Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (02.20.82)

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
February 20, 1982
Charlotte, NC
(taped on 2/17/82)

Your hosts are Bob Caudle & Roddy Piper. Caudle sounds a tad under the weather here. I wouldn’t have minded seeing Piper going solo here.

Roddy Piper says that while Ricky Steamboat had come to the forefront of the ‘who contributed the most in 1981’ contest, apparently some people have come to their senses and voted him as the new leader of the contest. And just like that, he starts talking the tag tournaments. $25000 in each city!

Sgt Slaughter gets some interview time with Roddy Piper. They just talk about great each other is as both men are in the NWA US champions club. Bob Caudle ends all that because the fans want to see some action! Man, I wish Bob Caudle could do that nowadays on Monday nights.

Tommy Young is *your* referee for the duration of the program.

  • Blackjack Mulligan Jr. & Jake Roberts vs. Buck Brannigan & Don Gilbert

Gilbert can’t handle these two and trades out with Brannigan who is MUCH bigger. They work over Brannigan and then Roberts knocks Gilbert off the apron so he can hit Brannigan with the KNEE LIFT no problem. That stuns him good for the Flying Forearm from Mulligan Jr for the win at 5:45.

  • NWA US Champion Sgt. Slaughter (w/Pvt. Jim Nelson & Pvt. Don Kernodle) vs. Vinny Valentino

Looks like Don Kernodle gave in to Slaughter after all. Austin Idol is out video taping the matches today with his very own 8MM camera. Slaughter tries to break Vinny’s arm and that gets him primed for the COBRA CLUTCH at 3:45. Somebody is late ringing the bell WAY after Vinny gave up. Poor guy.

Bob Caudle shows Slaughter and his Privates a tape of Dusty Rhodes squashing a guy. He’s one of Slaughter’s next challengers. Not sure where this is from though.

  • Porkchop Cash vs. Ken Alexander

Apparently Austin Idol doesn’t care for this match and really neither do I. Jumping Headbutt from Porkchop gets the win at 3:48.

Big Bill Ward pimps some MACW bumper stickers while also mentioning a trip up to Ann Arbor Michigan. OH SNAP. You talking about bumper stickers? Forget that, Roddy Piper is here. If you could have anything in the world besides bumper stickers, what else would you want besides the Mid Atlantic champ Roddy Piper?

  • NWA TV Champion Ivan Koloff vs. Unnamed Jobber #2309

You have to look closely, but it appears Jimmy Valiant came out during the commercial break and annoyed Koloff a bit. Not sure who this jobber is. He looks like Shawn Michaels as a jobber in Mid South. Anyways, he takes bumps well and sells great. He seems like he could have worked his way up to be somebody in wrestling. Koloff does all he can to work on this guy’s back. The KNEE BULLDOG gets the win at 4:35.

Bob Caudle interviews a few babyfaces. Ray Stevens says he’ll be teaming up with Dusty Rhodes in the future for some of these city tag tournaments. He’s pulling out the big guns to take out Ole Anderson and Stan Hansen. Blackjack Mulligan Jr is breaking out of the Cobra Clutch for the $1000. They’re still keeping Slaughter’s money? Geez. Ricky Steamboat will be meeting Ric Flair in a NO DQ match for the NWA world title. Awesome. Jake Roberts thought it was weird that Roddy Piper and Sgt. Slaughter were being so chummy. Hmm, yes. That was rather odd.

  • Mike George vs. Steve Sybert

Central States Wrestling fans from the 1970s should be familiar with Mike George. He draws up on a NASTY hammerlock that looks like it broke Sybert’s elbow. Shoulderbreaker gets the win for Mike George at 2:34.

Over to Bob Caudle, Mike George has a message for Sgt. Slaughter. He didn’t think George would make it to Mid-Atlantic, but now he’s here. Slaughter knows why he’s here too. Uh-oh!

  • Ole Anderson & Stan Hansen (w/Gene Anderson) vs. Tony Anthony & Rick Benfield

Such a ROUGH team is Ole and Stan. They take turns destroying these two with elbow drops and bearhugs. Anthony eats the LARIAT for the win at 5:30.

The TV champ Ivan Koloff tells Jimmy Valiant to stop annoying him or he’ll have to do something about it. What’s up with the camera, Austin Idol? No matter the competition, he’s on a quest to being the world champion. Not sure that answers our question, but anyways. Ole Anderson and Stan Hansen stop by Bob Caudle. After watching them dominate Anthony and Benfield, they might as well have been Steamboat or Stevens for that matter because that’s how all their matches turn out. NOBODY IS BETTER.

Until next week, that’s all for now.

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