ROH on HDNet (04.11.09)

ROH on HDNet
Philadelphia, PA
April 11, 2009

Your hosts are Dave Prazak and Mike Hogewood.

Tonight in the main event, the veteran Jerry Lynn takes on AOTF member Brodie Lee!

  • Austin Aries vs. Kenny Omega

Aries was forced to tap out last week on the show and the crowd gives him crap for it. Hey, the man tapped out to BRYAN DANIELSON! There’s no shame in that. Aries acts like a total pube to start by spinning all over Omega and then paintbrushing him on the head. They trade some quick armdrags. Aries avoids the Kotaro Krusher but gets nailed with a mule kick. Omega proceeds to flip all over Aries but whiffs on a dropkick. Omega hits a Marufuji-esque jumping back elbow smash in the corner and puts Aries on the floor with an open palm strike. Aries shuts down a slingshot Asai moonsault attempt and delivers a running knee smash to Omega while he’s on the apron. Back inside, Aries goes all Muta on us by licking his fingers and jabbing Omega with a nerve hold. He follows up with a gutbuster/STO combo and hits his Pendulum Elbow. That gets two. Aries continues to be a pube by running Omega’s face across the top rope. A stump puller by Aries helps the crowd get behind Omega. Aries looks to finish with a BRAINBUSTER, but Omega refuses and hits an enziguri. Omega fires back with a series of Polish Hammers! Neat cradle by Omega gets two. Omega brings the HEAT some more with a Kotaro Krusher he couldn’t get earlier for two. Aries escapes CROYT’S WRATH, but misses a corner charge and spills out to the floor. Omega gets that slingshot Asai moonsault he wanted earlier too! NICE. Back in, Aries continues to avoid CROYT’S WRATH (electric chair changed over into a German suplex). On Omega’s second attempt at his finisher, Aries rakes the eyes and runs Omega into the ringpost. I love it! Eye rakes STILL get heat! Aries delivers his running dropkick in the corner, kicks Omega in the head for good measure, and then finishes Omega with a bouncing BRAINBUSTER! (11:28) No porpoise slapping this time? This was a great glorified squash. You got the feeling Aries could win any time he wanted early on, but Omega kept on giving more than Aries seemed to have originally expected. I’m a fan of this Kenny Omega fellow now. More of him, please. ***

Kyle Durden speaks with Jerry Lynn. He ain’t afraid of big dudes.

  • Delirious vs. Ernie Osiris

Osiris is doing the dirty hobo gimmick and looks like a smaller Necro Butcher. His ring entrance is comprised of, “Can you spare some change?” Why is everybody so dirty in ROH? You’ve got Necro Butcher, Brodie Lee, and now “Dirty” Ernie Osiris. Can’t these guys ever take a shower? Like he did originally with the character, Delirious goes nuts at the bell and chases Osiris all around the ring. Delirious grabs one of Ernie’s shoes and throws it at him. Osiris takes offense to that (what a hothead!) and drives Delirious into the turnbuckle. That doesn’t stop a man who lives at the edge of sanity! He gives Osiris a beard toss and delivers a neckbreaker across his knee. Osiris delivers a Macho Man running hotshot, but flies down into a headbutt. Neverending Story by Delirious! Ernie counters Stem Cell Research and drives Delirious down with a knee for two. Delirious stops a Bum Rush with a headbutt and hits the Panic Attack. SHADOWS OVER HELL! It’s over. (4:06) Good to see Delirious get a win. Did they tell Hogewood to calm down with the porpoise slapping because NOBODY KNOWS WHAT MEANS or what? *½

In the back, more Kyle Durden. He’s standing with Brodie Lee and Jimmy Jacobs. Durden asks Brodie the question of whether or not it sucks being in the AOTF knowing that Jimmy Jacobs fires everybody who fails? Jacobs says that those (Tyler Black, Necro Butcher, Delirious) before Brodie Lee were just too weak. How can the AOTF go wrong with a big mean trucker guy? It’s on, brother!

