WWEClassics on Demand Showcase (06.09)

WWEClassics on Demand Showcase
June 2009

Best of WCCW

  • Harley Race vs. Kerry Von Erich – No DQ Match (WCCW Fritz Von Erich Retirement Show, 6/4/82)

Winner gets a shot at Flair’s NWA world title. Either way, the winner gets the title shot in their respective hometowns. Kerry catches Race with a dropkick and just when he thinks he might have Race where he wants him, Race delivers a small package for two to screw with Von Erich. After a staredown, Von Erich works a headlock. Meanwhile, commentator Bill Mercer talks about Kerry in his high school days where he used to whirl the discus, which gives you most common sense reason WHY Kerry Von Erich would do moves like the Discus Punch. That means so much more when you know that than him just doing it as part of his moveset. Race breaks loose from the headlock with a back suplex and lands a vicious knee drop. He goes for the Diving Headbutt, but Kerry catches him off the dive with the CLAW. Once Race gets to his feet, he’s able to dump Von Erich off him out to the floor. Race follows him out and wants a Piledriver, but Von Erich backdrops out. Back inside, Race headbutts Von Erich in the gut to stagger him and take control. Race cinches up on a chinlock and keeps Von Erich down on the mat with a yank of the hair every now and then. Von Erich fires back on Race once he reaches a corner and delivers the Discus Punch for 1-2-NO! The ref gets bumped out of the ring off of the kickout. Race headbutts Von Erich again and delivers a Piledriver. The ref gets back in and counts only one. Von Erich fires back on Race, but a headbutt sends Von Erich to the floor. Race takes Kerry over to the announce table and slams his head down onto it a few times. Over at ringside, Von Erich is busted open, so Race takes advantage and sends Von Erich into the ringpost. Just to brutalize Kerry some more, he gives Von Erich a brainbuster out on the football field! Von Erich beats the twenty count, but Races beats him off the apron back to the ground. Race wants to slam Kerry’s head into the ringpost again, but Von Erich sends Race into the ringpost instead to bust Race open. Back in the ring, Von Erich unloads on Race and grabs a sleeper. Race backs Kerry into the ropes for the break and then low blows him for good measure. Suplex by Race gets two, but then Kerry explodes to his feet with a dropkick! Knee drop gets two for Von Erich. Race jabs the gut again and heads up top, but Von Erich slams him down for 1-2-NO! Double-KO ensues. Von Erich goes for a slam and they both tumble over the top to the floor. As they head back into the ring, Von Erich ROLLS THROUGH a flying bodypress for 1-2-3! (15:26) What a battle this was and a great story as the old grizzled veteran Harley Race fought tooth and nail with the ‘modern-day warrior’ Kerry Von Erich. Stuff this good just doesn’t happen anymore and it’s truly a shame. This leads to the AWESOME Flair-Von Erich 2/3 falls match, which leads to the historic cage match on Christmas day to set up the Von Erichs/Freebirds feud that made WCCW famous. ****

  • NWA World Heavyweight Champion Harley Race vs. Kevin Von Erich – (WCCW, 6/22/83)

