Monday Nitro (01.20.97)

WCW Monday Nitro
January 20, 1997
Chicago, IL
United Center

The current WCW champs were as follows:
WCW World Champion: Hollywood Hogan (8/10/1996)
WCW U.S. Champion: Eddie Guerrero (12/29/1996)
WCW World Tag Team Champions: The Outsiders (10/27/1996)
WCW World Television Champion: Lord Steven Regal (8/20/1996)
WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Ultimo Dragon (12/29/1996)
WCW Women’s Champion: Akira Hokuto (12/29/1996)

HOUR NUMBER ONE! Your hosts are Tony Schiavone & Larry Zbyszko.

It looks like it’s going to be just another week of Nitro. BUT WAIT! We see RANDY SAVAGE jump the railing to a HUGE pop as he tosses a chair into the ring. This marks the first time we’ve even seen Savage since Halloween Havoc. He demands Dave Penzer’s mic because he’s got something to say. He’s wearing black and white, people. Maybe that’s because he says he’s been blackballed? Anyways, he wants somebody to get out here that has some major stroke so that he can be reinstated. He’s got no plans other than to stay in the ring all night until somebody comes out. As for his ex-boss Eric Bischoff, he can kiss his behind. WHOA! The crowd is flipping out over this whole sit-in. Chavo Jr was supposed to have the opening match. Chavo comes out, but he’s definitely not the person Savage wants to see. Chavo tries to convince Randy to get out of the ring, but that causes Savage to get violent. Peace out, Chavo. His opponent Maxx Muscle (I forgot he was still here) heads to the ring, but receives the same treatment as Chavo. Savage threatens to use the chair as the crowd gets LOUDER, but he decides against it. A referee gets in Randy’s face, so he gets decked and thrown to the floor. This is such an ECW segment. The Head of Security Doug Dellinger tries to talk sense to Savage, but he gets shoved down. Larry Z – “Hey, Doug’s an old guy.” Then why is he head of security if he can’t handle himself? Alex Wright thinks he can help the situation, but Savage takes him out too. Out comes the Steiners and the Amazing French Canadians to yell at Savage from the aisleway. Oh wait, here comes Sting from the rafters of the United Center! He walks right past the WCW guys and heads into the ring to point the bat at Savage. He shoves Savage back a few times with the bat, but then he gives Savage the bat to nail him with it while his back is turned. Alright. Savage tosses Sting the bat back and leaves with him through the crowd. Well, that was awesome yet bizarre.

After a break, they show Masa Chono becoming the first international star to become part of the nWo as he turns on Sonny Oono and New Japan. He also beat up Chris Jericho pretty bad at least for mid-90s wrestling on TV is concerned, which means they will be meeting each other at Souled Out.

  • Chris Jericho vs. Alex Wright

Jericho controls the majority until Wright comes back with a jumping heel kick. Wright throws some European uppercuts, but an extended nearfall sequence leads to a Jericho victory. (2:27) Somewhat awkward and interesting that they will be fighting over the Cruiserweight title over the summer. ¾*

  • Scotty Riggs vs. nWo Sting

The Bogus Sting says he’ll take care of Riggs for you, Bagwell. Riggs is all about weird poses here. Sting tries to actually be Sting by getting the crowd into it, but that allows Riggs to attack from behind. Sting comes back with a hotshot and delivers a backbreaker. Riggs fights back with a missile dropkick and out comes Buff Bagwell. That distracts Sting, but he stomps around like a Clydesdale and Riggs avoids the charge. FIVE-ARM on Sting gets the 1-2-3. (2:46) Various nWo B-team members head out with Buff to chase Riggs through the crowd. When Dave Penzer tries to announce the winner, the nWo boys threaten him to say that Sting wins via countout. ½*

WCW Saturday Night! Watch it IF YOU WEEL! 6:05PM eastern! TBS! Big six man tag featuring Arn Anderson, Steve McMichael, and Chris Benoit! Plus, Harlem Heat takes on Public Enemy in a battle of former tag team champions! Don’t miss out! It’s the MUTHASHIP! PAY WINDAHS, CLUBBERIN, AND PLUNDAH, BABY!

Since we’re in Chicago and Ric Flair isn’t really that close to Michael Jordan or Frank Thomas, Ric Flair has to interview Bob Probert from the Chicago Blackhawks. He sends out a severe warning to the new World order. The scary thing about seeing this interview was that he actually passed away this past week on July 5.

