Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (01.16.82)

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
January 16, 1982
Charlotte, NC
(taped on 1/13/82)

Your hosts are Bob Caudle, David Crockett & Roddy Piper.

At the time, Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling was running a write-in contest to see who the fans thought contributed the most in 1981. One man who was getting a surprising (only to David Crockett) amount of votes is Roddy Piper. Piper thanks the fans for being such a good judge of character. Crockett asks Piper if he knows anything about who Ole is going to pick to be his tag team championship partner, but Piper says the mark of a great champion is not telling everything that you know.

  • Terry Taylor vs. Ben Alexander

Crockett comes from backstage saying that Sgt. Slaughter is going ballistic and is demanding his $1000 back, but he WILL have to give Blackjack Mulligan Jr one more chance to break the Cobra Clutch. Anyways, the Oklahoma Roll wins the match for Terry Taylor at 7:00.

  • Austin Idol vs. Mike Davis

Idol tries to frustrate Davis throughout, but a High Knee and the FIGURE FOUR gets the submission victory for Idol at 5:51.

On March 27, Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling will be heading to the Roanoke Civic Center. The Ninja, Gene Anderson, Austin Idol, Roddy Piper, Porkchop Cash, Ray Stevens, Jay Youngblood, Ricky Steamboat, and other stars will be appearing. Tuesday March 23, Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling comes to Union, West Virginia. Don Kernodle meets Porkchop Cash. Ha, Kernodle gets onto the announcer for not calling him Private Kernodle. He says he’s going to make Porkchop Cash suffer. On the same card, Sgt. Slaughter and Pvt. Nelson take on Blackjack Mulligan Jr & Jake Roberts. If they lose, Slaughter will make Nelson run 15-20-25 miles!

After the break, Bob Caudle meets with the Blackjack Mulligans. Windham tells his daddy in a nice way that you don’t have to come and save me all the time. Such a touching moment.

  • Blackjack Mulligan & Blackjack Mulligan Jr. vs. Ricky Harris & Jim Nelson

From a house show. Looks like this was from a while back because Nelson hadn’t yet joined Sgt. Slaughter and Windham still had long hair. Great match to show how much promise Barry Windham had even in the early years of his career. The CLAW on Harris gets the win at 5:25.

Back to the studio, Blackjack Jr promises to continue teaming with his dad and that Sgt. Slaughter will not get his money back until this situation is settled for good.

After the break, Ole Anderson is PISSED that he only had thirty days to find a partner to defend his NWA world tag belts. He demands more time and he’ll come up with a new partner.

Sgt. Slaughter and Pvt. Nelson come by to question Blackjack Jr why $1000 is worth all the pain the Cobra Clutch inflicts. If he doesn’t get his money back, Sgt. Slaughter is going to HURT him.

  • Jake Roberts vs. Bill White

Piper calls Roberts the Abe Lincoln of wrestling because he’s so lanky. In that case, cocaine and booze would be Jake’s Mary Todd. Knee Lift gets the three-count at 4:47.

The old announcer man shills the local cards that we mentioned earlier again. He brings out Porkchop Cash for an interview. Kernodle – you’re going to get down and BOOGIE brother, with the Great Black Hope. Blackjack Jr and Jake Roberts come out to bash Slaughter and Nelson.

  • NWA U.S. Heavyweight Champion Sgt. Slaughter (w/Pvt. Nelson) vs. Buddy Landel

Landel fights off the Cobra Clutch before it gets locked in, so Slaughter beats him with a small package at 4:55. Afterwards, Landel walks over to Nelson and gets BLASTED from behind. Now Slaughter locks on the COBRA CLUTCH. Blackjack Mulligan Jr runs in for the save.

Until next week, that’s all for now.


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