Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (04.10.82)

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
April 10, 1982
Charlotte, NC
(taped on 4/7/82)

Today’s host is Bob Caudle.

First off, the match maker Sandy Scott introduces a Championship Wrestling from Florida clip of Gordon Solie speaking with the NWA world tag team titles tournament director Eddie Graham. We’re getting down to the semifinals! Teams that still remain in the tournament: Wahoo McDaniel & Don Muraco, AWA world tag team champs Greg Gagne & Jim Brunzell, Angelo Mosca & Killer Khan, Jack & Jerry Brisco, Adrian Adonis & Jesse Ventura and Ole Anderson & Stan Hansen. Well, that’s only six teams. Shouldn’t there be at least eight? Anyways, where the tournament finals will be is still undecided. Oh, COME ON.

NWA Mid Atlantic TV champ Ivan Koloff interrupts to vent about how much he hates that idiot Jimmy Valiant, who comes by to antagonize Koloff on his way to the ring for his match. That silly douche is just asking for it.

Your designated referee for the show: Earl Hebner.

  • Jimmy Valiant vs. Ben Alexander

Koloff interrupts the match but Valiant punches him back out to the floor. Valiant puts away Alexander real quick fast and in a hurry with the ELBOW DROP at :38. Ohhh, Jimmy. You’re going to wish you weren’t so stupid.

  • Carl Fergie vs. Keith Larson

Sandy Scott is still talking up the tournament with Bob Caudle. Fergie is quite good as a lower mid-card heel. He works the chinlocks and stands over Larson like a heel would do. As Larson tries to fight out of a chinlock into a overhead wristlock, Fergie complains of hair pulling to bring Hebner up behind him so he can pull Larson’s hair and take him back down to the mat. It’s just standard heel procedure. Larson makes his comeback, but misses a corner charge. Here comes Fergie with the RUNNING KNEE DROP for the 1-2-3 at 5:45.

Now Bob Caudle meets with the NWA U.S. champ Sgt. Slaughter. Since he’s tired of people saying he doesn’t defend the U.S. belt, he sends out a challenge to specifically Jack Brisco and Wahoo McDaniel. Even that new guy Don Muraco too. He’ll give him a title shot too. He also wants to say that he’s glad Angelo Mosca is coming back to the Mid-Atlantic area because he’s got some people he wants him to beat up.

  • Jack Brisco vs. Bill White

As expected, Brisco wrestles circles around White before putting him away with the dropkick and the FIGURE-FOUR at 3:09.

Bill Ward brings out one-half of the Mid-Atlantic tag champs Pvt. Jim Nelson (better known as Boris Zhukov) to talk up how hard he’s being trained under the guidance of Sgt. Slaughter and how that has made him a champion.

Gene & Ole Anderson come out to stick up for fellow bad guy Ivan Koloff. They aren’t just saying they are going to beat up Jimmy Valiant real bad, Ole is saying that is going to happen. AWESOME. Sandy Scott agrees that there’s a lot of mad people on the show today.

  • NWA Mid-Atlantic TV Champion Ivan Koloff vs. Tony Anthony

A furious Ivan Koloff takes his time beating on Tony Anthony. The future Dirty White Boy fights out of the RUSSIAN BEARHUG, but gets his head driven into the mat by Ivan’s knee to end him at 4:12. I wish somebody had made a name for that move.

Blackjack Mulligan Jr. looks forward to all the new talent coming back or debuting in MACW. He tells Slaughter that he needs to make sure he backs up those challenges he made today. Jack Brisco comes by and he’s the first to accept Slaughter’s challenge for a U.S. title shot. Jimmy Valiant stops by and talks a bunch of gibberish before giving Caudle a hug.

We were supposed to see the Ninja (Japanese death match fans know him best as Mr. Pogo) in action, but Ivan Koloff meets Jimmy Valiant at ringside in a brawl that spills into the ring. Ninja stops Valiant with some GREEN MIST~! YES! The fight continues with Koloff, Ninja, and his manager Gene Anderson stomping the life out of Valiant until some babyfaces make the save. Valiant stumbles to the back screaming about his eyeballs. Too bad, so sad.

After the break, Ray Stevens and Johnny Weaver join Bob Caudle on commentary. They cry conspiracy at what just happened to Jimmy Valiant.

  • Tim Horner vs. Rusty Roberts

We got us a backup match! Fast paced little match until Horner wins via the Jack Brisco rollup at 2:52.

Only a wide-eyed rookie here, Mike Rotunda gives us a nervous interview putting over the territory and mentioning how glad he is to be in MACW.

  • NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions Pvt. Jim Nelson & Pvt. Don Kernodle vs. Terry Taylor & Kelly Kiniski

Taylor and Kernodle start us off. Slaughter’s Privates finally get something going once Kernodle delivers a swinging neckbreaker to Taylor. Backbreaker by Nelson gets two. Kernodle delivers a knee drop and applies a chinlock, but Taylor fights out and HOT TAGS KINISKI. He’s a house of fire until he runs into a knee in the corner thanks to Kernodle. Kiniski gets stuck in the wrong side of town for a while as Nelson and Kernodle do a great job. Eventually, Kiniski breaks away and tags Taylor. He hits Nelson with the FIVE-ARM for 1-2-NO! Pier-six brawl erupts and we’ve got a double-DQ. (6:06) Good TV main event as the brawl continues way after the bell. **

Sandy Scott gets plenty stressed at all the hatred going on here. It’s wild stuff! Jake Roberts stops by to bring us up to date on Valiant’s current condition. He’s in bad shape, folks. David Crockett literally comes out of nowhere to tell us that Gene Anderson has something to say. Well, Gene appears to be a little drunk. Nevertheless, he vows to put Jimmy Valiant out of wrestling for good. Ivan Koloff tells us that Valiant has gotten exactly what he deserves. Head on back to NYC, you dumb idiot.

Until next week, so long for now!

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