ROH on HDNet (05.23.09)

ROH on HDNet
Philadelphia, PA
May 23, 2009

Your hosts are Dave Prazak and Mike Hogewood.

There’s a table in the ring and nobody knows why. Oh wait, here come the American Wolves and Shane Hagadorn to explain. After putting Generico through a table last week, the next time they put one of the tag champs through a table, the American Wolves will be crowned NEW ROH world tag team champions. Steenerico run the Wolves off, leaving Shane for dead with a powerbomb through the table courtesy of Kevin Steen. And there’s your main event for next week.

We take a special video look at ROH world champ Jerry Lynn hyping his three challengers for the first ROH world title match on HDNet on June 6.

  • Kenny King vs. Kenny Omega vs. Jay Briscoe (w/Mark Briscoe)

OMEGA~! King refuses the handshakes and Omega tells them both that wrestling is only fun when sportsmanship is shown, so Briscoe slaps the CRAP out of him. King laughs about it and gets slapped down too. Hilarious. Briscoe throws out Omega and dropkicks King out. Omega runs back in and tries to spin kick Briscoe, but Jay ducks and shoots Omega over the top rope for a somersault plancha onto King. Not to show any kind of partnership, Briscoe kicks Omega in the back of the head from the apron. Kenny King takes a couple whips into the guardrail before leaping onto the apron and coming down on Briscoe and Omega with a corkscrew moonsault. King takes Omega into the ring for a suplex and floats over to lay in some forearms. Briscoe comes in and kicks King out again so he can chop and double-stomp Omega. He comes back on Briscoe with the Kotaro Krusher for 1-2-NO! King dumps out Omega and takes a reverse STO into the middle turnbuckle from Briscoe. That gets two. Omega makes the save, but he’s quickly thrown out again. King nails Briscoe with a handstand kick for two. The same thing happens to Omega once again. Jay and King get into a fisticuffs battle, ending with Omega wiping both men out with a flying bodypress! He ducks a double clothesline and takes both Briscoe and King over with a DOUBLE HURRACANRANA! Flash Man’s Time Stopper by Omega to King! Omega is all about some Mega Man. King rolls out for a possible dive from Omega, but Briscoe cuts him off with a big clothesline. Wow, Jay is busted open. It looks like Jay was going for a suplex or a DDT on Omega when King springboards in with a Blockbuster, thus delivering a DDT to Omega at the same time. Cover on Jay, 1-2-NO! Omega crotches King up top, but Briscoe stops it all with a forearm smash to Omega’s back. Briscoe misses a corner charge on Omega, as Omega flips over Jay and runs towards King still sitting up top for a lungblower! Briscoe runs over and gets a quick inside cradle on King for 1-2-NO! Omega hits a punch/kick combo on Briscoe, but then charges into a spinebuster for two. Briscoe heads up top, but King sends him to the floor with a Jumping Enziguri. King puts the bad mouth on Omega and lifts him up for the CORONATION, but Omega manages to slip out and cradle up King for the 1-2-3. (9:31) Omega picks up his first win on HDNet. He reminds me of Brad Armstrong in a way that he’s got lots of potential, but you always wonder if they would ever actually pull the trigger on him to make him a ring leader. ***¼

  • Dark City Fight Club vs. Irish Airborne

No one has been able to touch DCFC yet on HDNet, but the smaller Irish Airborne get in a few tandem moves here. Jon Davis destroys them both with a DOUBLE POUNCE on the boys from Dayton. Kory Chavis knocks Jake Crist off the apron to temporarily prevent a tag, but a modified TOTAL ELIMINATION wipes Dave Crist out as Jake gets the tag. He flies into a DARK CITY STREET CUTTER for the win. (1:41) I’m getting kind of tired of their squashes already. ¾*

They interview Bryan Danielson. He puts himself over for being such a well-conditioned athlete. He’s like the Bob Backlund of the 21st century. Danielson has wrestled all three men enough times to where he knows what to look for and avoid in each of his opponents.

