Kyle’s ECW Hardcore TV 2.13.96 Review

ECW Hardcore TV
Queens, New York
Your Host: Joey Styles

The Eliminators are in the back, as John Kronus is shaving his hair off, while Perry Saturn is laughing with the title in his hand. John is saying does he think they care about his hair; then he says he will eliminate you (referring to Pitbulls).

Joey Styles is in the ring as Bill Whistle Man and Taz march into the ring. Bill starts ranting on Joey Styles saying he hates him and hates Queens, New York. Bill says that 911 is finish. Rey Mysterio Jr. interrupts Taz—and says he is not afraid of Taz. Bill talks some trash, but then Rey spinning-heel kicks him. Rey then hits a botched hurrcanarana. Rey goes up the top and tries to go springboard, but get caught in a Taz Suplex. Rey fights back but Taz hits another Taz Suplex that puts Rey inside and out.  Wrestlers and Refs come out to check on Rey. Joey Styles is addressing for some help for Rey.  Joey Styles then puts over ECW by saying that you will not see action like this. Woman enters, and says that Joey Styles and her can go to WWF, but Joey says he wants to stay here. Sandman enters, and she asked him if he wants to come with her. He says he does not want to “come” with her, and then he says she has been a bitch her whole life. Women says she wants to stay here along time being the bitch here for along time, and no one is going to remove her from the ring. 2 Cold comes out and joins Women.  2 Cold then says business is picking up. He pretends he is with her, but he says Nancy you out of here. 2 Cold takes her out of the arena, and puts her in the limo. Stevie Richards comes out with Blue Meany, and lays down the offer. Sandman says never has he ever backed down from a fight. Richards says Sandman feels like a tough person with a chain in his and—and he thinks Blue Meany and him are a puss. Richards says Sandman should back out of the match—or he will have to Stevie-kick him. Blue Meany says he will do it. Blue tries to superkick him, but cannot reach him. Sandman canes Meany and Sandman said he is going for Raven. Richards is paranoid, as Raven enters the ring. Raven calls Stevie a moron. Raven then disses on Meany. Ravens says he was supposed to give Beulah her pill, but he could not handle that. Raven starts to beat the crap out of him. Richards tries sucking up to Raven. He goes into Blue’s paints—and it says Richards the king of dancing is engaging a lawsuit against Missy Hyatt for sexual harassment. Hyatt comes out and calls Richards a joke. Raven says that the other option is that she joins up with him. Hyatt says look at her and look at Raven because he is not on her level. She says that the bitch he is with now is a whore, and we all know that Raven has a low sperm count since Dreamer knocked up his ex. Raven gets angry and takes his coat off.  Sandman makes the save and canes all of them. Hyatt tells Sandman she likes that. Sandman and Hyatt celebrate hardcore style with beer, squares and Enter Sandman in the back round.

Joey Styles recaps what has been happening in ECW so far.  Joey Styles calls Taz offensive to the wrestling industry because of his evil intentions.

Commercial break plugs!!!!!!!!!!!

Joey Styles starts plugging what you can see on the DVDS if you buy them.

Shane Douglas/ Tommy Dreamer. w/ Beulah vs. Stevie Richards/Raven

Richard and Dreamer start the match. Dreamer hits a closeline that drives Richards out, and the crowd is wild up.  Shane sets up a chair near Richards head and Dreamer baseball slides into it. Dreamer throws Richards in. Richards puts on a Razor shirt and puts a toothpick behind the ear trying to piss off Shane. It cuts to a better part as Shane is cleaning house with the chair.  Shane tries getting a pin on Raven, but gets only two. Douglas hits a Piledriver on Richard, but Raven makes the save. Tommy jumps Raven. Cactus jumps into the match. Shane fights off Foley. Raven hits Shane with something, but only gets tow. Sandman enters, canes everyone including the ref as the place goes wid. Raven gets up, and pins Douglas, but there is no ref. Richards wakes up the ref, and Raven pile drives Douglas. ONE-TWO-NO.  Richards gets the tag in, and dominates Douglas. Raven comes back in, but Douglas hits him with a DDT.  Both men are done in the ring. Dreamer wants the tag, but Richards cuts him off. Richards hits a Stevie-bomb. ONE-TWO-NO.  Douglas gets Irish wiped, but hits a launch backwards springboard elbow. Dreamer has a frying pan and cleans house with it. Richards gets tree of wowed, and catches a pain in the groin. Dreamer goes for a cover, but Raven hits them with a chair. Dreamer gets back up, and attacks Richard. Meany is clueless and hits a meanymoonsualt onto Richards. Tommy goes for a pin, but Raven breaks it up. Raven hits a DDT but only gets two. She ties the frying pain to Dreamer’s boot. Dreamer kicks Stevie in the head. ONE-TWO-THREE.  You could feel the drama and the heat between all the wrestlers in the match. The excessive run ins and shenanigans made it a little overbooked, but that was pretty much what ECW was all about; it was about having that realism playing in—and making it seem like anything can happen at any given moment. Pretty decent and exciting and well booked match overall, but I cannot rate a match that was this clipped fairly.

Taz vs. Shark attack kid.

The kid tries to get fancy with Taz, but he gets drilled with a T-Bone on his head. Taz then hits a vicious Tazplex onto the kid, but Kid gets back up. Taz hit a belly-to-belly suplex him from the top of the top. Taz puts in the Taz-mission and that is it @ 2:00. Taz calls out 911, but Gordon comes out with the mic. Gordon comes out and says 911 do not want to wrestle him. Bill calls out Gordon. Gordon gets in the ring, and Gordon punches him in the face. Gordon closelines Bill—and attacks him. Taz attacks Gordon, but Bam Bam Bigelow makes the save! Bam Bam calls out Taz.

Going Home: We started ECW off this week with possibly the longest segment in the history of humanity. Well maybe I am exaggerating, but it was still very long. Some of the stuff on it was very interesting, but some of it was simply ridiculous. I liked the stuff with Sandman and Raven’s flock; it drew good heat and expanded the rivalry in the right direction. I found the stuff with Missy Hyatt and the restraining order to be entertaining, and they did a good job of making you want to see where Sandman and Hyatt goes from this point on. Both matches on the show were fine, but I think there could have been more wrestling on this show than what they gave us. Taz was possibly the most interesting and well-booked thing going for ECW at the time and I loved how they brought in Bam Bam in surprisingly. Overall, the show wasn’t bad, but if you missed it—or haven’t seen it, you really are not missing a whole lot.

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