WCW: Monday Nitro (12.21.98)

WCW: Monday Nitro
December 21, 1998
St. Louis, MO
TWA Dome

The current WCW champs are as follows:
WCW World Champion: Bill Goldberg (7/6/1998)
WCW U.S. Champion: Bret Hart (11/30/1998)
WCW World Tag Team Champions: Rick Steiner & Kenny Kaos (10/26/1998)
WCW World Television Champion: Konnan (11/30/1998)
WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Billy Kidman (11/22/1998)

We start with a way too lengthy Eric Bischoff character piece. They go back to the start of the nWo angle and show bits and pieces of seemingly every heel thing he’s done. Of course this is to promote his match with Ric Flair, but there’s only about 20 seconds of his involvement with Flair shown. Maybe they will show a video package on Ric Flair later in the show?


HOUR NUMBER ONE! Your hosts are Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, and Larry Zbyszko. Tony announces that Scott Hall will face GOLDBERG in tonight’s main event.

  • Fit Finley vs. Scott Putski

Feeling out process to start while our esteemed commentators talk about the upcoming main events at Starrcade. WILL FLAIR/BISCHOFF STILL HAPPEN? Yes, it will. Turns out that heart attack was just bad gas. Finley wears down Putski on the mat by grabbing the traps and pulling back on the arms. Putski comes back with a Putski comeback. Elbow drop off the ropes by Putski gets two. Finley stuns Putski with a few elbow shots and puts him back on the mat to bend his leg in several different painful looking ways. Putski channels his father and pounds Finley to take back control, but tries a slam and his leg gives out. So much for that. To the floor we go, Finley grabs a chair and this match is getting CRAZY. Time for a commercial. Yes, a two-segment Scott Putski match. Good for him. When we come back, Finley outsmarts a Polish guy. Yep. Finley charges Putski in the corner with a running shoulder butt and then gives him a jumping senton to the ribs. AWESOME. Finley drags Putski over to the apron for some APRON VIOLENCE. Again, Putski’s Polish Power mounts a comeback. He avoids a corner charge from Finley and then slams him off the top. A big slam sets up the Polish Hammer, but Finley ducks and hits the Finley Roll to set up the TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER for the win. (10:13 shown) This was actually not bad carried by Finley. Putski showed up some charisma, the crowd seemed to respond to him, and I enjoyed it. I’d love to know who told these two to go 15 minutes though. **

Our esteemed commentators set up the clip of last week’s Thunder with Eric Bischoff fake apologizing to Ric Flair’s family, beating up his kids David and Reid, and smooching on Ric’s wife Beth.

Next up, ERNEST MILLER comes out all by himself to whoop everybody in the TWA Dome until SATURN CLAUS comes out and whoops Miller. This feels like something the WWF would have done four years ago. So this is WCW’s effort to set up another PPV match between Saturn and Miller for Starrcade.

  • Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Kaz Hayashi

Hayashi bats Pepe off the top turnbuckle into the aisle thus establishing that he is the heel in this matchup. Naturally, Chavo gets that LATIN TEMPER going all over Hayashi. Tony calls Nash “Mr. Sexy” with a straight face. Headlocks and shoulderblocks ensue. Chavo catches Hayashi with a back suplex, but then runs into a boot in the corner. They battle up top as Hayashi tries a flying body press only for Chavo to dropkick him in mid-air. TORNADO DDT! That’ll do it. (2:59) Not sure why this one was so short, but whatevs. ¾*

Here comes Mr. Sexy KEVIN NASH to the ring. He puts over Goldberg for being 173 and zero, but then points out that once he was world champion and had 197 title defenses without a loss. He understands the demands of being a big star and being the world champion at the same time. While Goldberg goes to photo shoots for TV Guide, Nash is getting ready. While Goldberg makes a movie, Nash is getting ready. Yeah, like Diesel was ever on the cover of TV Guide or asked to be in a movie in 1995. He told Goldberg to stay focused – in six days, we’ll find out if Goldberg is focused or not. Nash gets interrupted by “Goldberg” chants. Nash encourages the fans to chant, but knows he’s done it all except beat Goldberg. He hopes Ric Flair is going to be fine because a Ric Flair line comes to Nash’s mind: to be the man, you gotta beat the man. On Sunday night, Nash says he’s going to KICK GOLDBERG’S ASS. This was Nash’s best chance to sell the PPV for one last time – and I think he succeeded.

