World Championship Wrestling (02.11.89)

NWA World Championship Wrestling
February 11, 1989
Atlanta, GA
WTBS Studios

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Magnum TA!

Interview with the Midnight Express and Jim Cornette. Corny whips out a doctored edition of the popular tabloid paper The Sun with Paul E’s picture under the caption “Doc Gives Woman Sex Change By Mistake” and that Paul E plans to have that procedure reversed on February 20 when his wrestling commitments come to an end. He’s also got a sack full of hotel information so that he doesn’t have to sleep in the bus station where he picks up his boyfriends. Cornette even called Rand McNally and they gave him a free road atlas to give to Paul E, which apparently gives you a direct route to hell. Before he and the Express leave, Cornette declares February 20 as Paul E’s last day in the NWA. Another amazing promo.

  • Hacksaw Butch Reed (w/Hiro Matsuda) vs. Trent Knight

JR tries to say that there are similarities between Sting and Reed because of their explosiveness. I guess it’s possible. That match goes down at Chi-Town Rumble. Reed just annihilates this guy and finishes him off with a FLYING SHOULDERBLOCK. (4:56) Next match.

Chi-Town Rumble ad airs.

Interview with Lex Luger. He reiterates his plan for when he wins the US belt. He’s got COUNTERS~!

  • Dick Murdoch & Michael PS Hayes vs. Mike Thor & Ray Allen

Murdoch must be subbing for JYD here. JR is still reminding us about Pearl Harbor implying that Japanese people are distrustful anti-Americans. LEAVE MATSUDA ALONE! Hayes and Murdoch work on Thor’s arm for a good while. Allen comes in and gets choked by Hayes. Murdoch tags in and finishes Allen off with the BRAINBUSTER. (6:17) Nothing too amazing.

You’ve got to see the Road Warriors Old Spice commercial. Even the Road Warriors care what they smell like!

  • The Road Warriors & Paul Ellering vs. The Varsity Club

This is from the morning syndicated show. JR & Jim Cornette are on commentary. Big brawl to start, as expected. Rotunda starts with Hawk. LOD is already getting face reactions. Rotunda tries to wrestle, but Hawk would rather punch. Animal and Sullivan tag. Animal NO-SELLS a clothesline and fires back, so Doc tags in as a much more evenly matched opponent. Doc takes Hawk to the mat, but Hawk comes back fighting with a clothesline. Ellering and Sullivan go toe-to-toe. Ellering’s goes DROPKICK-CRAZY on the VC! Animal and Rotunda tie up, but Doc pulls the rope down and Animal goes flying out to the floor to try and break his arm! Hawk comes over after the damage is done and throws a wooden podium around. Back in, Rotunda delivers a hammerlock slam and follows up with some elbow drops. Doc tags in and lowers the boom on Animal’s arm. Uh oh, OLE ANDERSON STEPOVER ARMBAR! He stomps away and then tags in Sullivan. Animal fires back, but Sullivan clips him and tags Rotunda. They draw Hawk and Ellering in and then deliver the old fashioned Anderson flying knee to the arm double team. It turns into a pier-six and Ellering gets posted. Together, Doc and Rotunda intentionally toss Hawk over the top rope for a DQ. (7:48) The VC attempt a triple-team on Animal, but Hawk comes in and chases them off with a steel chair. This is the match they should’ve done at the Chi-Town Rumble. ***¼

Interview with the Varsity Club. Rotunda mentions that the Varsity Club can take it to LOD, but he’s more concerned with getting his TV belt back. Doc and Sullivan are going to break some arms at the Chi-Town Rumble!

  • NWA World Television Champion Rick Steiner vs. Pretty Boy Lloyd

Why does PBL deserve a rematch? Steiner beats up Lloyd while talking to Alex. He rams PBL gut-first into the corner and then takes him outside for a bit. Back in, Steiner finally takes his jacket off and delivers the BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX for the win. (3:17) Kiss it goodbye, Rick.

Interview with the Original Midnight Express and Paul E. Dangerously. Not nearly as creative as Cornette’s promo earlier. He brings out the “Bye Bye Jim Cornette” sign and says that February 20 will be Cornette’s last day.

  • The Midnight Express (w/Jim Cornette) vs. The Cruel Connection

The Midnights clothesline the Connection out on the floor for tandem atomic drops. Lane shoots back in the ring with a slingshot back elbow. Shortly thereafter, Cruel #2 receives the FLAPJACK for the 1-2-3. (1:27) That’ll do.

YOUTUBE IT: The opening squash because it includes the Jim Cornette promo, and the LOD/Ellering vs. Varsity Club match. Everything else is passable. Sadly, no Steamboat/Flair confrontations.

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