Kyle’s No Mercy 1999 Report

What’s up everybody. My name is Kyle and I’ve been a wrestling fan for 16 years. I love all kinds of wrestling and I also happen to love women. That is all.

How it works:

The rules are just a little different from how I would judge a TV show. On a PPV, I judge upon how good the matches are and the booking of the PPV and segments and promos also have an impact on the show. I put each segment, match etc. into categories and then give an overall grade for the PPV. The categories are good which means that it is good booking or a good match that makes sense. Presentable means it is mostly good, but has flaws or something is missing. Bad is something that is presentable, but has major flaws and did not deserve to be on the show – yet still watch able to a point. The ugly is unwatchable. You want to crave your eyes out when you are watching it from the stupidity.

The Matches

1. Opening Match: The Godfather (w/Hoes) vs. Mideon (w/Viscera). ¾*

2. WWF Women’s Title: Ivory vs. The Fabulous Moolah (w/Mae Young). DUD

3. The New Age Outlaws vs. The Hollys **1/4

4. Intercontinental Title, Good Housekeeping Match: Chyna vs. Jeff Jarrett (w/Miss Kitty). **

5. The Rock vs. The British Bulldog. * ¼

6. The T.I.T. Finals Ladder Match: Edge & Christian vs. The Brood (w/Gangrel) ****

7. Mankind vs. Val Venis ** 3/4

8. Four-Way Elimination: X-Pac vs. Kane vs. Faarooq vs. Bradshaw **

9. WWF Heavyweight Title, No Holds Barred: Triple H vs. Steve Austin. *** ½

The Good

The T.I.T. Finals Ladder Match: Edge & Christian vs. The Brood (w/Gangrel)– With this being the first tag team ladder match, it was certainly one for the record books. This was what the tag team division is missing today – great young gifted athletes. This was a total car-wreck, but a great one at that. While what they were fighting for was not all that valuable, it doesn’t make this less effective then it was. The risks these four took really made you cringe at the pain they must have endured. These four had established some great chemistry together and this was only the start to their great matches. They really did almost “master” the ladder match.

WWF Heavyweight Title, No Holds Barred: Triple H vs. Steve Austin: Not their best match ever, but very effective. It had some good build going into it and even happening on the show with HHH attacking the Rock. HHH faked getting bit by a rattlesnake and then cheaply attacked Austin leading up to this match. The match was made ‘No holds Barred’ on HeAt (lot of build to PPV happen on HeAt back then). This match was Austin just being the pissed-off brawler who was just looking for revenge. It had its effects of Russo-style booking in it, but it actually worked well this time as it added more drama to the match. The end was fairly well booked as Rock was seeking for revenge for HHH but it backfired and cost Austin the match instead, setting up a good ol’ love triangle.

The Presentable

The New Age Outlaws vs. The Holly’s: Nothing really wrong with this one, the NAO were extremely over at this time. It’s just too bad it did not carry over into TNA for them. This was just a basic tag match with Outlaws playing the lovable baby faces and the Holly’s playing the mean cold-hearted heels. The booking leading in to this one was very confusing because why would the Holly’s have a tag title shot and then cost the NAO the belts when they were going to defend the belts against them? This had a nice old school heel finish of the heel bringing in the chair then the face using it and getting DQ’ed.

Intercontinental Title, Good Housekeeping Match: Chyna vs. Jeff Jarrett: It was a decent garbage brawl at best, but really did not have any amount of psychology whatsoever. It was just a spot fest of hitting each other with weapons and told no story. They did make it entertaining to watch though and I was never really bored with it, which makes it borderline passable.

Segment with the Rock: The Rock returns to the ring to challenge the winner of tonight’s main event. HHH then attacks him with the sledgehammer. The Rock was so over with crowds during this time. This was a good step-up to the main event.