Less than two weeks earlier, Harley Race had regained the NWA world title for his seventh title reign to lead into Starrcade 1983 so he can put Flair over the right way. The ‘thrown over the top rope’ DQ rule has been waived because of Flair’s doings even though he’s no longer the champ. Since that stipulation was written into the contract before Race regained the belt, he has to abide by it all the same. Also, Race CAN lose the title if he gets DQ’ed. In other words, Race HAS to beat Kevin Von Erich to hold onto the belt even if that means throwing Von Erich over the top rope until the man can’t move anymore and then putting him back into the ring and pinning him. Kevin stays one step ahead of Race at the beginning of match and even looks to put Race away with a sleeper in the few minutes. Moving on, Race gets dumped over the top rope to enforce the stipulation. Back inside, Von Erich tosses Race shoulder-first into the post and kicks him out to the apron. Atomic drop by Kevin gets two. He goes for a Jumping Body Scissors on Race, but nah bro. That doesn’t stop Von Erich from mounting Race and pummeling him to set up for the CLAW! Race has to dump Von Erich out to break the hold. Back in, Von Erich tries that Jumping Body Scissors again. Race falls into the ropes to escape the hold. This is a great example of the NWA world champ going to a territory and making their star look very tough because Race is so far getting nothing in this match. Race comes back and tosses Von Erich out, who lands his shoulder funny on a table on the way down. In the ring, Von Erich sells the shoulder and Race gets pretty excited because he sees an *injury*. He pounds away on Kevin’s shoulder while the man tries to come back with his good arm. He even tucks his hand in his tights to prevent the momentum from moving his bad arm when he swings at Race with his good hand. Seems weird, but brilliant psychology. Race one-ups the damage with a shoulderbreaker for 1-2-NO! He continues to drop knees on Kevin’s shoulder, but he refuses to give up. Kevin still manages to clasp on the Jumping Body Scissors and this time, he locks it in good on Race. Too bad Race reaches the ropes. Race hits a flying double ax handle on the bad shoulder for two. He tries another and Von Erich catches him on the way down in the CLAW. Oh man. Race trips Kevin up out to the floor to get out of the hold. Here comes David Von Erich to encourage his little bro. Back in, there’s more knee drops delivered to the bad shoulder. David talks to Kevin some more and gets stomped in the face by the champ. OH NO YOU DIDN’T! David hops in the ring and attacks Race for the DQ. (14:48) The Von Erichs were pretty deep into their feud with the Freebirds at the time, so this really didn’t go anywhere between David and Harley. Besides, Race lost the title back to Flair at Starrcade. ***

  • NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair vs. “Gentleman” Chris Adams (w/Gary Hart) – (WCCW, 11/29/84)

Pretty big match for Chris Adams. He beat Kevin Von Erich for this NWA world title shot back on Thanksgiving, who Flair refused to wrestle anymore. Considering how big of a heel Chris Adams was in World Class at the time, Flair is obviously the favored one here. Real tentative feeling-out process to start. Flair struts and Adams does his trademark forward handspring to work the crowd. You just don’t see two guys do so little and yet still allow the crowd to get their money’s worth. Finally, Adams counters a headlock into a hammerlock down on the mat. Adams chicken wings Flair over and uses the ropes for leverage to try and score a pinfall, but no go. Flair avoids an elbow drop and snapmares Adams for a Jumping Knee Drop for two. Adams counters a front facelock into an armbar. He changes over to a hammerlock and tries to get the pin again with his feet on the ropes as he pulls back on a chicken wing. Adams STILL can’t get the pin. Back to the armbar. After a few minutes fighting over that, Flair chops back with his good arm. Flair escapes a keylock with an airplane spin. Both men are down! Back to their feet, Flair looks to return the favor and do some damage on Adams’ arm. Adams gets dumped out, but the ref keeps Flair at bay while Adams acts all pissed down on the floor. He gets no sympathy from the crowd except for one teenage girl with a ‘We Still <3 Chris’ sign. Flair gives Adams a suplex back inside, but Adams slips out and grabs a sleeper! Oh, but Flair escapes with a back suplex. Adams fires back on Flair and tries a crossbody out of the corner, but Flair ducks causing Adams to wipe out the ref. Adams still counters a slam into a small package for 1-2-NO! Apparently refs were tougher back then. O’Connor roll from Flair gets 1-2-NO! Flair delivers a shinbreaker to prelude into the FIGURE-FOUR, but Adams nails Flair with an ENZIGURI before he falls to the mat. He kicked the shoulder instead of the head, so Flair completely treats the kick like it was nothing. Boston crab by Flair? In comes Gary Hart to whip Flair in the head with his belt. He continues to stomp the life out of Flair for the DQ. (13:14) I’m guessing it’s not over for these two, but was Adams in THAT much trouble to where Gary needed to interject himself to keep Adams from submitting? It’s not like Ric Flair is the master of the Boston crab or something. Anyways, really good match up to the finish. Even though this is probably leading up to something else that I just don’t know about. Maybe somebody who is better educated on World Class than me can answer this question. ***½

