Main Event (02.12.89)

NWA Main Event
February 12, 1989

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Paul E. Dangerously! Paul E asks where that “Italian fella” is at, of course alluding to Tony Schiavone.

  • Dick Murdoch vs. Keith Steinborn

Taped from a house show. We JIP to Steinborn getting in a tad of offense, but Murdoch comes back and dumps Steinborn to the floor for a beating. Back in, Murdoch follows up with more punches and elbows. Dusty Rhodes elbow drop gets the win. (1:57 shown) Squash.

Clash V: St. Valentines Massacre ad airs.

  • Ric Flair & Barry Windham (w/Hiro Matsuda) vs. Sting & Michael PS Hayes

Not sure why this would be happening, but I’ll gladly take it. This is also from a house show. Windham and Sting start this one. They run the ropes and Sting crotches himself on Windham’s shoulder off a leapfrog, but it doesn’t seem to bother him too much as he quickly recovers and rolls up Windham for two. Sting hits a press slam and Windham retreats over to Flair for a tag. He styles and profiles, but Sting NO-SELLS his chops and gives Flair a press slam. Windham runs in and receives the same punishment. Flair takes a count and shoves ref Teddy Long around. This crowd literally seems to hate Flair. Back in, Sting grabs a test of strength. Flair corners Sting and tries for more chops, but it does no good. Sting hiptosses him out and delivers the dropkick for two. He delivers another hiptoss, but Flair avoids the dropkick. They run the ropes and Sting simply puts on the brakes (I don’t know why nobody else ever does that when they get in trouble) and tags in Hayes. Flair immediately goes to his knees before Hayes even does the moonwalk! Flair tries to corner him in the wrong side of town, but Hayes punches out and follows up with more punches. The Flair Corner Flip puts him on the wrong apron and he walks right into a ear clap from Sting. Flair and Windham regroup and Teddy Long doesn’t mess around with that ten count. Flair hurries back at five. He corners Hayes for some chops and then snapmares him over for a Rolling Knee Drop. He tries another, but Hayes moves and posts Flair’s leg. That leads to a figure-four on Flair. Windham comes in to save, but Sting stops him and applies the figure-four. STEREO FIGURE FOURS~! The crowd goes crazy for this stuff. Once all that is done, Flair low blows Hayes to take back control. Windham tags in for an inverted atomic drop. The Horsemen then cheat like CRAZY by using extra leverage and illegal trade-offs on an abdominal stretch. Just old school heel awesomeness. After all that, then Flair throws Hayes over the top rope behind the ref’s back. Flair goes back to the knee and tags in Windham for a Lariat. Cover, 1-2-NO! Hayes gets a desperation sunset flip, but Windham reaches over to Flair for a tag before he falls back. Flair rakes the eyes, but Hayes blocks a hiptoss and executes a backslide for 1-2-NO! Flair goes to the eyes AGAIN and then heads up top. Guess what happens next. HOT TAG TO STING! He backs Flair into the corner for the ten-count corner punch. Hiptoss and dropkick follow, and the same goes for Windham. The double-team from Flair and Windham fails and Sting NO-SELLS the chops. Stinger Splash! SCORPION DEATHLOCK! Windham saves and Hayes gets dumped. The Horsemen attempt another double-team, but Flair gets tripped up by Hayes and Sting rolls up Windham (who is not the legal man) for the 1-2-3! (15:36) Flair and Windham made Hayes and Sting look top notch. Great work from everybody here. ***½

After the break, Paul E calls JR worse than David Crockett. Ouch!

YOUTUBE IT: The main event is worth a look.

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