Mankind vs. Val Venis: Good, fun comedy match showing what Val was capable of doing in the ring with a good person to work with. Lawler was just pure gold on color commentary for this match. He had me laughing a few times. If only he could turn heel and be interesting again. The story of the match was more about Rocko vs. Socko, which is what it came down to. I was a bit surprised that Val actually won this match with a rather good booked ending to boot to give Val the rub he needed at the time.

The Bad

The Rock vs. The British Bulldog: For the time given, the match was good. The poor build and being so low down in the card really hurt this match and felt like it was rushed. A very fast-paced and fun brawl, but they treated the Bulldog wrong here by making this into a squash match. These two are capable of much better,  but never got to show off what they could do with each other. It’s a real shame.

The Ugly

The Godfather (w/Hoes) vs. Mideon (w/Viscera): Real quickly, the Godfather was very over at this point and very entertaining with the Ho Train, but this match was not good and went as people said seven minutes too long. The match was just announced on HeAt and not needed with the amount of matches already on the card. This match really reminded me of how TNA is now with the way Vince Russo uses a lot of distractions and interference. In this match, he booked Viscera to get involved way too often and what was stupid was how the Hoes sold everything. They laughed when the Godfather was getting attacked and did not try to do anything to help. Those dirty hoes.

WWF Women’s Title: Ivory vs. The Fabulous Moolah (w/Mae Young): As I pointed out positives in the other match, this one did not even have one thing to like about it. First, watching this live I was scared to death that Moolah was going to get seriously hurt in this match because of her age and not considering how sloppy this match was. Miscommunications, sloppy ‘rasslin, and the amount of botches were just bad in this match. If I was one to give out negative star ratings, this match would take it and like it.

PPV Rating System:

1- Just a brutal PPV – one that makes you think of really cutting your eyes out for being so plain and completely awful.2- It’s a step above one where at least you’re not finding yourself pulling the DVD out of your player and breaking it in half in sheer anger at how bad the show you just watched turned out to be, yet you’re still pretty disappointed.

3- Maybe one good match or a couple decent ones, but everything else is pure crap. Nothing really good comes out of this PPV and the direction of the show was terribly wrong.

4- Bad PPV overall, but a couple good matches that aren’t good enough to save the show as a whole.

5- Not-so-good PPV, but still passable. There’s good stuff on it, but nothing to really make you watch it twice.

6- Decent PPV. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday night, but nothing all that memorable either.

7- A good solid show. Nothing that will blow you away, but enough to like to make the PPV enjoyable.

8- A great PPV. Definitely worth your time and money and a show that you might want to watch again.

9- An outstanding PPV that is worth every dime you spent. Not only great matches, but includes a MOTYC. It’s what you would consider an awesome PPV.

10- Absolutely perfect PPV with no conceivable flaws.


A good start for the No Mercy franchise from what turns into a throw away PPV in the years to come. Also for a 1999 PPV to be this good ring-wise is very shocking as well. The first hour or so was pretty boring, but once the ladder match was underway, it was smooth sailing from there to the end. This PPV gets a slight recommendation from me, but be ready to skip over to the good stuff like the main event, the ladder match, Mankind vs. Val. If you enjoy hardcore matches, watch the house keeping match. Overall though, this would fall under the category of an  “average” ppv.

Final Verdict: 6/10


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  1. Great review kyle, good work.

  2. Good Review, I think you under rated the Ladder match a bit. I go **** 1/2.

  3. You have a very unique way of reviews.

  4. I was 7 when I watched this PPV and I was over my friends house like we always would go. We really enjoyed the Ladder match a lot. It was on of the greatest matches I had seen at that time.

  5. nice review… a refreshing change of pace from the usual style. good work.

  6. I like the format, man. Welcome aboard!

  7. felt so bad for Ivory..she had to work with Moolah who I respect for sure..but come on!! Moolah had no business in that ring anymore LOL

  8. Good review. More or less a two match show, as you alluded to. I thought the ladder match was arguably the best match in North America in ’99(weak year for great matches) and Triple H vs. Austin was great too as I recall.

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