  • WCCW American Tag Team Champions The Midnight Express (w/Jim Cornette) vs. The Fantastics – (WCCW, 3/17/85)

OH HECK YEAH. This crowd is super hot for the Fantastics and so they should be. In case you’re forgetting, this is still the Condrey-Eaton version of the Midnight Express a month or two before Jim Crockett came calling them over. Rogers gets the better of Eaton to start while Cornette instructs Bobby to ‘hit him good, hit him hard, hit him last’. Rogers fights out of the Midnights corner and in comes Fulton to even the odds while keeping Cornette at bay all at the same time. In comes Condrey, he eats a jumping back elbow, followed by a running splash from Fulton. The Fantastics take turns cranking on Condrey’s arm for a while. Pretty awesome stuff, including a leapfrog guillotine to the arm. Condrey has to pull Fulton’s hair to cause a break. Tag to Eaton, he runs right into an armdrag. Rogers tags in and splashes the arm. Eaton stands up and stomps Rogers in the face to escape a cross armbreaker. Blind tag to Condrey gets Rogers BLASTED with a clothesline for 1-2-NO! The Midnights kicks Rogers out to the floor and continue to brutalize him once he’s back on the apron. Rogers NEARLY makes it over to Fulton when Condrey cuts off the tag. Eaton comes in and delivers a backbreaker and then lifts Rogers back up for a powerslam! Awesome. Condrey gets a bunch of two-counts off that. Rogers knees Condrey off him, but Eaton tags and quickly cuts off Rogers again. Eaton keeps Rogers grounded over in his corner. When Rogers starts to elbow out of a chinlock, Eaton tags Condrey. As Rogers comes off the ropes, Eaton hits the mat setting Rogers up for a big elbow smash from Condrey! Eaton puts the exclamation point on the whole shebang with a jumping elbow drop! Great stuff. More face-in-peril stuff continues until Rogers fires back on Eaton and he crawls between Eaton’s legs for the HOT TAG TO FULTON! He cleans house on the Midnights until Cornette trips him up as he comes off the ropes. Eaton covers Fulton and gets two. As Fulton gets an O’Connor roll on Eaton, Cornette flies into the ring and blasts Fulton with the tennis racket for the DQ. (14:43) Cornette’s constant interference ends up backfiring on his team as they get stripped of WCCW’s American tag belts to set up the no-DQ match set up in two rings at the 2nd Von Erich Memorial in May. These two teams could always have a great match, but I’ve always favored the Lane-Eaton edition better because they felt more like an equal team. ***½

Hulk Hogan | AWA

  • AWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Bockwinkel (w/Bobby Heenan) vs. Hulk Hogan – (AWA Super Sunday, 4/24/83)

