) vs. D’Lo Brown (w/Mark Henry)

They replay Jeff Jarrett accepting Goldust’s challenge to a striptease match from HeAT. Not that Jarrett has to strip down, but DEBRA. D’Lo runs wild to start. Debra has to distract the ref so Jarrett can pull D’Lo out to the floor. That still doesn’t go well for Jarrett as D’Lo regains control. Back inside, D’Lo slaps the crap out of Jarrett’s chest. Cole mentions the passing of JR’s mother. Thoughts and prayers go out to Jim Ross and his family. No mention of the Bell’s palsy, which is fair. Jarrett hits the armbreaker DDT and follows up with a flying bodypress for two. He delivers a Russian legsweep for another nearfall. Sunset flip fails, but Earl Hebner can’t keep his eyes off Debra as Jarrett kicks D’Lo in the balls. D’Lo comes back with the desperation Running Ligerbomb.  Hey look, here comes GOLDUST wearing nothing but a trench coat and a wig. He “flashes” himself to Debra. While Jarrett is all concerned, D’Lo rolls up Jarrett for the three-count. (2:24) At least we didn’t have to *see* whatever Goldust was flashing. Silly finish aside, I actually thought Jarrett and D’Lo had pretty great chemistry together. They’ll be wrestling more in 1999 over the IC title. *½

Steve Austin is back in the locker room cutting a pissed off promo on Tony Garea. Not even Austin’s energy can seem to keep that man awake.

A beatnik ad for WWF Cologne for Men (and a separate scent for women!) airs. It’s only $20 bucks plus S&H. 100% Pure Attitude in a Bottle!

They take us back to Oxford University over in jolly old England where the “evil chairman and owner of the WWF” Vince McMahon made an appearance last Thursday. I wish they showed us more of what he had to say because they don’t show much other than him getting a huge ovation.

  • The Headbangers vs. Edge & Gangrel (w/Christian)

Cole mentions what a horrible thing the Headbangers did to Luna, which gives away what you’ll see here. Edge and Gangrel dominate Mosh to start – culminating with a double DDT out of the corner. Edge covers Mosh for two. Thrasher holds the top rope down so that Edge can go flying out to the floor for some ILLEGAL ringside violence. Back in, Thrasher gives Mosh a gourdbuster from the top rope onto Edge. The Headbangers give Edge a double flapjack for two. Hey look, HERE COMES LUNA! She pulls Mosh down off the apron for the immediate DQ. (2:07) TIGER ALI SINGH and BABU appear out of nowhere to confront Luna because she beat the crap out of Babu on HeAT. The Oddities then come marching down the aisle to support Luna. Kurrgan stomps the crap out of Singh. Luna goes after Babu again. Meanwhile, Giant Silva and Golga are taking care of the Headbangers. Looks to me like a six-man tag, but who trusts Giant Silva that much? ½*

Mankind is talking to a stack of chairs somewhere in the back.

WWF REWIND << brought to you by Glover for N64 / PC. Gotta love the Glove! RAW, 11/30/98. Steve Austin and Kane put Paul Bearer down a man hole!

When we come back, Vince and Shane McMahon bring the Rock with them to convince Paul Bearer to have the Undertaker work together with the Rock in the main event. Paul Bearer lets them know all will be good tonight.

  • Goldust vs. Owen Hart

Owen said on HeAT he was coming out of retirement at the Rock Bottom PPV, but here he is fighting Goldust. Cole and Lawler put over the “striptease match” between Goldust and Jeff Jarrett for this Sunday. Owen acts like he really needs to stretch to get back into fighting shape. He’s acting really distracted here. Spinning heel kick connects. He follows up with a gutwrench suplex for two. He goes for the Sharpshooter, but Goldust kicks him away and cradles him up for a two-count. Owen explodes with the ENZIGURI KICK OF CERTAIN DEMISE, but Goldust kicks out. Owen delivers a reverse neckbreaker and a flying elbow drop for another nearfall. Crowd chants “nugget” as Goldust comes back with a clothesline and a butt-butt. Out comes Jeff Jarrett with Debra wearing a trench coat as Goldust hits Owen with the bulldog. She gives Goldust a peek of her twin peaks as Owen rolls him up for the three-count. (4:20, dude) Well, that was one finish you don’t see all the time. ¾*

We catch Steve Austin and Mankind backstage in their native habitats.