NITRO GIRLS! No Fyre. You know what I do. New Nitro Girl named “Storm”.

Gene Okerlund brings out RAVEN to the aisle. He’s joined by KANYON. Gene asks Raven about his mother being here last week and Raven says she only wants to be on TV – just like that Judy Bagwell hag. Raven makes a joke about if Judy Bagwell can be one half of the tag team champions, maybe his mom could spear Goldberg and become the world champion. Kanyon starts calling Raven a crybaby and Raven beats him up. MRS. LEVY comes out and tells “Scotty” not to hit his friends. She tries to get Scotty to come home with her to see a doctor. Raven at first thinks all she cares about is being on the HOTTEST CABLE SHOW ON TELEVISION, but she tells Scott she loves him. Finally, Raven agrees to go home and see their doctor and walk off.

ERIC BISCHOFF comes out and soaks up all the boos from the St. Louis crowd. The FOUR HORSEMEN (sans Steve McMichael) are shown exiting a limo and heading into the building. They find (the IWGP heavyweight champion) SCOTT NORTON and beat him up. Arn Anderson is armed with a GLOCK – nah I’m kidding. He does have with him some kind of thick stick that you could beat somebody with – err, I mean a stick you would use to *defend* yourself. Bischoff is still talking. Ric Flair makes it to the ring and chases Bischoff clear out of the TWA Dome. Flair comes back to the ring and the crowd is going INSANE. He threatens Eric Bischoff and Barry Windham saying that he swears on the graves of Bruiser Brody and Dick the Bruiser – that if he gets his hands on them, they will die TONIGHT in this arena. WOO! So much for the heart attack, folks. You can better believe Ric Flair will be at STARRCADE.

HOUR NUMBER TWO! Your hosts are Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, and Larry Zbyszko.

We get a video montage of DDP and everything going down with him, Bret Hart, and the Giant.

  • Wrath vs. Lizmark Jr.

Sheesh, is Wrath’s push dead or what? Tony can’t stop talking about Ric Flair – AND WHO CAN BLAME HIM? Wrath NO-SELLS Lizmark and hits a side slam. A dropkick by Wrath sends Lizmark to the floor for some brief ringside violence. Back in, Wrath keeps the excitement going with a chinlock. Lizmark fights out and tries a flying double sledge, but flies down into the Death Penalty. It’s not a crappy Rock Bottom, guys. Time for the MELTDOWN, and we’re done here. (3:52) The body count continues, says Tenay. He sure knows a lot about Wrath. ½*

NITRO GIRLS! They are wearing Santa’s helper outfits. They want to wish us all a slutty Christmas! Wow, this music is just awful.

They air another Nitro Party video taking place at a bowling alley. You know it’s the late ‘90s when people are doing wrestling moves in public in JNCO jeans – there’s a DDT in a bowling lane!

  • Eddie Guerrero (w/Spyder) vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.

Eddie takes the mic and says that he’s losing his patience with Rey – he taught Kidman a lesson, and now he’s going to teach Rey a lesson. Fisticuffs to start. Rey lucha armdrags to the floor. He wants to meet him with a dive, but Eddie ducks. Rey catches himself on the apron, but then Eddie yanks him off the apron onto the guardrail. Just to make this even worse for Rey, Eddie tosses him into the steps. Back inside, Guerrero nails the Hilo. He follows up with a snap back suplex before applying the classic Gory Special, essentially helicoptering Rey around. Rey eventually reaches the solace of the ropes and crawls out to the apron. Eddie wants a suplex, but Rey brings him out to the floor! Rey wants to make him pay with a whip into the guardrail, but Eddie reverses on him. Back in, Eddie backs Rey into the corner, and lifts him up onto the top turnbuckle for a headscissors. That gets two. Now Guerrero applies the MASK-RIPPING CAMEL CLUTCH. Always a great visual. Over to the corner, Eddie hammers down Rey. Nasty release German suplex does more damage to the back and neck. Guerrero punishes Rey by stepping on his face. You know how he does. He’s real methodical though, which gives Rey some time to recover. He fires back with a headscissors that takes Eddie to the floor. He wants a suicide dive, but Eddie hurries out of harm’s way. Now Rey starts clutching his bad knee, which Eddie targets for the next couple minutes. He locks in an STF as we go to break.