This is the match that SHOULD have been on the ‘Legacy of the AWA’ DVD set, but wasn’t. However, it is on Hulk’s Ultimate Anthology DVD. The AWA crowd is RABID for Hulk Hogan. If Verne wasn’t so deaf, the AWA might still be a relevant wrestling company. With every big match I’ve seen in the ’80s AWA, commentator Rod Trongard always manages to successfully build up the hype leading up to the match for me. Bockwinkel is REAL careful not to get nailed by Hogan to start, but Hulk snaps real quick on Bockwinkel with a shoulderblock. Bockwinkel sells it like death on top of that. They lock up and Hogan shoves Bockwinkel off into the corner. Bockwinkel grabs a headlock and Hogan shoves him off into the ropes for another shoulderblock. Bockwinkel tries again and faces the same result. Bockwinkel takes a powder and gets some advice from Heenan. Back inside, he changes his tactics and unloads on Hulk. That doesn’t work either and now Hogan has Bockwinkel up against the ropes unloading on him with a series of knees. Double-stomp from Hulk! Backbreaker gets two. Bockwinkel desperately beats Hogan down onto his back and gets two. Now that he has Hulk down, he grabs a front facelock. Bockwinkel buries a knee into Hogan’s shoulder and gets two. He goes for his PILEDRIVER, but Hulk backdrops out. Bockwinkel headbutts Hulk in the stomach a few times to keep him reeling. Hogan brings up a knee to block a corner charge. The crowd gets Hogan pumped as he beats down Bockwinkel for two. Running clothesline and a running elbow drop from Hulk gets 1-2-NO! Shoulderbreaker gets 1-2-NO! Hogan once has a moveset? No way. Bockwinkel punches back on Hogan until he starts to NO-SELL because of the crowd getting louder and louder. Hogan pounds Bockwinkel and delivers a falling powerslam for 1-2-NO! He goes for the LEGDROP, but Bockwinkel moves. Bockwinkel begins to shoulder butt Hulk in the corner to work the stomach. He makes a big mistake going for a slam as Hogan falls on top for 1-2-NO! Running elbow smash leads to another running elbow drop for 1-2-NO! Crowd is now getting restless with the so-called slow counting from ref Lord James Blears. Hogan misses a corner charge allowing Bockwinkel to jump on his back for a sleeper. Hogan grabs Bockwinkel by the hair and flips him onto Blears. Bockwinkel doesn’t give up on the sleeper though. As Blears gets to his feet, Hogan backs Bockwinkel into Blears in the corner. Oh geez. Bockwinkel takes another chance with the sleeper and gets flipped over the top rope to the floor. No ref saw that though. Certainly not Blears. Hogan brings Bockwinkel back in for a suplex to set up the LEGDROP for the 1-2-3! (18:11) And then they cut us off? What happened afterwards is a DQ decision because Hogan threw Bockwinkel over the top rope. Now the AWA had a near-riot on their hands with 20,000 pissed-off fans in the St. Paul Civic Center who all wanted to see Hogan win the title. After seeing Hogan get screwed out of the title on numerous occasions, they had had enough and were getting pretty tired of being jerked around. Of course as history would have it, Hogan left the AWA later in the year due to a dispute over money and signed with the new owner of the WWF: Vincent Kennedy McMahon. By the way, I think Bockwinkel could have a *** match in his sleep. ***¼


  • IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion Ultimo Dragon vs. Jushin Liger – (WCW/New Japan Supershow III, 1/4/93)