Next up, they play a video package showing the WWF bothering people in the UK over the weekend for Capital Carnage.

  • The Acolytes (w/Jackyl) vs. The Godfather & Val Venis (w/a pair of hos)

Godfather offers his two women of questionable morals to a guy named Bob. Ya know, in the spirit of Christmas. Moving on, Cole says he’s never seen Bradshaw and Faarooq look in better shape. This match never really gets going as it’s an out of control ringside brawl. Ref Tim White throws the match out at 0:48. Refs and agents head down to try and separate these two teams. Man, talk about your change of mood there.

Backstage, we catch Steve Austin on his way to the ring.

The JVC Kaboom! of the Week: RAW, 11/30/98. Steve Austin breaks a shovel over the Undertaker’s face for some REVENGE.

ENTER THE WAR ZONE! Your hosts are Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler.

Steve Austin heads down to the ring to start the 10PM hour. Austin explains that the stakes have never been higher. The Undertaker has hit him with a shovel, tried to bury him, tried to EMBALM him, and none of that worked. At Rock Bottom, Austin will show the Undertaker NO MERCY. Hey, that sounds like a great PPV name. The lights go dark and purple as the Undertaker’s music hits. There’s a large Undertaker symbol (a T combined with an X) at the top of the ramp. We hear Taker’s voice over the PA system. Taker says their journey down the highway to hell has enlightened him on a few matters. First, Austin is helpless against the Undertaker’s ministry, and the other is that the Undertaker can take Austin’s rotting soul any time he wants. Tonight, their journey stops in Austin’s purgatory where he’ll remain until the Rock Bottom PPV. On that night, Taker will sacrifice Austin to his Ministry of Darkness, and let the entire world watch him get buried alive – and BURN IN HELLL. Wow, BOTH? The Undertaker symbol gets struck by lightning and catches fire. Austin just stares at the burning symbol from inside the ring.

When we come back, they show a replay of the burning Undertaker symbol. That’s another thing RAW is missing these days – lightning bolts.

Elsewhere, Mankind is walking around talking to himself trying to figure out how he and Steve Austin can be friends.

  • Steve Blackman vs. Tiger Ali Singh (w/Babu)

Singh attacks Blackman with his flagpole to start. Blackman gets PISSED and beats Singh from one side of the ring to the other. It’s all very uninteresting and the crowd starts to chant “boring”. Oddly enough, Singh got a win on the Capital Carnage PPV against EDGE, if you can believe it. Blackman delivers his Jumping Kick to the chest for the win. (2:14) BLUE BLAZER runs down to the ring and trips once he gets down to the ring. Blackman attacks him, but then OWEN HART runs down to get his hands on Blackman. There’s a slam on the ramp before Owen applies the Dragon Sleeper yelling in Blackman’s face. ARE YA HAPPY, STEVE? YA BROUGHT OWEN OUT OF RETIREMENT. ½*

Mankind, carrying around a garbage bag, finds Steve Austin’s dressing room and walks right in without even so much as a KNOCK on the door.

After the break, they cut to Steve Austin’s door. It’s still closed. Nothing happening.

  • Mark Henry (w/D’Lo Brown) vs. Droz (w/Road Warrior Animal)

Another instance of two guys who probably shouldn’t be working together just yet. Henry DOMINATES to start, but misses a charge and goes to the floor. While Henry is getting his body thrown into the steps, CHYNA comes down to ringside. As Droz runs through his shoulderblocks and tackles and whatnot, Chyna gets up on the apron. Droz holds Henry to let her smack him, but she won’t. Droz throws Henry aside and gets slugged by Chyna into a powerslam by Henry for the RUNNING SPLASH to get the three-count. (3:27) Henry is more excited about what Chyna did than getting a victory, it seems. ¾*

Backstage, the camera is creeping on the New Age Outlaws in a huddle with Shawn Michaels, the Big Boss Man, and Ken Shamrock.

http://www.StoneCold.com ad airs. Log onto the site or don’t. He doesn’t care.