When we return, Guerrero has Mysterio in a reverse Gory special. Why not. Rey counters into a victory roll for two, and Eddie rolls back for a two count of his own. Brainbuster! He wants the Frog Splash, but Rey moves and Eddie rolls away. He then runs Rey down with a clothesline. Into the tree of woe, Eddie tries a dropkick and misses. Rey sits up and Eddie gets his balls posted. As Eddie regroups with his “unnamed bodyguard”, Rey hits them both with an awesome plancha! Back in, Guerrero swats away a springboard move. He charges Rey in the corner, but Rey moves forward and launches Eddie into the corner instead. Rocker dropper by Rey leads to a flying headscissors to put Eddie back on the floor! Rey baseball slides into Eddie and continues that with another headscissors. Back in, Rey lands a springboard somersault splash for two! Once he gets up, Rey charges right into a flapjack. Eddie drills him with a disgusting powerbomb for 1-2-NO! He tries for another one, but that fails and triggers the big Rey comeback. Headscissors everywhere! Ref Charles Robinson gets bumped. Eddie’s bodyguard grabs hold of Rey for Eddie, but Rey moves and Eddie nails his own bodyguard off the apron with a dropkick. Not a bad bump! Springboard X-Factor to Eddie! Here comes Kidman. He’s on the apron. Now Rey grabs Eddie for Kidman to nail him, but that backfires as Kidman slugs Rey! Whoops. Eddie schoolboys Rey for the 1-2-3. (12:21 shown) Well, that creates quite the problems as they head into Starrcade. Rey and Kidman were buds before, but now there could be trouble! Good TV match from both guys. ***

The new head of the nWo B&W Scott Steiner heads out to the ring. Bobby Heenan joins us, so it must be at least 9:30PM EST. Steiner does his weekly sexual “Superstar Billy Graham” promo and calls St. Louis the “Show Me State”. Steiner brings out “Mark McGwire”. Of course, it’s just Buff Bagwell dressed as Mark McGwire coming to the ring on a tricycle driven by the nWo referee.  Apparently, “McGwire” can’t get through the interview without swigging some Androsterone, and says “there’s no way in (hell) I can hit 70 homeruns without it.” Steiner lights the Cardinals ball cap on fire and drops it in a trash can. The nWo referee even counts out the cap, which is HILARIOUS and the only funny thing about this segment.

  • Norman Smiley vs. Prince Iaukea

Iaukea tries to BUM RUSH Smiley, but you can’t do that to Norman. Iaukea interrupts Smiley’s dancing, Smiley shakes it off, and continues to dance. FANTASTIC. The crowd loves it. Iaukea lands a Samoan Drop and gets two. Smiley slips out of a slam and finds the CROSSFACE CHICKENWING for the quick tapout. (1:49) Apparently someone enjoyed this so much, they booked a rematch for Starrcade. ¼*

HOUR NUMBER THREE! Your hosts are Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, and Bobby Heenan.

  • Barry Windham vs. Van Hammer

Really? Windham versus Hammer? Not to mention, Windham comes out to personalized music. No nWo theme. Weird. As soon as the match gets started, RIC FLAIR runs down to jump Windham at :37.