No Japanese jibba jabba here. We get JR and Tony Schiavone on commentary from WCW’s PPV version of this show that aired in March of 1993, which is why WWECLASSICS lists the match as happening on March 1. More of a star in Mexico at this point, Ultimo Dragon captured New Japan’s IWGP Jr. Heavyweight title for the first time in November of 1992 by beating El Samurai. This set up a pretty big match as El Samurai was the one to beat Liger for the belt in June, but then Ultimo Dragon beat El Samurai, so now you have this confrontation. They have canned in crowd noise because American fans wouldn’t know WHAT to think of all the silence of 50,000 Japanese people watching high-impact wrestling. Lots of AWESOME armdrag counters from both men to start that leads to a stalemate. Liger tries to apply the Surfboard, but Dragon fights it off and works the leg. Liger gives up on the Surfboard for a while and locks in an Indian deathlock/front facelock combo to REALLY stretch out the Dragon. Dragon returns the favor with that same submission and then applies a Muta Lock. With Dragon in control on the mat, Liger escapes a headscissors and surprises Dragon with the Surfboard! Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker gets two. Liger hits a Rolling Koppou Kick in the corner and palm strikes Dragon around, but winds up taking a tilt-a-whirl headscissors for Dragon to take control. Now a front suplex sets up a Surfboard from Dragon into a Dragon Sleeper! It’s funny how Ultimo Dragon is very much like if Jushin Liger and the Great Muta had a baby. Muta supplies the kicks and the moonsault, Liger provides the submissions and the powerbombs. Dragon flubs a missile dropkick as he slips off the top turnbuckle. Whoops. Handspring Elbow connects and a baseball slide sends Liger into the VIP section. From there, Dragon ascends to the top and FLIES down on top of Liger in the VIP section! Dragon brings Liger into the ring with a short brainbuster for two. They have some issues with a tombstone reversal sequence that’s quickly resolved as Dragon hits the tombstone. He heads up top and slips off the top turnbuckle again. Aww. Fallaway slam from Dragon gets two. Nice floatover from Liger sets up a rolling clutch cradle for 1-2-NO! Straight jacket suplex from Dragon gets 1-2-NO! Liger puts on the brakes on a whip and nails Dragon with a Rolling Koppou Kick to the floor. LIGER BOMB connects on the floor to set up a Senton Bomb. Clearly not a moonsault, JR and Tony. Back in the ring, Liger covers Dragon nonchalantly after a release German suplex for two and then gives Dragon a Palm Thrust for a half crab. Dragon makes the ropes and catches Liger with a clothesline as he comes off the top. Out on the floor, Dragon delivers a springboard corkscrew senton! They both make it back inside before the 20-count. Liger shrugs off a victory roll, but Dragon counters a powerbomb into a rana for 1-2-NO! Dragon hits a Quebrada and delivers a Liger Bomb for 1-2-NO! La Magistral cradle gets 1-2-NO! Liger Palm Strikes Dragon when he’s up top and delivers a Super DDT for 1-2-NO! The legit LIGER BOMB stuns Dragon long enough for Liger to hit a Super Hurracanrana for 1-2-3. (20:10) So Liger regains the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight title for the sixth time here. Certainly state-of-the-art stuff at the time of the match, but nowadays it’s really just a standard junior heavyweight style match. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. ***½

Ric Flair | Bret Hart

  • WWF Intercontinental Champion Bret Hart vs. Ric Flair (w/Mr. Perfect) – (New Haven, CT, 11/13/91)

This match includes Flair’s HOF summary video. I guess that’s what you would call it. The REAL world’s title is shown on camera and then we see a message that this match was taped prior to the ’92 Royal Rumble. Flair stalls a bit to start like only Flair can, but then gets stuck in a headlock. He shoves Bret back in the corner and gets smacked across the face for it. Bret goes for the SHARPSHOOTER and Flair grabs the ropes before getting into a shoving match with the ref. You know the drill. Flair slips out of the headlock this time into an overhead wristlock. He pulls Bret down by the hair to break up his bridge, but Bret kips right back up and chases Flair into the corner. More of that goes down with Bret continuing to kip up until he headbutts Flair. Cue the Flair Flop. Flair is wrestling more like ’96 Flair instead of classic Flair. He goes low on Bret and chops him in the corner. While Flair styles and profiles, Sean Mooney talks about how awesome a match between Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair might be. Alfred Hayes is certain the match will happen at some point. Bret backdrops Flair out of the corner and heads up for the ten-count corner punch. Oh, Flair counters with an inverted atomic drop. WHO KNEW! Flair Flop. Rolling Knee Drop connects. He covers Bret with his feet on the ropes for a few two-counts. Of course when he gives up on that, he tells the crowd to shut up. Chest-first corner bump follows, as Flair tries getting the win with his feet on the ropes. SHUT UP, YOU IN THE FRONT ROW! Bret wins a slugfest, but runs into a sleeper. Bret runs Flair off into the corner to get the break. Flair counters Bret’s headlock with a shinbreaker and applies the FIGURE-FOUR! He uses the ropes for leverage. Flair starts to slap Bret around and like every good babyface, it fires them up to reverse the hold. Flair tries to suplex to the floor, but that ain’t happening. Bret brings Flair back in with a suplex of his own. Flair chops Bret in the corner. He has enough of that and DOWN COME THE STRAPS! Bret fires back and whips Flair into the Flair Flip to put him on the floor. Bret slams Flair’s head on the guardrail and then brings Flair back inside. Flair begs off, so Bret quickly mounts him for a bunch of punches. Ha, Flair stands up and wants some more. Bret obliges and after getting up twice, Flair goes back to begging again. Backbreaker sets up the SHARPSHOOTER. Perfect comes over and drags Flair under the ropes for the break. Bret lets Perfect know he shouldn’t do that. Another backbreaker leads to a second SHARPSHOOTER. Now he’s got Flair in the middle of the ring. Perfect distracts Bret to bring him off Flair. Back over to Flair, he goes low and dumps Bret out. Back in, Bret flips out of a suplex and O’Connor rolls Flair for 1-2-NO! Flair-Steamboat backslide sequence ensues. Bret takes Flair to the floor. Flair tries a piledriver, but Bret backdrops out. Flair makes it back inside the ring, but Perfect pulls Bret off the apron to give Flair the countout victory. Ahh. (19:19) You knew there was no title change and I can’t see Bret going over Flair this soon in his WWF tenure, so it just had to be DQ or countout. Not as good as their Saskatoon title switch a year later as Flair seemed too stuck on doing the same old stuff he’s always done, but still very good. ***¾

