WWE European Title History

Champion Won From Date City/Event
Davey Boy Smith Owen Hart 2/26/1997 Monday Night
Shawn Michaels Davey Boy Smith 9/20/1997 One Night Only
Hunter Hearst
Shawn Michaels 12/22/1997 Raw is War
Owen Hart Goldust 1/20/1998 Raw is War[2]
Hunter Hearst
Helmsley (2)
Owen Hart 3/16/1998 Raw is War
D’Lo Brown Hunter Hearst
7/20/1998 Raw is War
X-Pac D’Lo Brown 9/21/1998 Raw is War
D’Lo Brown (2) X-Pac 10/5/1998 Raw is War
X-Pac (2) D’Lo Brown 10/18/1998 Judgment Day
Shane McMahon X-Pac 2/15/1999 Raw is War[3]
Mideon 6/21/1999 Raw is War[4]
D’Lo Brown (3) Mideon 7/25/1999 Fully Loaded
Jeff Jarrett D’Lo Brown 8/22/1999 SummerSlam
Mark Henry 8/23/1999 Raw is War[5]
D’Lo Brown (4) Mark Henry 9/26/1999 Unforgiven
Davey Boy Smith
D’Lo Brown 10/28/1999 Smackdown!
Val Venis Davey Boy Smith 12/12/1999 Armageddon[6]
Kurt Angle Val Venis 2/10/2000 Smackdown!
Chris Jericho Kurt Angle 4/2/2000 WrestleMania
Eddie Guerrero Chris Jericho 4/3/2000 Raw is War
Perry Saturn Eddie Guerrero 7/23/2000 Fully Loaded
Al Snow Perry Saturn 8/31/2000 Smackdown!
William Regal Al Snow 10/16/2000 Raw is War
Crash Holly William Regal 12/2/2000 Rebellion
William Regal (2) Crash Holly 12/4/2000 Raw is War
Test William Regal 1/22/2001 Raw is War
Eddie Guerrero (2) Test 4/1/2001 WrestleMania X-7
Matt Hardy Eddie Guerrero 4/26/2001 Smackdown!
The Hurricane Matt Hardy 8/27/2001 Raw is War
Bradshaw The Hurricane 10/22/2001 Raw
Christian Bradshaw 11/1/2001 Smackdown!
DDP Christian 1/31/2002 Smackdown!
William Regal (3) DDP 3/21/2002 Smackdown![8]
Spike Dudley William Regal 4/8/2002 Raw
William Regal (4) Spike Dudley 5/6/2002 Raw
Jeff Hardy William Regal 7/8/2002 Raw
Rob Van Dam Jeff Hardy 7/22/2002 Raw[9]

[1]: This was a tournament final.
[2]: Goldust impersonated champion Hunter Hearst Helmsley for this match, but WWF Commissioner Sgt. Slaughter allowed the title change to stand.
[3]: During a tag team match with Shane McMahon & Kane took on champion X-Pac & Triple H where the European title was on the line, McMahon won the belt by pinning X-Pac. McMahon would retire the belt shortly after beating X-Pac at WrestleMania XV.
[4]: McMahon reactivated the title and awarded it to Mideon several months later.
[5]: Jarrett gave the title to Henry as a reward for helping him beat Brown for both the European and Intercontinental championships the previous night.
[6]: This was a triple-threat match which also included D’Lo Brown.
[7]: This was a triple-threa match which also included Chris Benoit.
[8]: The European title becomes exclusive to Raw when Regal gets drafted to Raw on March 26, 2002.
[9]: As Intercontinental champion, Rob Van Dam was able to unify the belts.

Credit goes to: PWI Almanac, wrestling-titles.com, and ProWrestlingHistory.com

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