Chops and crotch shots abound inside and out of the ring. Windham finally fights back and Flair starts jamming his thumbs into Windham’s eyes. This is great. He pulls down Windham’s vest for more wide open chops. More punches to the dick. Wait a minute, are we about to see Shattered Dreams? Of all people, the nWo sends VINCENT to save the day. Good luck. ARN ANDERSON runs down to even the odds. AA stomps a mudhole in Vincent and walks it dry to a HUUGE reaction. Next up, HORACE and BRIAN ADAMS start down the aisle, but CHRIS BENOIT and DEAN MALENKO send them packing backstage. Vincent is trying to find a partner in the aisle, but he’s just a spare prick at the wedding at this point. The fight continues into the back and FINALLY security is out to try and separate them. Some cops out with them too. Tony says something is wrong when Bischoff can violate Flair’s family on Thunder without anyone stopping them and yet the Horsemen are being cuffed here. Wow, Benoit just got PEPPER SPRAYED. Meanwhile, Ric Flair and Arn Anderson are in the ring. Flair gets on the stick and cuts another MONEY promo. He explains calling to Eric Bischoff that no matter what he’s done, he’s been a MAN. His wife and kids have forgiven him for everything he’s done because they depend on him. Eric Bischoff has tried to end Flair’s career on multiple occasions, but the people won’t allow it. Reid has asked him why he doesn’t just beat the hell out of Bischoff and get back to wrestling, but he doesn’t understand how the world works – HE’S ONLY TEN YEARS OLD, PEOPLE. What Reid does understand is that a man should never quit. After last Thursday night, Flair almost quit. Bischoff put his hands on Flair’s children and Flair’s wife – and Flair calls him a no good rotten bastard. As Flair says that Bischoff had crossed a line that should never have been crossed, ERIC BISCHOFF comes out the tunnel to taunt Flair. Once Flair spots him, Flair RUNS OUT OF THE RING and tries to jump him. Doug Dellinger and about a dozen security guys block the way and manage to hold him off. As they carry Flair away, Flair is cursing Bischoff and promises to KILL Bischoff. Well, maybe now Flair has crossed a line. Anyways, MONEY segment right here.

  • Booker T vs. Jerry Flynn

Booker catches Flynn early with the Jumping Forearm, but Flynn fights back with kicks. Booker quickly comes back and nails the Axe Kick. There’s a spinebuster, a back suplex, and the SPINAROONIE. The MISSILE DROPKICK from Booker gets the win. (2:27) Tony couldn’t provide detailed PBP because of the Flair segment. What’s your excuse for the rest of the show?

  • Lex Luger vs. Kenny Kaos

No tag belt with Kaos tonight. Is Judy Bagwell ACTUALLY the tag team champion right now? Kaos mocks the nWo Wolfpac and gets booed. Wow, Kaos is going HEEL here. He actually works over Luger with power moves. Imagine that. Lex fires back with a series of clotheslines and the Bionic Forearm. Hey wait, Why is a one-armed Robbie Rage on the apron? He picks a really bad time to discuss his problems with Kaos as Luger hoists Kaos up into the TORTURE RACK for the win. (3:40) Afterwards, High Voltage has a conversation where neither man really says anything. They get wrap-it-up music which is pretty hilarious. I’m not really a High Voltage Hater, but you could file this under “who really cares?”. I don’t watch WCW Saturday Night. Sorry, I just don’t have the time. ½*


Konnan’s rap music video airs! Wow!

  • WCW World Television Championship: Konnan (c) vs. Alex Wright

Konnan comes out and speaks on this for us. Before telling Alex Wright that he’ll have him “toss my salad” (wouldn’t that make Konnan the fruit booty?), DISCO INFERNO comes out and warns Konnan that Wright has gone nuts. I mean, he’s telling him now that they’re friends and all that. Konnan denies there’s a friendship between them and tells Disco he needs to take off the nWo Wolfpac t-shirt. Don’t be perpetratin’, Disco! Apparently, “Mr. Sexy” Kevin Nash gave Disco that t-shirt and tries to get Konnan to go with him to talk to Nash after the match to prove he’s nWo Wolfpac. Tonight’s attendance is finally announced at 32,538. That’s WILD.

