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Portland Wrestling: 1977-1979 (VOLUME 9)


Portland Wrestling

The current Portland wrestling champions are as follows as of 5/19/79:
NWA World Champion: Harley Race (2/6/1977)
PNW Heavyweight Champion: Roddy Piper (2/17/1979)
PNW Tag Team Champions: Adrian Adonis & Ron Starr (4/3/1979)

Your host is Frank Bonnema.
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Legacy on Demand Showcase (05.09) Legacy on Demand Showcase
May 2009

Since we can’t get 24/7 here in North Carolina just yet, I’ve subscribed to WWE’s online on demand service which is FILLED with stuff to watch that I haven’t ever seen. Not from just WWE, but from other territories and companies over the years much like WWE 24/7 offers, only it’s online.

I’ll be taking requests from people who want something reviewed/recapped, which I’ll work on completing a mix bag of matches like you’ll see here once a month. Just put your requests in the comment section. All I ask is no PPV matches and NO MORE THAN ONE EPISODE of the weekly programming (Raw, Wrestling Challenge, Superstars, House Shows) at a time. Believe it or not, I will get around to the PPV matches AND I just don’t have the time to do a bunch more programming than I’m already doing. I hope you all understand. So without further ado, here we go with my first edition. Read the rest of this entry



What I hope to accomplish with this column is to encourage us gaijins (that’s foreigners in Japanese!) that mainstream/independent American wrestling isn’t only where its at and that if you’re bored with all the so-called superstars or those little guys with kick pads and you’ve yet to find another source of wrestling media, then look no further than Japan. Read the rest of this entry

World Championship Wrestling (03.25.89)

NWA World Championship Wrestling
March 25, 1989
Atlanta, GA
WTBS Studios

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Michael PS Hayes. This should be good. JR needs a heel color man to make his commentary all the more fun because he’s so quick and good at comebacks and always seems to know just what to say. Read the rest of this entry

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