Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (02.27.82)

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
February 27, 1982
Charlotte, NC
(taped on 2/24/82)

Your hosts are Bob Caudle and Roddy Piper.

Sgt. Slaughter stops by the podium to hype what he did to Ric Flair and why he should be the NWA world champ. WHAT DID YOU DO?

Sonny Fargo is *your* referee for the duration of the program.

  • Terry Taylor vs. David Patterson

Caudle and Piper talk up the age old question of ‘who contributed the most to the Mid-Atlantic region in 1981’ because Terry Taylor is getting a lot of votes even though he wasn’t really in the area all that much. It’s going to be 1983 before they figure it out. Austin Idol is up to his old 8MM taping tricks again. What’s that all about? Taylor makes a match out of an armbar. Patterson fights out and hits a backbreaker, but only gets two. Flying Fist Drop by Taylor scores a nearfall. He follows up with the FIVE ARM and finishes Patterson with the OKLAHOMA ROLL at 4:56.

  • Pvt. Don Kernodle & Pvt. Jim Nelson (w/Sgt. Slaughter) vs. Mike Davis & Vinny Valentino

Kernodle and Nelson do a great job of keeping Valentino on their side of town. At any moment either one is in trouble, the other makes the blind tag and manages to grab hold of Vinny before he inches any closer to Davis. He finally reverses a corner whip on Kernodle and tags Davis, but it’s not too long before Kernodle ends up in his own corner and tags Nelson while Davis is pounding on him. Piper is MARKING OUT for all this as am I. Austin Idol is out again taping another match. Sgt. Slaughter doesn’t seem to appreciate it, but he doesn’t do anything physical to get rid of Idol. Eventually, Davis catches Kernodle telegraphing a backdrop, but doesn’t make the tag! Kernodle catches him charging in the corner with a knee. He gives Davis a powerslam and then the Privates deliver the Doomsday Device. Nelson slaps on the COBRA CLUTCH to put Davis away at 7:23. This was a great textbook example of tag team wrestling from the heels perspective. Afterwards, the Privates beat Vinny Valentino off the apron because he can’t do anything about it. **

Bob Caudle is standing by with the NWA US champ Sgt. Slaughter. When Flair denied him an NWA world title shot and Ricky Steamboat denied him a title shot if he was to beat Flair, Slaughter sent them both a message. They show us a film from Greensboro NC where Sgt. Slaughter and his Privates interrupt the NWA world title match between Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat and proceed to beat them up with their 3-on-2 advantage. Steamboat gets dumped out and Flair gets whipped in the head by Slaughter. Not cool. Steamboat comes back in and cleans house with a steel chair. Ray Stevens and Jake Roberts finally comes out to help as Steamboat carries Flair to the locker room.

“What a devastating piece of film that was which of course showed the Privates of Sgt. Slaughter.” – Bob Caudle

Pvt. Nelson and Pvt. Kernodle explain what happened in their own words. Steamboat turned his back on Slaughter and he got what he deserved. If you want some of the Privates, come get some Ricky.

Roddy Piper introduces Ole Anderson and Stan Hansen. Ole says its great to be interviewed by someone who thinks like he does. Jimmy Valiant interrupts their interview time. BIG MISTAKE, YOU DUMB IDIOT. Valiant gets in some shots on Ole and if Hansen hadn’t missed, Valiant would have gone down right then and there. Valiant continues to clean house on everybody including the next match that was scheduled – Ivan Koloff vs. Tony Anthony – is now crashed. Blackjack Mulligan Jr and Ray Stevens head out to even the score, but it’s all over now.

  • Mike George vs. Mike Miller

David Crockett replaces Roddy Piper for the rest of the show. Mike George gets ROUGH with Mike Miller and puts him away with the SHOULDERBREAKER at 4:18.

Bob Caudle gets a word from Ray Stevens about the happenings in Mid-Atlantic. He seems pretty proud of Jimmy Valiant for coming out here and embarrassing Ole Anderson and Stan Hansen earlier. Stevens isn’t happy at all about Sgt. Slaughter and his boys ganging up on people. That’s low. What do you think, Jake Roberts? He doesn’t understand what has gotten into Don Kernodle lately. Blackjack Mulligan Jr? He says Slaughter is going to get what is coming to him. AWESOME.

  • Ron Ritchie vs. Bill White

White controls most of the match, but Ritchie is the star they are trying to put over. Ritchie slips out of a slam and schoolboys White for the 1-2-3 at 4:58.

A winded Ron Ritchie gets a moment with David Crockett. He mentions how the video clip earlier of Slaughter and his Privates really upset him. That brings out Slaughter who wonders who exactly this guy thinks he is for mentioning something that he’s not even involved in at all. And just like Steamboat, Ritchie turns his back on Slaughter and walks away. They cut to commercials.

Kelly Kiniski (Gene’s real life son) & Don Gilbert stop by for some quick interviews before they go to the guillotine.

  • Ole Anderson & Stan Hansen (w/Gene Anderson) vs. Kelly Kiniski & Don Gilbert

Being the son of a former star, Kiniski does a little better with Anderson and Hansen than does Gilbert. Once he’s out though, Hansen destroys Gilbert with the LARIAT for the win at 3:41.

Over to the podium, Ole talks about how destructive he and Hansen are as a tag team. Caudle brings up Jimmy Valiant and they both go nuts on him. Ole says he has put Valiant in the same box as Dusty Rhodes, Jack & Jerry Brisco, Ricky Steamboat, Jay Youngblood, Jake Roberts, Porkchop Cash, Bad Bad Leroy Brown, and Ray Stevens as people he doesn’t mind hurting. He says he’s really happy for the great showing Valiant put on today because it’s going to be the last thing he ever does. HOLY CRAP and I think he really meant that. Hansen says Valiant has a lot of balls coming out here taking over his interview time. He says Valiant might have looked good bouncing around the ring like some weirdo wired up guy, but he’s never been in it with the LARIAT. Ole brings up the tag tournaments again about how they are bringing in the Japs Giant Baba and Atsushi Onita and a bunch of other people he doesn’t even know. Hansen brings up Billy Robinson is coming, which Ole finds intriguing. When those people coming in meet Anderson and Hansen, it’ll be the end of them. How do you not think Ole Anderson is awesome?

Unless I find any more episodes, this will be the final Mid Atlantic show from 1982 I’ll be able to review. Sorry, folks.

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