Ricky Steamboat

  • Ricky Steamboat vs. Brian Pillman – Lumberjack Match (WCW Saturday Night, 2/20/93)

We are in the middle of the Steamboat & Douglas/Hollywood Blondes wars of ’93. The babyface lumberjacks include an injured Shane Douglas (which explains why no unified tag titles match at Superbrawl III), Marcus Bagwell, Too Cold Scorpio, Cactus Jack, Robbie V (DAM!), Lord Steven Regal (when he was a America-friendly Brit), and one of the Cole twins. The heel lumberjacks are Steve Austin, Tex Slazenger, Shanghai Pierce, Scotty Flamingo, Vinnie Vegas, and Maxx Payne. But that only equals thirteen lumberjacks. Hmm. Something isn’t right here. Real tentative start until Austin grabs hold of Steamboat’s ankle. He jumps inside to get at Steamboat, but a one-legged Shane Douglas comes in to stand by his championship partner. Awesome stuff as the Blondes try to attack when Steamboat and Douglas have their backs turned. Pillman slides out to safety amongst his heel buddies as the babyfaces all try to get Pillman back inside. Back in, Pillman cheapshots Steamboat and works a headlock. Awesome spot as Pillman complains about hairpulling and then yanks Steamboat down to the mat by the hair when the ref comes up behind him to regain the advantage. Pillman sticks with the headlock until Steamboat fights out, leapfrogs, and nails Pillman with a series of dropkicks. Pillman escapes out to the babyface side of town and gets quickly pushed back inside. Rollup by Steamboat gets two. Another escape by Pillman is thwarted by the good guys. In the ring, Pillman begs off and wants a handshake. Commercial break! AND WE’RE BACK! Pillman delivers a back suplex for two. They show a split-screen replay of Steamboat whiffing on a crossbody and giving himself a hotshot during the commercial break to give the match that *live* feel. Pillman dumps Steamboat out to the bad guys. The bigger dudes hold off the faces while Austin gives Steamboat what for. On the apron, Austin stops a Steamboat suplex with a forearm shot to the back. Steamboat tries to fly in on Pillman, but eats a dropkick on the way down. Cover gets two. Steamboat wins a chopfest, but runs into a side slam. Pillman gets a bunch of two counts. He continues to work over Steamboat’s back with Austin helping out with some leverage on a Boston crab. Cactus Jack tries to break it up, but Vegas and Flamingo hold him back. Steamboat’s back gives out during a slam and Pillman falls on top for 1-2-NO! Pillman applies the ab stretch and gets more leverage help from Austin. This is just classic stuff. Steamboat fights out and kicks Pillman back, but gets caught with a jawbreaker. Pillman proceeds to rub Steamboat’s face all over the mat. Pillman catches a back elbow in the mush for it. Austin cheapshots Steamboat, causing him to lunge on top of Austin. Now the lumberjacks are fighting! Steamboat’s back in the ring with Pillman too! Speaking of those two, Pillman has Steamboat down in a camel clutch. Steamboat starts reaching for his partner Shane Douglas and manages the strength to counter the hold and take Pillman over with an electric chair drop! Sweet. Another commercial break happens, and we come back to see that the match has ended! That NEVER happens. JR and Larry Z show us what happened. Both guys take a NASTY bump off a double-crossbody spot. Pillman begs off and gets choked down in the corner. Wow, Steamboat is going as far as to CHOKE somebody. That’s serious. Pillman misses a knee drop, causing Steamboat kick at the knee. As Pillman begs off, he baits Steamboat and yanks him out to the bad guys for a big beatdown. All the lumberjacks start fighting again. Meanwhile, Austin comes in to double-team and heel miscommunication ensues. Steamboat rolls up Pillman for the 1-2-3. (19:53) Believe it or not, this was even better than their Halloween Havoc match. It was a more convincing rivalry at this point than back in October when Pillman was still a fresh heel who was mainly always an underdog to the heavyweights beforehand. ****