Lots of trading wristlocks and mat wrestling gets Wright all frustrated as he takes a breather out on the floor to send us into a commercial break. When we come back, Wright is choking Konnan with his nWo Wolfpac wife beater. He dumps out Konnan, but stands up on the turnbuckles and gets booed. He doesn’t follow up. Back in, Konnan shakes his dick at Wright and hits the seated dropkick for two. The Rolling Clothesline catches Wright for another nearfall. After applying a weak wristlock on the mat, Konnan hits a Hurricane Bulldog. That gets two. The K-Factor connects and sets up the TEQUILA SUNRISE for the tapout. (6:05 shown) Very weak match-up. Wright throws a fit afterwards for no apparent reason. He misses trying to whack ref Scott Dickinson with a chair. Speaking of temper tantrums, CHRIS JERICHO comes out and waffles Konnan in the back with the WCW TV title. Jericho slams Konnan to the mat, lays the belt across his face and hits a Lionsault on the belt! He heels it up with his big lion walk and does the “COME ON BABY” cover for no reason. He nails Konnan with the belt again and then leaves with the belt in hand. Ralphus makes sure the belt is snapped on, but Heenan isn’t sure Ralphus is capable. ¾*

This is the end of the Alex Wright Experiment. We’ve been here for his ups and downs over these last four years, but it’s time to call it a day. He will be repackaged as BERLYN debuting at Fall Brawl 1999. WCW gives that character about five months before they trash it and he returns to an updated version of the Alex Wright character in October 2000 where he reforms a tag team with Disco Inferno. They actually win the WCW world tag titles on a tour in Germany in November 2000 and stick around until the end of WCW – never to be seen by American audiences again.

  • The Giant vs. Disco Inferno

Disco comes out and makes an open challenge to somebody from the nWo B&W to prove he’s REALLY nWo Wolfpac. Unfortunately for Disco it’s the GIANT. Man, Giant really looks like the “Big” Show here – with the emphasis on “big”. Standard Giant offense. Disco tries to land the Chartbuster, but Giant overpowers him and throws him away in mid-move. SUPER CHOKESLAM to Disco ends this one. (2:58) Giant gets on the mic and considers that DDP may be already dead after that chokeslam off the stage. At Starrcade, Giant plans to pull off arms, legs, and DDP’s head. He’s going to squash DDP like a cockroach. The roaches may check in, but they don’t check out. Is Giant running a motel these days? DDP shows up in the crowd – because he’s the PEOPLE’S CHAMP and they get him JACKED before he BANGS guys in the ring. Giant gets fuming mad since DDP isn’t dead, I suppose. I mean, it’s not like Giant threw DDP off Cobo Hall or anything. ¼*

  • Goldberg vs. Scott Hall

Goldberg shoves Hall around and absorbs the shoulderblocks with a fireman’s carry takedown. Here comes KEVIN NASH to just get a closer look, I’m sure. Hall goes to the eyes, but gets caught with a powerslam. He looks over at Nash and gets distracted, allowing Hall to nail Goldberg from behind. Hall hits the Fallaway Slam, but Goldberg NO-SELLS and Spears Hall! Could it be time for the JACKHAMMER? Nope. Nash pulls Hall out to the floor and BAM BAM BIGELOW attacks for the DQ. (2:56) We’ll see you at Starrcade. ¼*

Yes, Starrcade is next. Hopefully it won’t take me forever to get through it. It’s going to be a tough one, but we’re so close to finally closing the book of 1998.

Until next time, so long for now.

LIVE ON PPV from the MCI Center in Washington, DC on Sunday, December 27!
MAIN EVENT: WCW World Championship: Goldberg (c) vs. Kevin Nash
WCW World TV Championship: Konnan (c) vs. Chris Jericho
WCW Cruiserweight Championship: Billy Kidman (c) vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Juventud Guerrera
Ric Flair vs. Eric Bischoff
Diamond Dallas Page vs. The Giant
Perry Saturn vs. Ernest Miller


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