Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (01.09.82)

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
January 9, 1982
Charlotte, NC
(taped on 1/6/82)

So we skip ahead three weeks since I don’t seem to have those episodes. I guess we will never find out what happened between Sgt. Slaughter and Jay Youngblood.

Your hosts are Bob Caudle and David Crockett.

NWA Representative Sandy Scott introduces the so-called 1981 NWA rookie of the year Terry Taylor to the Mid-Atlantic audience. Sgt. Slaughter stops by to announce he is ending the $1000 Cobra Clutch Challenge and he wants his money back, but Sandy Scott says that Blackjack Mulligan Jr and his lawyers have put up an injunction against Slaughter’s 1000 bucks. Slaughter is clearly upset about this, but Sandy Scott sends him away without giving him an answer on the situation. I think I would watch my back if I were you, Sandy.

Dave Hebner is *your* referee for the duration of the program.

  • Blackjack Mulligan Jr & Jake Roberts vs. Doug Vines & Mike Miller

During the match, Sgt. Slaughter comes out and confronts Sandy Scott again over his $1000. You have to love the old days when they treated jobbers like real competitors instead of crash test dummies. Miller and Vines work over Roberts for a while until there’s a double-KO spot. Hot tag to Mulligan and he connects with a flying forearm. Jumping knee drop on Miller only gets two. Mulligan delivers the Running Bulldog on Vines as Roberts cuts off Miller with Knee Lift for the three-count at 8:23.

  • Billy Robinson (w/Lord Alfred Hayes) vs. Keith Larson

Sweet! I did not expect this one. Lord Alfred comes over to Caudle and Crockett to show off what a huge British douche he is. He’s actually much more interesting here than he was the entire time he was at the WWF. They roll around on the mat until Robinson hits a reverse neckbreaker and then clamps on a chinlock. Larson escapes and grabs an armbar, but Robinson chops out and delivers a butterfly suplex for two. Lord Alfred yells out to Robinson and tells him to ‘play with him like a toy’. HA! Robinson hits Larson with a nasty elbow smash and that just serves to fire Larson up. Robinson stuns him with a reverse neckbreaker and goes after the back to set up the Billy Robinson backbreaker for the win at 6:37.

David Crockett meets with Buddy Landel and Tony Anthony. They have Ole Anderson and Ivan Koloff tonight. What an unbelievably DULL interview. Landel hadn’t quite found his niche yet and Tony Anthony just didn’t have “it” whatsoever.

  • Jimmy Valiant vs. Jeff Swords

During the match, Ivan Koloff comes out and makes threats at people. Yeah, Running Elbow Drop wins it for Jimmy Valiant at 2:19.

Bob Caudle gets an update from Ray Stevens. Gene and Ole never did come for the belt he took with him, but he says that Sandy Scott came to him and asked for the belt back since there hasn’t been any championship matches lately. Stevens gave up the belt under the condition that he would get a championship match against the Anderson brothers with any partner he chooses. Blackjack Mulligan Jr and Jake Roberts tells us about Slaughter’s $1000 bucks. Mulligan says he thinks it’s only fair that he get another chance at the Cobra Clutch and the money. Jake Roberts agrees. 1982 is going to be their year.

  • Terry Taylor vs. Bill White

YAY! Roddy Piper replaces David Crockett on color commentary for the rest of the show. Piper decides he’s not going to wrestle on TV anymore because he has nothing left to prove. So now he’s going to share his vast knowledge of wrestling on the mic, which he does an amazing job of getting over psychology with PASSION even for this squash match. Oklahoma Roll gets Taylor the win at 5:36.

Bob Caudle talks with the NEW Mid Atlantic tag champs Carl Fergie & Ox Baker. Some guys in the back have been messing with Fergie, so he went and got himself some backup in Ox Baker. Just remember, Ox Baker LIKES TO HURT PEOPLE!

  • Ole Anderson & Ivan Koloff vs. Buddy Landel & Tony Anthony

Looks like Ole is trying out new partners to continue his tag titles reign since Gene Anderson suffered his career ending injury. Ole and Ivan have little trouble to start. Sandy Scott returns to the show and stresses that Ole and a suitable partner will have to defend the tag titles within the next thirty days or they will be stripped of the belts against Ray Stevens and a partner of his choosing. Anthony pushes Ivan back to his corner for a tag to Landel. The ref actually SEES the tag too! Landel is a HOUSE OF FIRE and hits a gutwrench suplex for two. That’s about all the offense he gets for a while as Ole & Ivan corner him. Landel fires back on Ole, but Ole grabs Landel’s boot on the way down and prevents the tag. Landel gets a pair of inside cradles on Koloff and then leaps over to Anthony for a tag. He hits a dropkick on Ole, but then he goes after Ole in his Ole’s own corner and that’s a big mistake. Ivan hits a backbreaker, Ole hits a suplex, and Ivan follows up with the KNEE BULLDOG from the top rope. That will do it at 5:27.

Caudle gets a word from Big John Studd. Where’s Blackjack Mulligan at? Anybody seen him since Studd beat him so bad, he needed 50 stitches in his lip? I don’t think so. Make no mistake, Big John Studd will finish the job.

The US champ Sgt. Slaughter reacts to Blackjack Mulligan Jr getting a second chance at the Cobra Clutch. If it’s the last thing Slaughter does, he’s going to send Blackjack to the hospital.

We see Gene & Ole again with the tag belts. The reason Gene got his belt back was because Ray Stevens is SKEERED. Don’t worry though, Ole Anderson will get a partner to defend the belts not when Sandy Scott tells him, but when Ole and Gene say it’s time to defend the belts. AWESOME.

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