Bret Hart | Mr. Perfect

  • Bret Hart vs. Mr. Perfect – (Madison Square Garden, 4/24/89)

Bret’s first singles push is near the end here. As for Perfect, he’s been back with the WWF for a little over six months now and still remains undefeated. By the way, this match is on the WWF’s Mr. Perfect DVD set. Because of that, I wish they had put the match these two had in Toronto instead that everybody raves about. Rather lengthy feeling out process to start where Bret sticks with a headlock and frustrates Perfect. Crucifix from Bret gets two. After they do the spot where they kick each other down from off their backsides, Bret clotheslines Perfect to the floor. Perfect jaws with the crowd to slow down the momentum. Back in, Perfect catches Bret with a knee lift and sends him out to the floor. He beats Bret on the apron and eventually knocks him off onto the guardrail. Once he’s finally back in, Perfect reverses a whip and sends Bret into the corner for his chest-first bump for two. Standing dropkick puts Bret out on the floor again. Back inside, Perfect cranks on Bret’s neck. He gives up on that and goes for a spinning toe hold. Bret kicks him off into the ringpost and goes after the shoulder LIKE A MAN POSSESSED! Bret goes for another crucifix, but Perfect sees it coming and drops backwards on top of Bret. Perfect counters an ab stretch attempt with a hiptoss and gets an O’Connor roll, but Bret kicks him off through the ropes to the floor. Pescado by Bret! Back in the ring, inverted atomic drop leads to a snap suplex. Backbreaker sets up the Flying Vertical Elbow Drop for 1-2-NO! And the bell sounds to signal a 20-minute time limit draw. (19:00) Silly timekeeper. Bret wants five more minutes, but Perfect says that five more minutes wouldn’t make a mistake since you couldn’t beat him in twenty minutes. Bret turns his back on Perfect and gets nailed from behind. Oh, that’s unfortunate. Bret comes back by crotching Perfect up top. He then kicks Perfect all along the ropes and destroys him in the corner. Out you go, Mr. Perfect. Certainly not one of the more dramatic matches they will ever have as these match doesn’t even hold a candle to their pair of PPV classics. ***¼

I applaud you guys for making some great requests. I mean, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING SUCKED!

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  1. Thanks for the reviews! They’re really good.

    Speaking of Bret/Mr. Perfect….they actually posted this morning on WWE Universe that next month they’d air a match between them from the Maple Leaf Gardens as well as a meeting from Primetime Wrestling next week.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Sweet. Can’t wait for it! Thanks for the good word, Ryan.

  3. Looks like some awesome matches. I may have to re-new my Classics subscription.

    Thanks for taking the time to do this – these were great write-ups!

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