  • Eddie Guerrero & Jeff Jarrett vs. Arn Anderson & Steve McMichael (w/Debra)

This is supposed to Mongo’s big return to Chicago. It’s a good thing they put him in a tag though. The only issue I have with this is why would Eddie Guerrero be getting mixed up in all of this? Arn and Jarrett tussle in and out of the ring to start. Jarrett hits Arn with a flying bodypress and tags in Eddie. He fights out of the Horsemen corner, but now Arn tags in McMichael. Of course Eddie makes Mongo look incredible by bumping around. However, he refuses a press slam and slips away to dropkick McMichael down. He is the US champ, ya know. Mongo ends up overpowering and taking Eddie to the floor for a whip into the guardrail. Back in, Jarrett tags in as Guerrero runs off backstage. Apparently, he saw Syxx. That leaves Jarrett all alone for a SPINEBUSTER. Arn applies a Boston crab while Mongo stomps on Jarrett. That brings Debra into the ring to plead for them to stop hurting Jeff. He throws her Queen of WCW sash she has on at the referee as if she was “throwing in the towel” somehow for the OTHER team. (3:40) Arn is so confused as he holds the sash, but Mongo rips it away and gives it back to his wife. Oh well, Arn won and to him that is all that matters. Pretty stupid finish though. *

Gene Okerlund meets with the entire Four Horsemen this week. He knows that the Four Horsemen are not the unit they were in the past. When he was with the old gang, they took care of business before they started driving the women crazy. With this crew, it’s all turned around. From here on out, they all need to be Horsemen-first. Mongo gets the mic and says nothing. Debra speaks and the crowd boos. Chris Benoit and Woman say that Mongo and Debra might be winners in football games and beauty pageants, but this is wrestling. Mongo brings up the fact that he had Jeff Jarrett face down on the mat giving up while Benoit has LOST to Jarrett the last two teams they faced. Ooo, sick burn. Before we go, Debra says something derogatory about Woman. Oh man.

Eric Bischoff VLOGS on the nWo camera about their opposition – Roddy Piper, the Giant, and Randy Savage. Did he mention Hulk bought him that bike?

  • WCW Cruiserweight Champion Ultimo Dragon (w/Sonny Oono) vs. Dean Malenko

There’s an out of place ECW chant at the bell. After some feeling out stuff, Dragon unloads with a dropkick and his favorite kick combo. However, a crossbody block gets countered into a powerslam by Malenko. He counters another charge with a powerslam. Brainbuster gets two. Dragon fights back with a handspring elbow to take Dean to the floor, but then Malenko walks away from a pescado to have Dragon go SPLAT on the floor. Back inside, Malenko catches Dragon up top for an electric chair drop, but Dragon counters that into a sunset flip that leads to back and forth nearfalls. Malenko tries to avoid the TWISTING HURRACANRANA! Cover, 1-2-NO! Possible Running Ligerbomb is blocked, but then Dragon counters a suplex into a La Majistral cradle for the 1-2-3. (4:17) That is one magic cradle. Tomorrow at the Clash, they fight again! **½

HOUR NUMBER TWO! Your hosts are Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan, and Mike Tenay.

  • WCW World Television Champion Lord Steven Regal vs. Jacques Rougeau (w/Col. Robert Parker)

Regal gets annoyed by Col. Parker who keeps on tripping him up from the floor whenever he gets a little bit of momentum. He stomps Parker’s hand, which brings him into the ring. He pulls out his riding crop as Rougeau grabs Regal from behind. Naturally, Regal moves and Rougeau gets nailed. Since this is getting pretty silly, the ref calls for the bell. (1:53) They basically turn Regal face as he cleans house on these two. CRAP

It’s time to check in with Lee Marshall for the 1-800-COLLECT Road Report. Another week, another bad weasel joke where Bobby Heenan has a much better comeback.

