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TEN YEARS AFTER: WWE Vengeance 2006


WWE: Vengeance
June 25, 2006
Charlotte, NC
Charlotte Bobcats Arena

The current RAW champions are as follows:
WWE Champion: Rob Van Dam (6/11/2006)
WWE Intercontinental Champion: Shelton Benjamin (5/15/2006)
World Tag Team Champions: The Spirit Squad (4/3/2006)
WWE Women’s Champion: Mickie James (4/2/2006)

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.
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ECW November To Remember 1998

ECW November To Remember
November 1, 1998
Lakefront Arena
New Orleans, Louisiana

The current ECW champions were as follows:
World Heavyweight Champion: Shane Douglas (11/30/97)
Television Champion: Rob Van Dam (4/4/98)
Tag Team Champions: Dudley Boyz (10/24/98)
Unrecognized FTW Champion: Taz (5/14/98)

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