Monthly Archives: December 2007

The BJ Whitmer_CM Punk YouTube/DailyMotion MixTape

I’m going to be honest with you guys. I’ve only seen maybe a half dozen BJ Whitmer matches and they were all from ROH, so that says a lot of what I thought of this guy for me to pick him as the first B-named wrestler for the mix tape. Read the rest of this entry

The AJ Styles YouTube/DailyMotion Mix Tape

Yeah! Everybody loves mix tapes! I’m starting with the letter A and doing ten-match profiles on everybody great I can find.

It’s probably a little risky to start with this guy because the first wrestler I recap sets the precedent on whether or not you the reader continues to care or not, but don’t worry. Besides, you can’t spell AJ Styles without the letter A! (duh), so he has to be first on our list. Read the rest of this entry

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