  • Chris Benoit (w/Woman) vs. Kevin Sullivan (w/Jimmy Hart)

This goes immediately through the crowd and into the nearest men’s room. After some brawling that’s almost identical to their Great American Bash match, they head to the ring as the match officially begins. Sullivan elbows off a back superplex and tries the TREE OF WOE, but Benoit escapes right away. Benoit attempts a regular back suplex, but Sullivan’s trick knee acts up right into Benoit’s balls. An atomic drop spot sends Benoit into the corner and back into Sullivan for the double-KO. As Benoit gets up to his feet, he climbs to the top rope for the SWANDIVE HEADBUTT. Meanwhile, Jimmy Hart tosses Sullivan the ring bell while Woman is yelling at the ref. As Benoit comes down on Sullivan, he falls head-first on the ring bell to give Sullivan his one and only TV win over Benoit. (1:56 bell to bell, 6:09 total) Can’t they brawl somewhere else besides the bathroom? Is it really that *cool* to fight around toilets? It’s just getting extremely lazy. I can think of a few other places they could brawl that would be better just off the top of my head. They fight tomorrow night at the Clash in a Falls Count Anywhere rematch. **

The nWo boys chase off Tony, Bobby, and Mike to replace them with Eazy-E, Big Kev, and Trillionaire Ted.

  • Jim Duggan vs. Carl Oulette (w/Col. Robert Parker)

Duggan interrupts Oulette’s Canadian national anthem performance with himself. HOOOOOOOOOOOO! He’s carrying that gigantic WCW flag with him. Clotheslines all over Oulette to start. Jacques Rougeau comes out to make this a not-so-even match. Rick and Scott Steiner beats Jacques back to the dressing room while Duggan wraps up his fist and decks Oulette for the 1-2-3. (1:02) Kevin Nash – “During the match, Duggan sustained a wrist injury, went ahead and treated it himself, and still won the match. Unbelievable.” CRAP

They show a recap of DDP turning down the nWo’s offer to join the group – complete with voiceovers!

  • Masahiro Chono vs. Squire Dave Taylor

So that there’s an equal playing field, Nick Patrick refs the next two matches. Why does Dave Taylor dress like David Livingstone all of a sudden? Anyways, this is just to get Chono over in time for the PPV. He grabs a sleeper on Taylor and changes over to a falling inverted DDT. Flying shoulder tackle connects, but Taylor comes back with several quick nearfalls while Bischoff talks up Souled Out. Since he’s in charge of the show, he’s also changed Booker T’s opponent from Rick Steiner to Scott Hall. They brawl a little bit on the floor as Chono jaws with the fans. Back inside, Chono fights back with an inverted atomic drop and hits the MAFIA KICK to lead into the STF for the submission win at 2:36.

  • Scott Hall vs. Booker T (w/Sister Sherri)

Big Kev mentions how he and Hall on the first wrestling card in the United Center years ago. Eazy-E remembers how they were talking about that match last night while they were watching ‘that mess of a PPV’ from the other guys. Ha, he bought the Royal Rumble. After that, they hype the nWo hotline. Big Kev’s advertisement is pretty great. If I’m not mistaken, even though Scott Hall was the original intruder nearly eight months ago, this would be his first ever match on Nitro. Hall shoulderblocks the arm, but Booker comes back with a running elbow and a Harlem Sidekick for a slow two count. Hall hits the Fallaway Slam, but Booker elbows off the back superplex and levels Hall with a flying bodypress for a slow two count. Booker knows he’s getting screwed, so he shoves Nick Patrick back. Hall hits him from behind and while Buff Bagwell runs out and keeps Sherri distracted, Hall drills Booker with the OUTSIDER’S EDGE for the 1-2-3. (2:49) Pretty even match, really. *

Call the nWo hotline! The number is 1-900-454-4004! It’s only a $1.59 a minute. Kids, get your parent’s permission before calling – or else.

  • Lex Luger vs. Stevie Ray (w/Sister Sherri)

According to Big Kev, here comes the ‘other one’. It’s going to be on like neck bone. Luger starts yelling at Nick Patrick, which allows Stevie Ray to attack. That doesn’t last long as Luger catches Stevie Ray with a powerslam and lifts him up in the TORTURE RACK for the win. (2:21) The nWo does not like this Lex Luger character. ½*

Here comes the WCW world champ Hollywood Hogan with Ted DiBiase and Vincent. Syxx takes over on commentary, but he can’t keep up with Big Kev. Eazy-E is just annoying. Hogan and DiBiase make fun of the Giant until he comes out and gets held back by security. Oh man, he broke free. BUT WE’RE OUTTA TIME!


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