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WWF: No Way Out! (of Texas) – In Your House XX (02.98)


WWF: No Way Out! (of Texas) – In Your House XX
February 15, 1998
Houston, TX
Compaq Center

The current WWF champs are as follows:
World Champion: Shawn Michaels (11/9/1997)
Intercontinental Champion: The Rock (12/8/1997)
World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws (11/24/1997)
European Champion: Owen Hart (1/26/1998)
Light Heavyweight Champion: TAKA Michinoku (12/7/1997)

FREE FOR ALL: Dok Hendrix announces that Shawn Michaels is out of the main event due to a back injury. What Dok doesn’t tell us is that he was diagnosed on Wednesday as having two herniated discs in his back. Is it possible Shawn was supposed to take the Stone Cold Stunner and do the job here? Hmm. So who will be his replacement? Hendrix says DX always has a plan and the possibilities of Shawn’s replacement is mind-boggling if you think about it. If you don’t think about it, is it supposed to be easy? Anyways, the main event has now been changed to an anything goes brawl one fall to a finish just like we like it in Texas.
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