TNA World Heavyweight Title History

Champion Won From Date City/Event
Kurt Angle 6/17/2007 Slammiversary[1]
Sting Kurt Angle 10/14/2007 Bound for Glory
Kurt Angle (2) Sting 10/25/2007 iMPACT!
Samoa Joe Kurt Angle 4/13/2008 Lockdown
Sting (2) Samoa Joe 10/12/2008 Bound for Glory IV
Mick Foley Sting 4/19/2009 Lockdown
Kurt Angle (3) 6/21/2009 Slammiversary[2]
AJ Styles Kurt Angle 9/20/2009 No Surrender[3]
Rob Van Dam AJ Styles 4/19/2010 iMPACT![4]
Jeff Hardy Mr. Anderson 10/10/2010 Bound for Glory[5]
Mr. Anderson Jeff Hardy 1/9/2011 Genesis
Jeff Hardy (2) Mr. Anderson 2/13/2011 Against All Odds
Sting (3) Jeff Hardy 3/3/2011 iMPACT!
Mr. Anderson (2) Sting 6/12/2011 Slammiversary IX
Sting (4) Mr. Anderson 7/14/2011 iMPACT!


[1]: This match was decided in a ‘King of the Mountain’ match, which also included Christian Cage, Chris Harris, Samoa Joe & AJ Styles.

[2]: This match was decided in a ‘King of the Mountain’ match, which also included Mick Foley, Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles & Samoa Joe.

[3]: This was a five-way match which also included Sting, Hernandez, and Matt Morgan.

[4]: RVD had to vacate the title due to a kayfabe injury on August 19.

[5]: Jeff Hardy won the vacant TNA world championship in a triple-threat match which also included Kurt Angle.

Credit goes to: PWI Almanac,, and

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