  • Anything Goes Match: The Big Boss Man & Ken Shamrock vs. Triple H & X-Pac (w/Chyna)

Boss Man and X-Pac start the match as Boss Man throws X-Pac around like he’s his little brother. X-Pac fires back with a spin kick and tags in Triple H. He unloads on Boss Man and they start brawling around ringside. Shamrock takes over on Triple H as they brawl up the ramp. Meanwhile, Boss Man throws X-Pac into the ringpost. He grabs half of the ring steps to throw at X-Pac up against the ringpost, but of course fails and the stairs fall back in Boss Man’s face. With Boss Man down, Shamrock gets double-teamed by DX in the ring. X-Pac delivers the Bronco Buster to Shamrock, but in comes Boss Man to clean X-Pac’s clock. There’s a big spinebuster to X-Pac for two. If there are no rules, why do “tag team” rules apply? While Boss Man blinds and smothers X-Pac, out comes Shawn Michaels with the New Age Outlaws in suits. Boss Man and Shamrock continue to dominate X-Pac to set up the HOT TAG TO TRIPLE H! He hits Shamrock with the Facebuster as the match breaks down. Michaels pulls the top rope down X-Pac to send him flying out to the floor. As Boss Man holds Triple H, HBK tosses a chair into Shamrock. Billy Gunn hops in the ring and asks to do the honors, but of course he nails Shamrock with the chair instead for the DQ. (8:19) So anything goes, huh? The New Age Outlaws rip off the Armani suits and show off their DX t-shirts. This angle seems like something right out of WCW, no? DX celebrates while Michaels and Boss Man sell the screw job while Shamrock is still wondering where he’s at right now. **

Over at Steve Austin’s locker room, we catch Mankind sneaking out.

After the break, they replay the New Age Outlaws showing their true intentions. They cut to the DX locker room where they all have a big laugh.

Back at Steve Austin’s locker room, Austin reads Mankind’s corny note and opens the garbage bag to find some beers. That stupid bastard.

Did you know that the Rock Bottom: In Your House PPV is brought to you by Glover? LOVE THE GLOVE, PEOPLE.

  • Steve Austin & Mankind vs. The Rock & The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer)

Since there’s separate entrances, Rock and Taker get a jump on Mankind to start. Once Austin appears, it turns into a big brawl with Rock and Austin squaring off while Taker and Mankind do the same elsewhere. This goes on for quite some time until Mankind becomes *your* face-in-peril. Loads of stomping and punching all over poor Mankind. CORPORATE ELBOW gets 1-2-NO! Rock nearly takes the Double-Arm DDT, but backdrops out and lands the ROCK BOTTOM for two. Austin makes the save. That action brings in Undertaker to turn this back into a pier-six brawl. Next thing you know, the Big Boss Man and Ken Shamrock show up to handcuff Mankind to the top rope. Ring the bell. (8:15) Taker beats Austin into the crowd, but then Austin beats Taker back over the barricade. He wraps a camera cord around Taker’s neck, but Taker nails him with the ring bell to make him stop. Now Taker gives Austin a chair shot to the face, and then picks up his lifeless body over to be strapped to the Undertaker symbol with some help from Taker’s druids. While Gregorian chants play over the PA system, Austin looks confused and pissed off as he and Taker yell things at each other. Undertaker’s voice comes over the PA: “Austin, I’ve taken you – mind, body and soul. The only thing left is to bury you alive.” Pretty controversial stuff. Not much of a match though. *½

Next up, we go to the ROCK BOTTOM PPV. Until then, so long for now.

LIVE on PPV from the General Motors Place in Vancouver, BC, Canada on December 13!
MAIN EVENT: WWF Championship: The Rock (c) vs. Mankind
MAIN EVENT: “Buried Alive” Match: Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker
Striptease Match: Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra) vs. Goldust
Owen Hart vs. Steve Blackman

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