  • Daizee Haze & Nevaeh vs. Sassy Stephie & Sara Del Ray (w/Larry Sweeney)

In the pre-match segment, Larry Sweeney gets all creepy with his sexual advances on Stephie and Del Ray. No means no, Larry! He says Sassy Stephie was a casting call for a spot in his Sweet N Sour stable. Nevaeh is Heaven spelled backwards! I get it! Daizee tries to outwrestle Del Ray early on by working the arm. Nevaeh tags in and snapmares Del Ray for a sliding clothesline for two. Del Ray’s power overcomes her challengers when she pulls them into each other during a double-team attack. Haze and Nevaeh complete the double-team straight jacket slam anyways for two. Stephie makes the save, but Sara Del Ray feels like she took her time getting in the ring. That gets Del Ray a little pissed off at her partner. During the argument, Haze sneaks in a rollup on Del Ray for 1-2-NO! Del Ray throws a SICK forearm in Nevaeh’s face and delivers the fallaway slam into a bridge for two. In comes Stephie, who grabs a front headlock. As soon as Nevaeh starts fighting back, Del Ray feels Stephie has failed and tags herself into the match. OH SNAP! Del Ray kicks Nevaeh around a little bit and tags Stephie. Nevaeh gets away from Stephie and makes the tag to Haze. She fights off Del Ray and levels Stephie with a missile dropkick. HEART PUNCH is followed by the Yakuza Kick for 1-2-NO! Del Ray comes in and choke lifts Haze, but takes a front dropkick from Stephie that puts her on the floor. She follows up with a dive on Del Ray off the apron. Meanwhile in the ring, Daizee delivers the MIND TRIP for the 1-2-3. (5:09) Del Ray tells the camera quite loudly that she did not lose this match. Oh well, sucks to be Sassy Stephie I guess. **

  • Jerry Lynn vs. Brodie Lee

Even on paper, this is the worst ROH on HDNet main event to date. Early on, Lynn can’t get anything going with this tall guy. He’s 6 foot 10 which is very tall for ROH standards. Lynn uses his brains and ascends to the top rope during a test of strength to take Brodie down with an armdrag. Brodie misses a knee drop and gets nailed with a basement dropkick for two. He PRESSES Lynn off him and dumps Lynn on the floor. Back inside, Brodie starts choking Lynn in the ropes. Brodie catches Lynn with a powerslam and applies a backbreaker. He buries some forearms into Lynn’s lower back and then hits a Michinoku Driver for 1-2-NO! Back to the floor, Lynn backdrops out of a piledriver. Hogewood CANNOT believe somebody could do that. Lynn jumps at Brodie off the apron, but gets caught and driven back into the ringpost. Brodie returns to the ring while Jimmy Jacobs comes out to choke on Lynn and cheer on Brodie. In the ring, Brodie whips Lynn from corner to corner and then grabs a bearhug to continue the work on the back. Lynn moves away from a running boot in the corner and snaps off a hurracanrana. Brodie runs into a boot and gets caught with a missile dropkick. He rolls out to get a word from Jacobs, but to his surprise gets hit with a somersault plancha from Lynn! On Brodie’s way back in the ring, Lynn legdrops him in between the ropes and delivers the TKO! Cover, 1-2-NO! Brodie stops Lynn up top and delivers a Butterfly Superplex! WILLIAM REGAL UP IN THIS BEEYOTCH! That gets two. Brodie hits a running boot in the corner, misses a second one, but catches Lynn for a Black Hole Slam! Cover again, 1-2-NO! Brodie goes for some sort of leglock, so Lynn pulls him into a small package for 1-2-3! (11:56) So does this mean Brodie Lee’s future with the AOTF isn’t certain? Not a very interesting match as Brodie never felt like what his character is supposed to portray as this counter to Necro Butcher. The match seemed to drag on forever and ended feeling almost like an upset win for Lynn, regardless of the fact that they announced last week that he was the new ROH world champ. If you ask me, this was a rare misfire for ROH. *¾

In next week’s main event, Claudio Castagnoli battles Brent Albright!

Final Thoughts: One favorable characteristic concerning ROH is that it’s not insane to at least reason that the women’s matches have the ability to be better than your main event. That was exactly the case for this edition of ROH on HDNet as at least they had something going on in the women’s tag match with Sara Del Ray and Sassy Stephie not getting along compared to the main event. I enjoy Jerry Lynn very much and I’m sure he tried his best to get this match over, but Brodie Lee was just not that intimidating and never seemed to pose a real threat to Lynn. Bottom line, the most entertaining match on the card was Aries/Omega, so at least check out the show for that match if for nothing else.

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