And then we take a look at ROH’s portly fans. Portly, yes, but smart as a whip.

  • Chris Hero (w/Sara Del Ray) vs. Eddie Kingston

Ahh, where’s Larry Sweeney? Kingston chases Hero in and out of the ring to start. Sara Del Ray stands in Kingston’s way while Hero hightails it into the ring. It’s all a plan though as Hero catches Kingston with a dropkick through the ropes. Hero wraps Kingston up in the ringside mats and delivers a running senton to knock the air out of Kingston. In the ring, Kingston begs for more and Hero obliges. Hero unloads, but Kingston comes back with knee strikes. Hero hits a Flash Kick and gets two. Back to the beatdown as Kingston still wants more. Kingston absorbs an elbow strike and catches Hero with an yakuza kick to set up a swinging DDT. Some chops lead to a BACKDROP DRIVER from Kingston, but Hero rolls into the ropes. Kingston fires away on Hero in the corner and doesn’t let up on the five count, so he is OUTTA HERE. DQ win for Hero. (5:23) Kingston decks the ref as Hero and Del Ray flee the scene. Not sure who this really helped. *½

In the back, Kyle Durden is standing by with Brent Albright. He had a bad time last week after not only getting hit in the face with a shoe by a hobo, but then he gets kicked in the balls by a Swede on top of that. Brent invites Colt Cabana over and thanks him for making the save last week. I’m feeling a Head Cheese tag team coming up? Cabana wonders who throws a shoe? UMM, ARN ANDERSON? One of the greatest performers of all-time? That’s who uses a shoe to win a match.

  • Jimmy Jacobs & Brodie Lee vs. Necro Butcher & Delirious

Big brawl to start with split screen camera views. Jacobs pairs off with Delirious while Necro and Brodie hook it up on the other side of the ring. Jacobs peels back one of the ringside mats for something later. He and Delirious head inside the ring as Delirious gets a sudden burst of energy and explodes on Jacobs with a spinebuster. Down on the floor, Brodie Lee takes a chair to Necro. Delirious gives Jacobs a senton splash across the back. They clear out for Brodie Lee and Necro Butcher to take center stage. They start wailing on each other until Necro backdrops Brodie out. Necro cracks Brodie and Jimmy’s heads together as Delirious flies down on top of them with a somersault plancha. Necro makes a scaffold out of chairs inside the ring and looks to suplex Jacobs through the chairs, but Brodie comes over and helps out his AOTF boss and assists in a double suplex on Necro from inside the ring out to the floor! Delirious brings Jacobs back into the ring and pounds away, but Brodie saves his boss again. Big Boot by Brodie gets two. Jacobs drags a beaten down Delirious around by his mask tassels. It’s basically a handicap match while Necro writhes in pain on the floor. Jacobs delivers a FLYING SENTON off Brodie’s shoulders. Brodie covers, but Necro’s back on the apron. He shoves Jacobs down on top of Brodie to break up the pin. No tag, but Necro comes in anyway and beats Brodie into the corner. Meanwhile, Jacobs finds a plastic bag filled with THUMBS TACKS! He slides them down on the mat where a barefoot Necro is walking around! SPEAR to Necro! Brodie goes to pick Necro up, but Necro wisely grabs a bunch of thumbtacks and throws up in Brodie’s face! Slam on the thumbtacks! That sets up SHADOWS OVER HELL on the tacks for 1-2-3! (8:47) Nice little story told here as Delirious finally gets some needed revenge over on the AOTF. At this point though, who really cares though? Aren’t the AOTF just three people now? Jimmy Jacobs, Brodie Lee, and Lacey? **½

Next week, the ROH world tag team champions Kevin Steen & El Generico battle the American Wolves in a tables match!

And in two weeks on June 6, the ROH world champion Jerry Lynn takes on Bryan Danielson, Tyler Black and Austin Aries in a four-corner survival match!

AND WE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111

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